How To Wear An Oversized T-shirt – 15 Outfit Ideas

Written by Pratima Ati

Oversized T-shirts are not just versatile but also super cozy and comfortable. Their casual appeal can look effortlessly stylish. On days where you’re too lazy to dress up, an oversized T-shirt could be your truest friend. As long as you know how to work it right, no one can slay that outfit more than you.

We’ve put together some oversized T-shirt outfit ideas that you could take inspiration from. Read on to know more!

1. Oversized T-shirt With Blazer


Wearing an oversized T-shirt with a blazer gives out quite a classy yet laid back appeal. To keep your look aesthetic, wear a similar shade of the color palette, like an oversized white T-shirt with a gray blazer. You can tuck the shirt in and wear a tight belt around your waist to give it a more stylish look. You can wear this outfit for semi-formal occasions or events. It is smart and casual, yet the blazer lends it a formal vibe.

2. Off-Shoulder Look

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Off-shoulder oversized T-shirts are super cool. They are loose fitted and hang loosely below your shoulders. Women who have a lean physique can pull this off effortlessly. This outfit makes your shoulders and collarbone look attractive. You can accessorize it with a corset belt to create some shape. All you need is some confidence, and this off-shoulder oversized T-shirt will look just great!

3. Tucked Oversized T-shirt

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Tucked oversized T-shirts are super cute and casual. You can give out a laid back appeal while looking stylish as ever. An oversized T-shirt paired with denim shorts will definitely turn heads. This can be your go-to outfit on a lazy day or when you just want to hang out with friends. It’s so comfortable and easy to wear yet super trendy.

4. Rolled Up Sleeves

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On an oversized T-shirt, rolling up the sleeves can make quite the fashion statement. Since the T-shirt is loose, the long loose fitted sleeves can make it look sloppy. To give that fashionable vibe, roll up your sleeves to a length you desire. You can also tie the front ends of the T-shirt to create a crop top like look. This looks casual yet stylish.

5. Belt It Up

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Belts are the perfect accessory to wear over oversized t-shirts. They give shape to your waistline and look very attractive. Bold black belts are often what girls wear on oversized T-shirts. You can even opt for fun colors like red. You can wear this outfit day or night.

6. Oversized T-shirt With Shorts

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Oversized T-shirts with shorts are so much fun and cool to wear. They are casual yet make a bold fashion statement. You could pair them with blue, black, or even white denims and look absolutely great. This outfit can be worn to a brunch or a casual day out while you’re shopping or running errands. It is comfy, stylish, and easy to wear. Oversized T-shirts with shorts are all things goals. Just slay the outfit with confidence!

7. Knot It

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This style is most loved by fashionistas and glam queens. It is casual, but the knot at the front gives a chic vibe that looks stylish. The knot-styled oversized T-shirt can be worn over skirts, denims, or shorts. You can accessorize it accordingly, depending on the occasion. Day or night, these knot-styled oversized T-shirts will look just perfect. They are the best combination of comfortable and stylish.

8. Oversized T-shirt With Dungarees


Oversized T-shirts with dungarees look effortlessly stylish. They are fun, casual, and sporty. The outfit gives out a chic vibe. Dungarees are a laid-back attire, and pairing them with oversized outfits just makes everything more comfortable and trendy. Often, the color combination is an oversized white T-shirt along with blue denim dungarees. You can wear a cool pair of white sneakers on this outfit.

9. Oversized T-shirt With Denim Skirts

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Oversized T-shirts with denim skirts are all things fashion and glam. They are comfortable and effortlessly make a style statement. You can wear this outfit for a fun brunch or birthday parties. Wear a belt with the outfit to make it look more trendy. Accessories like shades will also look pretty cool. Boots, sneakers, or platform shoes will look amazing on these. However, if you want a more feminine appeal, you could wear ballerinas.

10. Oversized T-shirt With Track Pants / Instagram

Oversized t-shirts with track pants are super cozy, comfortable, and easy to wear. On days where you want to just laze around in baggy clothes, this outfit is your best bud. You can accessorize these with caps or shades. Sneakers are most apt for this outfit. You can even wear this to your workouts on cold days.

11. Oversized T-shirt Over A Slip Dress

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Wearing an oversized T-shirt over a slip dress can look quite different. It adds more character to the dress and makes it more interesting. You can wear a denim jacket over it to create a glam attire. Platform sneakers would work flawlessly over these.

12. Oversized T-shirt With A Leather Jacket

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This outfit looks simple and casual yet stylish. This can be your go-to look this fall. Pair an oversized white T-shirt with over the knee boots and a leather jacket, and you are ready to slay. Whether you are hanging out in your farmhouse or backyard or running errands, this outfit is perfect. Comfortable, casual, and trendy are the best words to describe this look.

13. Keep It Casual

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The main aim of an oversized T-shirt is to keep it casual while being comfortable and stylish. You can dress up your oversized T-shirt in any way you desire. Keep it simple and wear it over pants and tuck it in or make it look a tad bit more stylish by pairing it with a bold belt.

14. Dress It Up

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Though oversized T-shirts look quite casual, there are plenty of ways to dress them up to make them look stylish. Belts are a great accessory to make this happen. Apart from that, layering them with denims looks downright stunning. You could tie a knot at the front and give more shape to your outfit. It’s all about improvising and being confident.

15. Wear It As A Dress

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Wearing an oversized T-shirt as a dress is the easiest way to look good on a day you don’t have the time or don’t feel like dressing up. It is casual, comfortable, and looks effortlessly stylish. You can add a corset belt in case you want to look chic. Boots or sneakers would be perfect for this.

These are some of the oversized T-shirt outfit ideas we have put together for you. Dressing up always can be quite taxing. On days where you are in no mood to make an effort, an oversized T-shirt will come to your rescue. Which of these ideas do you like the most? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below.

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