25 Sure Ways To Tell If A Girl Likes You

Written by Harini Natarajan

Ah, the things love, especially one-sided love, can do to you! So, here you are, looking for ways to understand if a girl you like feels the same about you. If you are a shy person, asking her right away can be embarrassing or even scary. We understand – been there, done that. Well, your search for clear signs of a girl liking you ends with us. In this article, we have raked in 25 things you can pay attention to. Let’s jump right into it.

25 Signs That A Girl Likes You

1. She Looks At You When You Are Not Noticing

Cute as it may seem, stealing glances with someone you fancy is one of the first date signs she likes you. If you catch her looking at you from across the table or while you are talking to others, let her have her moment and enjoy her assumed stealth mode.

2. She Makes Plans With You

She Makes Plans With You


Women may seem complex creatures, but they are not as elusive as you think. One of the most unmistakable signs a girl likes you is her reaching out and planning to meet more often.

It doesn’t have to be about dates! She may ask you to tag along while running little errands, grabbing a quick bite, small hikes, and adventures, or even become her workout buddy. She just wants to spend more time with you to know you better.

3. She Treats You Differently

You will notice subtle changes in how she treats you. For instance, she will be more considerate towards your choices and likes or dislikes of food, venues, or hobbies.

4. She Introduces You To Friends And Family

Things can become awkward quickly if you are on a date or out with someone and bump into friends. So, how does one explain who this new guy is? Well, if she is enthusiastic and happy to tell her friends about you, be assured that she likes you a lot.

There is also a possibility that you might find the girl gang giving each other their trademark looks, which means they want more details later. If her friends like you, chances are that her feelings will intensify too. So, be nice to her friends.

5. She Turns Nervous Or Shy

Have you ever seen a girl catch the feels for a guy? Most of them turn self-conscious and become nitpicky about their littlest habits. If you see the girl you fancy becoming nervous while you are with her, try to ease her nerves with reassurance. We are sure she will appreciate you even more. Creating space for a girl to feel safe and be her authentic self can be one of the best things you can offer to bring her emotionally close to you.

6. She Gets Touchy-Feely

A sign she secretly likes you is when she finds little excuses to touch you (in a safe way). Touching someone you really like can feel thrilling in the beginning and become reassuring once you are comfortable with them.

Brushing you subtly also helps her assert her possessiveness in public where other women may eye you. She may touch your arm or shoulder when she laughs, hold your hand while crossing the street, give you extra hugs, or use the classic excuse of removing something from your face or hair.

7. She Offers To Cook For You

She Offers To Cook For You


When a woman likes a man, her caring side shows wanting to feed you and cook for you. If she brings you homemade meals, thank your lucky stars. She has probably put in great effort to cook your favorite meals and dishes. Make sure to compliment her generously as a sign of appreciation.

8. Her Friends Treat You Differently

If you notice her friends being kind to you, apart from them being genuinely friendly folks, she has probably told them that she fancies you. If her friends approve of you, they will make you a part of their group and include you in their plans or conversations. Think of it as an initiation.

9. She Smiles And Laughs A Lot Around You

Unless you are a stand-up comedian or clown, she’s laughing and smiling a lot because she unabashedly likes you a lot. It means your humor and little quips please her and give her all the more happiness by being around you.

10. She Loves Looking Into Your Eyes

Eye contact is intimate, isn’t it? When you like someone, you subconsciously wish to look into their eyes. It establishes that she trusts you, and if you find her gazing intensely into your eyes, it means she is solely focused on you. Constant eye contact is one such sign to know if a girl likes you.

11. She Touches Her Neck And Hair

Does your girl like touching her hair and neck when she’s around you? One of the signs that a girl likes you is when her body language changes. Caressing their neck and rearranging their hair is a way of self-soothing when she becomes self-conscious of her fondness. She is fixating on looking her best around you.

12. She Blushes

She Blushes


The next time you talk to a girl, try making a thoughtful compliment. If she likes you back, she will blush, be shy, and feel pleased that you noticed her outfit, style, or makeup. However, if you want to make her feel extra special, try to compliment an intangible quality you love about her.

13. She Opens Up About Herself

If a woman who is not an open book starts to open up about her life experiences and tells you more about herself, it is a telltale sign that she likes you. Wanting a guarded girl can be a tad bit confusing due to her mysterious aura, but it is well worth the patience. Earn her trust, and she will begin to tell you about small and big things gradually. If she has already started opening up to you, she likes you.

14. Her Body Turns Towards You

It has been noted that people will turn their bodies and feet towards you if they are interested in listening to you. So, if a girl you like moves to face you during outings and discussions, she is interested in you.

15. She Likes Being Close To You

When a girl likes you and feels comfortable around you, you will find her moving closer to you. Close contact is a clear sign that she trusts you and feels safe around you.

16. She Involves You In Her Life

She will make a conscious effort to ask you many questions about your life to understand you better as a person. She may be highly independent, but lets you do little things for her or puts in an extra effort to do something for you.

17. She Mirrors Your Body Language

She Mirrors Your Body Language


Mirroring someone’s body language is one of the oldest signs in the book if someone relates well to you. If she likes you, she will mimic your gestures or body language. To test this theory, you can try to touch your arms or neck and cross and uncross your legs.

18. She Remembers The Little Things

Remembering the little details that you may have told her in your conversations is another way to show that she cares about you. Chances are, you don’t remember these things yourself! However, if she has feelings for you, she will point out or recall specific details that she paid attention to.

19. She Will Give you Cute Nicknames

Women have a peculiarly cute habit of asserting their claim on a man. A girl who likes you will give you a nickname and insist that only she can call you that. My friend, she does like you, and it is in your interest that you honor her wish of the secret nickname exclusivity.

20. You Have Inside Jokes

This is a way of making you feel involved in her life, especially in a public setting. Recalling inside jokes when she’s around her friends or your buddies is a way of her claiming you. So, by all means, feel free to bask under the glow of her attention.

21. She Gives You Undivided Attention

When a girl likes you, be reassured that she will not fidget, check her phone, or fix her makeup. She will make sure that your conversation receives all of her undivided attention.

22. She Compliments You Generously

She Compliments You Generously


Genuine compliments require a person to pay close attention to you. If she compliments your little quirks or habits, she likes you a lot. She will also motivate you to be your best if she’s genuinely invested in your bond.

23. She Reveals That She’s Single

Why would a girl casually slip in a comment about her being single? It’s highly possible that she is interested in you and wants you to know she is available to date. Use your discernment and the context to understand if it’s your cue to ask her out.

24. She Will Tell You She Likes You Exclusively

This is us talking about a specific breed of women who know what and who they want. Don’t get surprised if a girl you have been talking to for a while and like makes the first move by telling you that she likes you. If this happens, you are lucky who does not have to read a hundred blogs while playing guessing games whether she likes you back or not.

25. The Devil Is In The Details

While it is easy to jump into the dating phase, paying attention to the details about a girl’s obvious and subconscious behavior towards you is necessary. If you feel you are mistaken or hallucinating about her fondness, think of the little details because that’s where the gold hides.

If your dream girl does these things, congratulations! She likes you and is interested in you. You can go and ask her out on a date rather than second-guessing your intuition. However, if you are still not sure, it is better to ask her for clarity. If the answer is not what you wanted to hear from her, it’s alright, you will find your match soon.

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