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How To Tweeze Your Eyebrows At Home Without Pain

How To Tweeze Your Eyebrows At Home Without Pain Hyderabd040-395603080 April 11, 2018

Ladies, never underestimate the power of your eyebrows, for they can make or break your look. The elusive perfect brows are as classic and timeless as the Little Black Dress. They frame your face, give it structure, and make a stand-alone statement. Now I get that maintaining your brows to achieve that flawless, face-flattering arch can be quite tedious, but it’s also worth it. Here’s how to tweeze your eyebrows at home and get them perfectly shaped whether they’re in need of some tweezing, grooming or filling in.

How To Tweeze Your Eyebrows At Home

Before you pull out your tweezers, you need to understand a few things about your beloved brows. These are a few pointers that you absolutely must keep in mind for perfectly shaped eyebrows.

  • Know What You’re Plucking Out

Understanding which hairs you should tweeze and which ones you shouldn’t touch makes all the difference when it comes to getting the perfect brow shape.

  • Create Your Shape

Use a creamy brow pencil and outline an ideal arch once you’ve determined how your brows should curve. This way, you’ve created a stencil, and it’s easier to remove only the hairs that fall above or below it. Also, you won’t get carried away and over-pluck. Knowing your arch limits is also essential. An arch that’s too high will look unnatural.

  • Choose The Right Tweezers

Choosing the right tweezers makes a tremendous difference in plucking and also in the amount of pain you experience. It’s best to go for sharp, slanted style tweezers because they grab strays quickly and won’t pinch your skin along with the hairs.

  • Say Goodbye To Your Magnifying Mirror

Use a regular mirror in a well-lit room and ditch your magnifying mirror. It can make it look like there’s more hair to pluck than there really is. This will inevitably lead to over-plucking.

  • Tweeze AFTER Your Shower

If you want to cut down the pain of plucking your brow hairs by half or more, the ideal time to tweeze would be after a shower as warm water opens the follicles and softens hairs. This helps them slip out far more easily.

  • Less Is More

Repeat this mantra. Don’t be over enthusiastic while plucking your eyebrows and don’t do it too often. It takes about six to eight weeks for your brows to reach their full growth potential.

What You Will Need

  • Sharp, slanted style tweezers
  • A creamy eyebrow pencil
  • Spoolie
  • Brow shaping scissors
  • A small piece of wax
  • Facial trimmer

Step By Step Tutorial – How To Tweeze Your Eyebrows At Home

Now that you’re acquainted with how to start with the procedure and what you need, let’s take a look at the steps.

Step 1: Wax Your Unibrow

Place a small wax strip in the middle of your brows to get rid of most of the hair from the center. Pluck out any remaining strays using your tweezer.

Step 2: Tweeze Under The Brows

Using your tweezers, pluck out any of the thick strays under your brows.

Step 3: Draw Your Preferred Shape With A Dark Brow Pencil

Take a brow pencil, preferably a really dark one, and draw the shape you want your brows to be in right under them.

Step 4: Tweeze Under The Line

Carefully tweeze all the hairs under the line.

Step 5: Time To Trim

Using a spoolie, brush your hair up and cut off any extra long hair.

Step 6: Clean Up The Surrounding Areas

Use a hair trimmer for all the surrounding areas. Get them all clean and straight. You can use an electric one or a regular one as per your preference. Be extremely careful to not shave off your brows!

How To Achieve Perfectly Arched Eyebrows?

Determining the natural arch of your eyebrows for your face is essential. How do you do it?

  1. Hold a makeup brush or pencil parallel to the side of your nose, where the pencil meets the brow. This is where your brow should begin.
  2. Now hold the pencil parallel to the outside ridge of your iris. Where the pencil meets the brow is where the highest part of your arch should be.
  3. Finally, extend the pencil diagonally from your nostril, following the outer edge of the eye toward the brow. Where the inside edge of the pencil hits is where your brow should end.

Tweezing Your Eyebrows: Tips And Precautions

Eyebrows are tricky, so tricky! They can take a substantial amount of time to tweeze. However, just one or two wrong plucks can leave you with a weird shape. Here’s a bunch of tips to help you get the perfect arch and mistakes to avoid when tweezing your brows. So proceed with caution.

1. Using A Razor Or Blade

Shaving to groom your eyebrows can be quite dangerous due to potential nicks. It will also cause the hair to appear coarser when it grows back in, since you’re not fully removing the strands from the hair follicles. Besides, it could also be very imprecise, which will result in uneven hair lengths, an irregular shape, and gaps. It’s best to trade the blade for tweezers or a pro technique such as waxing or threading at the salon.

2. Using Dull Tweezers

Did you know that over time, metal tweezers wear down, and the surface of your tweezers that grabs the hair loses both flexibility and accuracy, resulting in undesirable results? If your tweezers have worn down, you can rub the edges using a nail file or sand paper.

3. Choosing Pointed Tweezers

Like I said before, always pick sharp, slanted tweezers. Pointed ones can break off hairs instead of pulling them out of the follicle, giving you patchy results, or painful ingrowns.

4. Over-Plucking

Don’t tweeze too often. Just don’t do it! You should be aware of your brows’ thickness, so you know how much is too much. It’s obvious, isn’t it?

5. Don’t Finish One Brow Before You Start The Other

You will thank me for this! Shaping an entire brow at a time can result in asymmetry because it’s super easy to lose track of which hairs you’re taking from which part of the brow. Pluck a few hairs from one brow, step back and look into your mirror. Repeat the process while you keep alternating between them for the perfect balance.

6. Don’t Cut Hairs Too Short

Super short hairs can stand up at attention rather than lie flat – and that, my friends, looks awful. Lightly brush your brow hairs up with a spoolie or an eyebrow brush, before using a pair of scissors to snip any hair that sticks out.

7. Reduce Redness

Immediately after tweezing, gently pat some aloe vera gel or cortisone cream to minimize any sort of redness or inflammation.

8. Reduce Pain With An Ice Cube

If you’re in pain after plucking your brow hairs, run an ice cube over the eyebrow before and after the tweezing process. Numbing the skin with an ice cube helps eliminate any pain caused by tweezing.

9. Fill Those Gaps In

If you have sparse areas, you can still have flattering eyebrows if you use an eyebrow pencil that is two shades lighter than your brow color. This gives them a naturally full effect. Reach for warm hues! You can also use a clear eyebrow gel to keep them in place all day.

A pair of killer eyebrows can go a long way in enhancing your facial features. Also, if you have thick eyebrows, lucky for you because they don’t seem to be going out of trend anytime soon. That was all about how to tweeze your eyebrows at home in the best possible manner for the most desirable effects. How do you usually groom your brows? Let me know in the comments section below?

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