How To Tell If A Guy Likes You — 50 Signs He Is Smitten

Written by Harini Natarajan

Every girl has wondered at least once in her life if a particular guy is interested in her. After all, it is so hard to tell! Guys get all awkward and jittery when they are around a girl they like, yet say nothing. It is kind of sweet, but mostly frustrating!

Maybe it’s that nerd in your class you have been eyeing for a while or that hunk in the gym helping you do stretches *wink*. It may even be a buddy you have been hanging out with for years without him saying anything! Don’t worry, we have your back. We know how you can go all Detective Pikachu on him and find out if he is having sleepless nights over you too! Here is a list of things a guy would do if he has a secret crush on you. Take your magnifying glass out (the metaphorical one, obviously) and let’s do this thing!

  • He smiles a lot when you are around, even when talking to other people. Not in a creepy way, of course. He is genuinely happy to see you, and that shows on his face.
  • He looks keenly at your face, and his eyes wander over your eyes and lips. He is secretly mesmerized by your beauty, and oh, it’s so obvious!
  • When sitting together, his body leans towards you, even without him knowing. This is true for anyone, actually. People who are interested in you will lean towards you, while others lean away from you.
  • He looks into your eyes and holds your gaze. He is trying to get to know the secrets of your soul, so beware! Just kidding. You can read a person by looking into their eyes, and he sure is trying to read you.
  • He never turns his back to you, especially when you are talking to him. Friends don’t care, they walk away even when you are not done speaking. But, a guy who likes you will try to be the perfect gentleman.
  • He touches you every time he gets a chance. Not in a creepy way, of course, but in a sweet ‘touched your arm by mistake’ kind of way. Then, he gets nervous. If you like him too, touch him back and give him a mini heart attack!
  • He tries to flirt with his “girl”friends and then looks at you for your reaction. His friends are probably in on it and playing along. If he notices that it bothers you, he is going to grin the rest of the day. So much for all the drama!
  • He asks you about the things you like. Showing interest in your hobbies is a way of showing he cares about your likes and dislikes. He may even read up on them and try to casually throw in his thoughts about them to impress you.
  • Whenever you look at him, he looks away quickly. He was probably staring at you this whole time. This is a tell-tale sign that a guy likes you.
  • He may say things to irritate you and just get a reaction from you. He will monkey around, mimic you, or make fun of you. Yes, I know, guys are weird. If he only teases you and not other girls, you are special to him. He does those things to hide the fact that he has feelings for you.

