How To Wear A Bralette

Make your outfits look steamy by using the laces and straps of bralettes to your advantage.

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There is no denying the fact that bralettes are the next big thing in the world of fashion. They are a blessing to many without a donut. But how to wear a bralette is often a major concern because these pieces of clothing are neither a bra nor a top, it just falls in the junction of the both. As a matter of consequence, people get confused about how to style them the right way. But once you ace it, you will be able to steal the show wherever you go. So don’t worry because we are going to address this concern in this article. Below we have provided you with some amazing ideas to style your bralette. So go and be a showstopper now!

What Is A Bralette?

It is a crop-top-like-looking bra, which is a hybrid between a sports and lace bra, without the hook and eye closure. It is basically a pull-on, more often than not without an underwire! It’s a fancy variant of bras that doubles up as a top too. Talk about value for money.

How To Wear A Bralette?

Wearing a bralette is no different than wearing your bra, but the opposite is not true. And, there’s more than one correct way of wearing a bralette. You can wear them under your sheer, fancy, or see-through tops, under backless tops or dresses, broad front or back neck outfits or simply under your regular outfits the day you want to feel good.

Quick Tip
A strappy high-neck bralette takes over the place of the necklace when you wear it under a V-neck shirt.

25 Ways To Style Your Bralette

1. Under A Cashmere Sweater

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Make your winter evenings a little more fun by wearing a bralette under your cashmere sweater. Skip the scarf and let the lace outline the deep neck of yours. Peek-a-boo, I see you!

2. With High Waisted Jeans

Image: Instagram

Pair your high-waisted jeans with a bralette. Also, the advantage of high-waisted jeans is that it suits all body types. If you are still not comfortable, throw on a shrug, cape, or jacket.

3. With Shorts

Image: Instagram

Pair your denim shorts with a neon-colored bralette to spruce up your casual summer weekend brunches.

4. Under A Sheer White Shirt

Image: Instagram

Wondering how to style a sheer white silk shirt that was more of an impulsive purchase? Most of us are not comfortable with the idea of wearing see-through tops, yet end up buying them. That’s when the bralette becomes your savior. You can experiment with either plain or neon colors inside. Throw on a matching statement piece and shoes for a funky look.

5. Under A Knitted Top

Image: Instagram

I shy away from wearing knitted tops; actually, I used to, before I discovered the bralette. It is just what I needed. If this is you, wear a long-line bralette and thank me later.

6. With A High Waisted Skirt

Image: Instagram

High-waisted skirts can be tricky because long tops can look funny if not worn well. So, if you are bored with those crop tops and tanks, you need to upgrade to a bralette.

7. Layer It Up

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If you’re trying to convince me that bralettes are not your thing and it’s too out there for your taste, I would say, add layers, and we’ll resume this discussion. It could be a plaid, chambray, or checkered shirt; it could be a denim jacket or fur – keep it funky, and there’s nothing like it.

8. Under Your Fancy Shirt

Image: Instagram

Wearing camis under your fancy shirts is old school; a bralette will set you free!

9. Under A Leather Jacket

Image: Instagram

Bralette, a leather jacket, boots, and aviators – (re)defining badass!

10. Under Side Open Tanks

Image: Instagram

Sports bras and racerbacks have always been a thing for workouts or the gym. But, try the bralette to make your hike or run stylish and fun. You can even wear it to the gym. After all, we need to treat ourselves for all the hard work!

11. Under Off Shoulder Dresses

Image: Instagram

Okay, I know that off-shoulders are supposed to be bare and open, but bralettes like these add to the look, if anything. So, the next time you are repeating your favorite off-shoulder dress or top, try this for a brand-new look.

12. With A Plaid Or Denim Shirt

Image: Instagram

Just in case you’re living under a rock, plaid shirts are back. This time around, try them with a bralette instead of a regular tank!

Quick Tip
Alternatively, you can layer a bralette above a basic T-shirt. Go for monochrome t-shirts. This layering gives you a slight edge over a basic outfit.

13. With High-Waist Shorts

Image: Instagram

Shorts and bralettes are the trend for this season and will be around for a long time. Fine body jewelry will make you a perfect 10.

14. Under Low-Neck Tops

Image: Shutterstock

I know a lot of people who end up wasting so many cute tops because the neck is too deep (*insert rolling eyes emoji). But girls, you have no excuses anymore. Wear a bralette and let it outline the neck – it can’t get sexier.

