How To Tell If Someone Likes You – 15 Tell-Tale Signs

Subtle hints that lay his heart and soul bare for you to know his exact feelings.

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In this article, we have listed some sure signs to help you figure out how to tell if someone likes you. This query may make you restless and anxious too. So, making assumptions based on the last flower petal may not help calm you down. Read on to know the signs if a person shows interest in you both physically and behaviorally and unfold this mysterious feeling. Scroll down for nonverbal clues that someone really likes you.

Signs That Someone Likes You (Even If They Do Not Say It)

When someone is attracted to you, they are likely to behave in a certain way and exhibit physical signs. Pay close attention and look out for the nonverbal cues discussed in the following sections.

Physical Signs Of Attraction You Should Look For

1. Maintaining Eye Contact

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Eye contact signifies interest and attraction. Is the person staring at you when they talk to you? Is that a meaningful and deep gaze as if they are trying to speak to you through their eyes? If your person of interest is locking gazes with you, it is not without reason – it is a sign they are attracted to you.

You should, however, understand that a nervous or shy person may have trouble maintaining eye contact. It can be unnerving for them, and they might avert their gaze. However, if you often catch them stealing glances at you, that’s a sign they are into you!

2. Blushing When You Meet

Blushing is an involuntary response. It is an honest reaction of your body when caught being excited about others. We blush due to a rush of emotions like embarrassment, attraction, or feeling shy.

If you notice the other person blushing when talking to you, they might be excited to meet you and spend time with you.

3. Change In The Tone Of Voice

The tonal change in voice is one of the subconscious traits that could signify attraction and fondness.. People often change their tone to engage their partner’s attention. A husky and deep male voice appears more dominant, while the high-pitched tone in females can stand out and grab your attention.

If you notice a change in your partner’s voice around you, it can signify their interest in you. And if both of your tones differ around each other, it may suggest mutual attraction.

4. Leaning Towards You When Talking

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Someone who is attracted to you will want to be close to you. The way they sit or stand – leaning or tilting their body towards you – is a strong indicator of interest. So if your person is turning away from you, they are probably not interested in you the way you are.

5. Mimicking Your Body Posture

If the person mimics your posture and facial expressions or adopts your slang terms, there is a good chance they are into you. When people feel comfortable, they often mimic each other’s body posture, movements, and gestures. Watch closely – do they run fingers through their hair after you do? Do they pick up their coffee cup right after you take a sip? If your partner changes their body language to match yours – gotcha!

6. Increased Breathing And Body Temperature

The terms ’hot’ and ’steamy’ exist for a reason, especially regarding matters of passion. Being in love and attracted to someone is like an addiction, and your body often reacts to it. The physiological changes, like increased body temperature and heart rate and deep and faster breathing, suggest excitement due to emotional or physical attraction. These may make you feel nervous in front of the person you like and give you flushed cheeks!

7. Being Clumsy Around You

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You may “go weak in your knees” when you meet the person for whom you’re full of admiration.. This happens when you are self-conscious and feel like your nerves have become super sensitive. If you notice the signs of clumsiness in the person (like stumbling over words), it is a clear sign that they are into you.

Is the person particularly so in your company? If yes, it may be because they cannot maintain their balance in your presence, tripping head over heels for you.

8. Tries To Make You Laugh

When we are attracted to someone, we try to do everything to make them laugh. Is your partner trying to joke a lot and make you smile? Are they always like this with other people, or are they treating you differently? If it differs for you, maybe there is some attraction.

Natesky, a blogger, reminisced about the innocence and intensity of puppy love and shared her personal experience of wooing her crush. She wrote, “I would constantly try to get his attention by making jokes and being the center of attention, but it never seemed to work (i).”

9. Walks Matching Your Pace

When a person likes you, they will ensure to walk at the same pace as you. They will try to walk beside you and keep you safe from people and traffic. They will also be more attentive to what you say and stay closer to you.

Behavioral Signs Of Attraction

1. Keeps Checking On You

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One of the few things that can tell you if a person is interested in you is their intention to know all about you. See if they exhibit the following behaviors:

  • Asking you about your likes and dislikes.
  • Remembering the tiniest details and dates that concern the two of you.
  • Attempting to do something special on such occasions.
  • Trying to talk to you or constantly staying in touch.
  • These are all signs of attraction and attentiveness.
protip_icon Quick Tip
Notice if they try to keep the conversation going by asking follow-up questions or discussing new topics. If they like you, they would try their best to keep the conversation from fizzling out.

2. Removes Physical Barriers Between You

Does your special person keep clearing obstacles between you, such as removing centerpieces off the table or pillows on the couch? Removing physical barriers is a psychological response to initiating intimacy. It can indicate an interest in you.

3. Does Things To Impress You

This is a no-brainer. If they like you, they will do everything to impress you and grab your attention. If you have noticed that they are dressing up extra carefully, grooming themselves, and doing things with the sole purpose of dazzling you – maybe it is mutual attraction.

4. Follows You On Social Media

Someone really likes you if they follow you on social media
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Social media has given us quite the platform for interactions and building relationships. It can also give us a peek into the other person’s life, interests, and dreams. If the one you like is a loyal follower on your social media – liking and commenting on your posts – it may mean affinity.

protip_icon Quick Tip
If you met your partner through any of the dating apps, a sign to look out for is how quickly they reply to your messages. Even the willingness for communication and enthusiasm to plan dates or re-arrange their schedule to meet you may indicate they are into you.

5. Treats You As A Confidant

One of the best ways to tell if someone likes you is to notice what they talk about to you. They may share more things about themselves and try to open up about their life. Does it look like they try to keep talking to you? Do they dive into the most trivial things in their lives in an attempt to strike a meaningful conversation? Do they confide in you? If yes, they rely on you and are interested in building a close relationship with you.

