How To Tuck In A Shirt Properly

Written by Pratima Ati

Tucking in a shirt used to mean stuffing the ends into your jeans – there was only way one to do that, and you just needed to perfect that. Now, take a short walk on the road or look around when you are at the mall – the way we treat a tuck has changed. I’m not sure of when this change happened, but it sure did. I mean, we have options now, some of them look effortless and probably are, but with some, you need to know the technique to not end up looking disheveled. While the full tuck is something we all need to ace for workwear, you can look like you know everything there is to know about street-style just by learning how to tuck in a shirt.

Today, let’s get it out of our way and learn about them all.

How To Tuck In A Shirt In 5 Different Ways

1. Full Tuck

It’s been a while since we have been sporting oversized shirts and T-shirts. But, sometimes, it can look like it’s consuming you and that you got lost somewhere in your outfit. This is especially true if you are petite. Not that any of this stops us from rocking this look, but there are ways to make this look better – for example, by doing the full tuck.

How To Do It

Step 1 – Start by tucking in the shirt from the front. Work your way towards the back.

Step 2 – Tuck it as deep into your trousers as you can, so that it looks neat and taut.

Step 3 – Zip up your trousers, and pull out your shirt a little, like you are un-doing the tuck.

It brings a bit of the shirt out, making it look natural and tidy.

2. Front Or The Mullet Tuck

Full tuck might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and I get it. Hang in there, front tuck comes to your rescue and makes you look street smart but not to the point where it starts looking shoddy. It takes all of 30 seconds to do this right, I mean, to perfect the not-so-perfect-looking front tuck (see, what I did there?)

How To Do It

Step 1 – Start by tucking the front part of your T-shirt or shirt into the trousers or skirt.

Step 2 – Leave the back portion of your shirt untucked and loose.

Step 3 – If you are wearing slacks or tights, you can tuck into it, so the half tuck stays in place.

3. Half Or One Sided Tuck

If these were not fun enough, here’s something that might excite you, one because it’s effortless, and two, because it will set you apart from others. It just gives you a fresh look and helps you style the same top or shirt differently. It looks undone yet chic and uptown. It looks great especially with shirts that are relatively smaller.

How To Do It 

Step 1 – First, start by unbuttoning the last button.

Step 2 – Tuck one side of your shirt in (whichever side you prefer).

Step 3 – Bring up the other side of the shirt to your waistband and tuck it in loosely.

Step 4 – Tuck the remaining part of the shirt in till it is about half its circumference.

4. Navel Tuck

The styles just get better, easier, and smarter. In case you haven’t noticed, all the tucks take less than a minute from start to finish because lazy geese like me always resort to such hacks. Anyway, if you want to show off a bit of your midriff or just look like an uptown girl, try the navel tuck.

How To Do It 

Step 1 – Grab the end of the centermost part of your top or shirt.

Step 2 – Tuck that into your trouser.

5. Low Tuck

Okay, let’s meet somewhere in the middle and try a tuck that makes you look super laid-back and cool. But, this is going to look the way it is supposed to (refer picture) only with low-rise denim or low cut linen trousers.

How To Do It 

Step 1 – Start by tucking the shirt in from the front.

Step 2 – Tuck it in all around.

Step 3 – Zip your pants up.

Step 4 – Pull out a little from all the sides, except the navel portion, to make it look a bit undone and bulgy.

Step 5 – Do not make the tuck too tight or loose; plus, be careful with the bulge. It can add weight to your midriff.

Outfit Ideas

1. Front Tuck With A Full Denim Look

You realize how all high-rise denim looks are usually with tucked in tops? If you are conscious about going for an entirely tucked in look, go for a front tuck-in style. It camouflages unflattering bulges and hides your broad hips (if you are worried about such stuff). The next time you try a monochrome look, go for high-rise jeans, denim or pencil skirts, and try the front tuck.

2. Full Tuck With A Pencil Skirt

Full-tuck is timeless and goes with just about every top. It suits every body type, if you can pull it off. Pencil or peplum skirts, high-rise denim, boyfriend jeans, etc. are some smart choices to incorporate into your casual dressing style.

3. Low Tuck With Linen Trousers

Victoria Beckham is known for setting fashion trends, and she is one of those fashionistas who are never over-the-top. She totally rocks this look. Linen trousers or low-rise sweatpants with an oversized T-shirt, sleeves folded, a messy bun and aviators are just something I cannot get enough of. For your footwear, you can swing both ways – either pumps or white converse shoes.

4. Half Tuck With Denims

When not walking on the ramp, Kendall Jenner is all about mommy or boyfriend jeans and tucked in shirts. She is one Kardashian sister who is like any of us. Be it a grunge look with a T-shirt or a chic look with denim, half-tuck is always a good idea. Avoid it if the shirt is too big because that can backfire and make you look bulgy.

5. Navel Tuck With Denim Shorts

You might be already doing this with your denim shorts; you just might not have realized it. We all love our hot pants and denim shorts so much that it’s always nice to explore different ways of styling them. But, if you haven’t tried this yet, navel tuck should be your go-to style next time.

Tucking a shirt in is not such a big deal after all! It truly transforms your look if you can master that one style that suits your body type. My go-to style is the half-tuck – what is yours? Let us know by dropping in a text in the comments section below.

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