15. With A Pencil Skirt

Image: Instagram

If you’re a fan of pencil skirts, you know where this is going – wear a bralette with it.

16. Under A Sheer Crop Top

Image: Instagram

Yes, wear it with a (sheer) crop too, except this time you won’t have anything to worry about.

17. Under A Blazer

Image: Instagram

Yeah, why not? There’s no hard and fast rule; you can pair them with absolutely anything you can think of!

18. Wear It With Long Or Side Slit Skirts

Image: Instagram

Have a matching-separates skirt set outfit? Flaunt that skirt under your bralette! With this and a chignon hair-updo, there’s no stopping you!

19. With Checkered Trousers

Image: Instagram

Checkered pencil trousers are incredibly stylish. You have got to try this look!

20. Under Suspenders Or Jumpsuits

Image: Instagram

Suspenders have come back – because we just cannot do without them, can we? But instead of the regular tank or full sleeves tops, try them with a bralette and fall in love with these all over again.

21. As A Bikini Top

Image: Instagram

Recycle and reuse has been the mantra not just otherwise but in the fashion world too. So, swap your bikini top with your bralette and treat yourself to a brand-new bikini set just like that! Smart, ain’t it?!

22. With A Kimono

Image: Instagram

Let’s just do this just for the love of kimonos! My favorite way of adding layers.

23. Like A Tube Top

Image: Instagram

Do you know how tunics were a rage a few years ago? Since they are sort of dated right now, use the same styling technique with a strapless bralette and bring it back to your closet.

24. With Backless Dresses Or Tops

Image: Instagram

Backless dresses or tops are tricky because some of us are just not comfortable with the idea of a stick-on bra. Here’s your workaround. Bralettes are supportive and stylish. Talk about investing in functional pieces of clothing.

25. With A Maxi Skirt

Image: Instagram

I’m more of a maxi and maxi skirt person, so anything new that comes up and looks great with long skirts makes me happy.

Infographic: Seven Ways To Style Your Favorite Bralette

There is no one true way to wear a bralette. Pick out a bunch of your favorite clothes and you can mix and match them to your heart’s content. Bralettes can become your favorite go-to option if you know how to dress them. So check out the infographic below to learn more about how you can style your bralette.

seven ways to style your favorite bralette (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Save the high-quality PDF version on your device now.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

How blessed are we to have bralettes as our clothing option! On days nothing seems to work for us, a bralette totally saves the day. All you have to do is know how to wear a bralette right and style it the right way. For example, you can wear it under a cashmere sweater, a sheer white shirt, a leather jacket, or a side-open tank top. So, get yourself a cute bralette and flaunt it to look like the showstopper. No one can stop you from stealing the show!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a bra and a bralette?

As we discussed, a bra is our regular undergarment that comes with underwires (may not), is padded (sometimes), and is meant to be worn under your clothes. While bras provide protection and coverage, bralettes are purely fancy and give coverage without the padding, yet support your breasts.

Do you wear a bra under a bralette?

No. They are a replacement for bras. If you are conscious about nipple coverage, you might want to consider stick-ons, just in case.

Are bralettes only for small breasts?

No, that’s just a myth. Anyone can wear it, as long as you are confident.

Do you wear anything under a bralette?

A bralette is a stylish alternative to a bra. You can wear a bra underneath a bralette, if you want any additional support to rock an outfit. You can also wear a bralette over a t-shirt or crop top.

Are bralettes meant to be worn without a shirt?

Yes, bralettes are also meant to be worn without a shirt. You can use it as a top or mini crop top as well.

How tight should a bralette be?

A bralette should be comfortably tight to have the utmost support and flexibility in the body. It is designed in a way that a body can stretch freely without any trouble.

How do you know if a bralette is too big?

You can adjust the strap, the band, and the cups of a bralette for a perfect fit. Always have a trial run before choosing the perfect one.

Can you wear a bralette if you have large breasts?

Yes, you can easily wear a bralette if you have large breasts. The right size will show off your cleavage while providing support for the breasts.

Key Takeaways

  • Bralettes are a type of clothing that combines the features of both bras and tops, in most cases made without an underwire or hook and eye closure.
  • They can be worn under a variety of outfits such as sheer tops, backless dresses, or regular outfits.
  • Bralettes can be styled in a plethora of ways such as under a cashmere sweater, with high-waisted jeans, or with shorts.
  • Layering bralettes with different clothing items, such as plaid shirts, fur, or leather jackets, can amp up the overall look.
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