6. Feels A Little Jealous About Other Men Around You

Jealousy in men, when they have feelings for someone, often surfaces as a curious blend of protectiveness and insecurity. It doesn’t intend to harm but instead stems from a deep affection. It might arise from a fear of losing the person they care about to someone else. When a man likes you, he might find himself feeling possessive or competitive, even if he doesn’t consciously want to. It doesn’t necessarily mean any serious harm but is more of a playful thing. You can identify these signals if he’s teasing you too much about other men or getting a little protective at other times. While jealousy is not the healthiest way to express affection, it does reveal the depth of his feelings.

Still not sure whether they like you or not? Check some more signals to get a clear idea.

Signs To Look For If You Are Still Not Sure If Someone Likes You

Someone really likes you if they are intimate with you
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An open body language can give off a strong vibe when it comes to intimacy. A wide stance and open arms angled towards you suggest an inviting body posture. Conversely, if someone crosses their arms over the chest, crosses their legs, sits with a slouched posture, or has their feet and pelvis directed away from you, it could signify disinterest. Remember that crossing the arms could also be a way to stay at ease with posture and not a clear demonstration of closeness.

For a guy, you will find the following signs:

  • He will constantly find excuses to brush your skin as he talks to you.
  • He will keep stealing glances at you, especially when you look away.
  • He may jumble his words trying to impress you.
  • He will do his best to remove any other distracting factors and can be a bit overprotective towards you.

For a girl, you will find the following signs:

  • She will keep playing and fiddling with her hair while talking to you.
  • She will always giggle and laugh at your jokes, no matter how bad they may be.
  • She will keep attempting to touch you when she talks to you.
  • She will always try to dress up and appear her best around you.
  • So now we know how to tell if someone likes you. But these signs do not always stand true. Are they flirting or being friendly? Is there any way to find out? Scroll down to the next section for the answer.

Flirty Or Friendly?

The line between friendly and flirty is thin. The subtle differences between these two can save you from embarrassment if you figure out how to know if someone likes you. Friendly contacts do involve maintaining eye contact and casual touches. They will also include open body language. The difference lies in the intent behind these gestures. Friendly gazes, touches, and body language will lack intensity. A friendly person will be courteous and stay attentive to you as a sign of respect. They will not try to impress you or grab your attention.

How do you know if someone likes you more than a friend? Or how to know if a guy likes you? A genuinely interested person will show that he is impressed with you. They would also express interest to know more about you, your skills, and your qualities. On the other hand, a flirty person will take interest in you, find ways to strike a conversation, may try to steal a hug or a touch. He will do everything to get your attention.

Finding out if someone likes you is only the tip of the iceberg. Discerning body language and learning the actual meaning behind them is a skill. It is better to communicate with your partner directly. But until then, look out for the signs discussed in the article and taste the sweet possibility of the unknown.

Infographic: 7 Signs Someone Is Crushing On You

When someone likes you, they tend to show it in some way or the other. Either they spend a lot of time with you or their body language reveals their feelings. There are 7 basic signs that someone might have a crush on you that you should keep in mind. Check out the infographic below instead of plucking the petals off a flower!

7 signs someone is crushing on you (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

When you like someone, you can be afraid to approach them as you are unsure of how they feel about you. While understanding the subtle signs of interest can be tricky, some signs are quite evident. For instance, if someone maintains eye contact with you, leans toward you while talking, or is awkward around you, they probably like you. Someone interested in you also shows behavioral signs,  to indicate the same; for example, they treat you as a confidant, show affection, do things to impress you, and keep checking up on you. Finally, you may have to trust your intuition and understand the fine line between being friendly and flirty to figure out if someone is really into you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean if you can’t stop thinking about someone?

If you are in a relationship, it is common to think about the person you love. But when you have just met someone and can’t stop thinking about them, it could be a sign of a crush or or an infatuation, or an obsession.

Do guys take it slow when they like you?

Not everyone is the same. If a guy wants to take it slow when he likes you, he may want some time to think about you or learn more about you.

What if your crush secretly likes you?

If your crush secretly likes you, it may be difficult to tell without direct communication or clear signs of interest.

Do guys tell their friends when they like a girl?

Some guys may tell their friends when they like a girl, but it varies from person to person. Some may keep it to themselves or only confide in a close friend.

How can you tell if someone is just being friendly or if they are actually interested in you romantically?

It can be hard to tell whether someone is just being friendly or is interested in you romantically. Look for signals, such as prolonged eye contact, physical touch, and the desire to spend time with you outside of group settings, to know if they want to pursue a romantic relationship with you.

Can you rely on your intuition to tell if someone likes you, or is it better to look for concrete evidence?

Relying on your intuition can be helpful but may not be very accurate. It’s important to look for concrete evidence before assuming someone likes you.

Are there any gender differences in how people show attraction or interest?

There may be some gender differences in how people show attraction or interest, but it varies from person to person and is not necessarily linked to gender.

Is it appropriate to ask someone directly if they like you, or is that too forward?

It is appropriate to ask someone directly if they like you, but it’s important to do so in a respectful and non-threatening manner. Be prepared for any answer and respect their response.

Key Takeaways

  • Not everyone likes to express themselves with words. You will have to look for physical and behavioral signs in such cases.
  • Blushing, intense eye contact, and mimicking your body language are all signs that a person likes you.
  • If they keep doing things to impress you and treat you as their confidant, they probably like you.
how to tell if someone likes you

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Do they laugh at your jokes? Smile when they see you? These are just two of the 10 signs that someone likes you – watch the video below to find out the rest!

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