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  • He pinches you playfully, and when you protest, tries to “soothe” the pain. Of course, if you don’t like it, let him know that it hurt you. But if you want to flirt back, pinch him and run!
  • He asks you questions, starts conversations, and asks you out “as friends” to talk. He is interested in your opinion about everything and wants to get to know you better.
  • He compliments you in a slightly boasty manner in front of other people. It could be something as simple as “She has great taste in music” to obvious boasting like “She won a medal in high school in a relay race!” It just means he is proud of your achievements and wants to show you off.
  • He notices your clothes, your hair, and your makeup. He notices your perfume. If he compliments you on any of these, girl, he is totally into you. Generally, boys don’t notice even the most basic things, so if he is eyeing you, it is a good sign.
  • He behaves weirdly when you are with other guy friends. He knows that they are just friends, and you are not interested in them romantically, but he cannot hide the fact that he wants you to himself. He considers other boys as competitors for your attention.
  • He is jealous of other guys who like you. Even though he doesn’t make a move himself, he thinks nobody is good enough to date you and criticizes all of them.
  • He stalks you online. He likes your Facebook posts, retweets your tweets, and comments on your Insta pics regularly. He also keeps track of the other guys reacting to your pictures.
  • He showers gifts on you. It may be little things like the candies you like, or stuff that he knows you have been mooning for for a long time. If the gift has sentimental value for you, it means he probably put in a lot of thought into it.
  • He makes plans to hang out with you, even though you know he has a project due. You come first.
  • He calls you for no apparent reason, just to ask, “Hey, wassup?” He says hearing your voice “makes him feel better.”
  • He is nicer, kinder, and more polite when you are around. His friends keep making fun of his changed behavior.
  • He rarely says ‘no’ to you. Disappointing you is out of the question! He will do anything in his power to get you what you want, even if it is inconvenient for him.
  • God help the person who tries to hurt or insult you when he is around! He will fight for your honor and care more about it than you.
  • If he ever says he misses you when you are away, he definitely has feelings for you, girl.
  • He offers his shoulder to cry on if something bad happens to you – even if it is a breakup with another guy. Though he may be secretly glad, he puts his feelings on hold and focuses on taking care of you.
  • If you don’t show up, he goes all FBI on you by calling, texting, and pestering your friends about your whereabouts.
  • He makes an effort to dress better. Boys don’t care. And if they do, something is fishy.
  • He is not afraid to be seen with you. In fact, he likes that people think you two are a couple. He says things like, “How does it matter what people think about us?” But trust me, he is secretly glad.
  • He may offhandedly comment about you being pretty. Very quickly. You may almost miss it.
  • He mothers you when you are unwell. He probably gets you soup, watches over you, and spends time with you instead of doing fun things with his friends.
  • He tries to take up extra tasks just to help you. When you are overwhelmed, he does everything possible to make things better for you.
  • He is there for all the important events in your life – birthdays, graduations, pet’s birthdays…
  • He grabs your hand while crossing the road.
  • He shares his secrets with you, things that he is afraid to tell others out of the fear of being judged. He bares his soul to you.
  • He is protective of you. If he has rowdy friends, he is probably trying to avoid introducing them to you.
  • He is interested in things like your favorite TV shows, bands you are into, and movies you love.
  • He introduces you to the people who are important to him – his parents, siblings, and best friend.
  • He copies you! If you make a gesture and he immediately copies it, he probably likes you. Let him know you are interested too – copy him!
  • He always responds to your texts, calls, and voice notes. If he misses it, he calls or texts you back as soon as he can.
  • He notices when you get a haircut or something else not so prominent, even when others don’t! It doesn’t matter if he likes it or makes fun of it, the fact that he noticed it shows that he has feelings for you.
  • If you are meeting his friends for the first time, and they already know everything about you, girrrrrl, this guy has been talking their ears off about you all day. That only happens when he has a serious thing for you.
  • He does not check his phone when you are doing things together. He is too preoccupied with you to care.
  • He cares about your family and friends. He is very respectful to your parents and tries hard to make a good impression. He also never flirts with your sisters/friends and treats them like kids or buddies.
  • He goes all alpha on you – he stands taller, squares his shoulders, and pulls in his stomach. He also tries to take up as much space as possible with his body when he is close to you.
  • He talks about his future plans. He wants to show you that he is an ambitious guy and sorted in life. He also possibly sees a future with you and wants you to be aware of what he is offering. He basically wants to impress you. Also, he is trying to show that he is in it for the long-term.
  • He shows up where you are. Okay, this is kind of low-key stalking, but when guys like you, they want you to see them. They are afraid that it’s ‘out of sight, out of mind’ for you, and you might fall for someone else. So, when you are out and about and have declared your plans on Facebook, him turning up at the same place means that he likes you.
  • He says something funny, then checks if you laughed. It is very important to him that you find him cute and funny and appreciate his sense of humor.
  • When you talk to other guys, he starts looking over, trying to assess the situation. A guy who is not into you won’t bother caring when you talk to other guys. The next time you speak to him, he will appear disgruntled or offended. Lol, he is jealous!
  • He remembers little things about you. Guys are not really good at remembering the little things, so if he does, he probably likes you. It means he paid attention to you when you were telling him about it, which is a sign that you matter to him.
  • He uses classic lines like “I wish I get a girlfriend just like you” and “I want to be best friends with my girl – just the way we are.” This is his way of saying he approves of you as a person and wants you to be more than just a friend. If you are interested as well, just look into his eyes and say “me too.”

Watch out for these signs to get a clearer picture of his intentions. Sure, some guys are just into playing games, and once you give in, they lose interest. However, there are some great ones too who don’t play games to win someone’s affection.

Trust your instincts. If you have that funny, nervous feeling that a man likes you, he probably does. He is probably shy or afraid of getting hurt, so he may not say anything “incriminating.” If you think he is worth the wait, be patient. And, make sure you are subtly giving off signals too. That will give him the courage that he needs to make a move. All the best!

What do you think are some signs that a guy likes you? Comment below and share your thoughts.

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