How To Wear Sheer Tops

Make a fashion statement with these tops and learn ways to wear them to look stylish.

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If you are trying to figure out how to wear sheer tops, you must be glad to know that you have landed in the right place. In this article, we are going to tell you how. Sheer tops are indeed gorgeous and wearable on almost any occasion by women of all body types and ages. You just need to learn how to wear them currently. There are several ways of wearing them, and once you go through this article, we will ace them all. So, let us not delay any further. Let us go ahead and check out all the very many tips and tricks to flaunt some sheer tops.

protip_icon Ace The Look
  • Accessories: You can pair your sheer top with dainty necklaces, layered bracelets, or stackable rings to add a touch of elegance to your sheer outfit.
  • Color: Neutral shades like white, black, or nude provide a classic and versatile look. For a bolder statement, opt for vibrant shades like red or pink to add a pop of color to your outfit.
  • Footwear: Pair your sheer top with flat sandals for a casual daytime look. If you are going for a girls night out, opt for stilettos to elevate your outfit.
  • Bag: Add a small, bejeweled clutch or a crossbody bag to complete your look.

What To Wear Under A Sheer Top?

Before we get into styling tips or ideas on how to wear sheer tops, let’s answer the first question most of us have – what do we wear under a sheer top or a lace dress? I’m sure this bothers you as well, and that’s (probably) why you have been avoiding wearing it. It all starts with how much sheer are you willing to go. But, remember, you need to wear decent (read: good) lingerie inside. Choose neutral colors like black or nudes, or the color of the top. If you want to make it look like an outline, wear a camisole or pretty-looking waist-length lingerie underneath. Bandeau bras and bralettes are other interesting choices. When layering with undergarments, be mindful of the weather and choose fabrics that are breathable and lightweight. So, get to know your comfort zone, and dress accordingly. Above all, confidence is key when wearing a sheer top. If you feel comfortable and confident in your outfit, it will show in the way you carry yourself.

Megan, a fashion graduate, shares her opinion on sheer tops, writing, “I love the idea of the sheer top because I love to layer clothes and I think they give you a whole other layer to play with! (i).” She admits being interested in floral designs and bright-colored sheer tops, and advises wearing a bandana bra as a classier option compared to having an exposed bra underneath. Additionally, she recommends not wearing a sheer top with a visible bra for formal events.

protip_icon Quick Tip

You can also wear a bodysuit or racerback bra under your sheer top for a chic look.

Best Sheer Top Outfit Ideas

1. Kylie Jenner Mesh Top

Image: Instagram

Nobody does the sheer illusion as good as the Kardashian clan. And, the youngest of them has been giving us high fashion goals for quite some time now. So, here’s a look you can easily replicate. Wear a bandeau, a strapless bra, or a camisole with it, and pair it with a skinny pair of jeans.

2. Kendall Jenner Sheer Dress

Image: Instagram

We cannot talk about one sister and not mention the other, considering the gigantic style icon she is, practically setting the runways on fire. If you have a dress in mind, go right ahead and take the lead from our very own Kendall.

3. Floral Long Sleeves Sheer Top

Image: Instagram

For the love of florals, and now sheer, let’s bring them both together. Choose a black bra to make the floral design stand out, and go for a pair of leggings or trousers in black. Choose shiny leather ballerinas or boots for good measure.

4. Long Side Slit T-Shirt Tops

Image: Instagram

If a crazy idea like ‘wearing sheer in winter’ has crossed your mind, let’s address that too, but while at it, tread cautiously. Pick one of these long T-shirt tops that come with a side slit and pair it with fleece leggings and boots. Throw on an oversized coat while you are outdoors, and shed it when you are not – you’ve got yourself a deal.

5. Off-Shoulder Style Sheer Dress

Image: Instagram

An off-shoulder style sheer dress that doubles up as a bikini cover-up and a party dress – whichever pleases you. Go with the color of the dress for the inners or go completely contrast. MAJOR WOW!

6. Polka Dots Sheer Blouse

Image: Instagram

If you think sheer is too out there for your taste and it’s something you can never sport, here’s something that might change your mind. Wear a regular tank top and finish it with a shirt like this – it’s stylish and gives you coverage without taking away the sheer element. Polka dots add definition like nothing ever does.

7. Mesh Bodysuit

Image: Instagram @chicnchic_boutique

Bodysuits have arrived and taken over the clothing lines, and I’m not surprised because they fit you like a glove. Mesh-style bodysuits are entirely in fashion and look great when paired with a pencil skirt, leather pants, or skinny jeans.

8. White Lace Top And Jeans

Image: Instagram @madamebeautyboutique

I know most plus-size women shy away from wearing something that is see-through or relatively shows off more skin than their regular dresses. But, do not miss out on this style because of some old-school notions. If you do not want to go completely sheer, try the ones that come in lace fabric.

9. Camo Style Sheer Stop

Image: Instagram @splashstl

For the love of camo prints, and how we can never get enough of these, we are just grateful and teary-eyed that someone was thoughtful enough to make this for us.

10. Pink Collar Style Sheer Top

Image: Instagram @dixierosestyles

Everything looks great in pink, so if that’s your favorite color, go for it. Also, the collar-style tops are translucent and not completely sheer, so if that makes you more comfortable, look no further.

11. Long Sheer Dress

Image: Instagram

Long sheer dresses have reached the rack from the runways almost immediately. They are effortless, and chic, and lift your style in no time. Go with a shorter satin lining dress as the inner to amp up the look.

12. Frosted Sheer Top

Image: Instagram @klasboutique

The frosted style sheer top is another hot favorite in this segment. It looks great for a lunch date or dinner – and you can’t go wrong with this. Tuck it in your jeans, and finish the look with ankle-length boots, big loops, and a body bag.

13. Crop Top Style Sheer Top

Image: Instagram @whattheworldsaysnow

And, of course, no variant is complete without a crop top style because that’s how much we love them, don’t we?

14. Sheer Top With Blazer

Image: Instagram @perfectlybasics

Isn’t it an incredible idea? A blazer will not only give you coverage but will also give you a more formal look. You can wear it with a pencil skirt or ankle length trousers – both of which are sartorially approved.

protip_icon Quick Tip

You can also wear a short slip dress or a neutral-colored sleeveless dress to amp up your look.

15. Sheer Top With Suspenders

Image: Instagram @justsojean

If we want to find excuses, we will always have one, but if we look for ways to combat the issues, we will have them too. And that’s why fashion seems to be evolving with every passing day. Wear a sheer top with suspenders and complete the look with white converse shoes.

Infographic: 5 Ways To Wear Sheer Tops

Sheer tops are for any occasion if you know how to style them right. These tops are dynamic, in that women of all sizes and ages can wear them. We have handpicked selected style inspirations for you to try out, check the infographic below.

5 ways to wear sheer tops (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Save the high-quality PDF version on your device now.

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Sheer tops are versatile tops that can be easily incorporated into a wide range of outfits. First, make sure you wear matching lingerie or bralettes underneath as per your comfort level. Frosted, pink collars, polka dots, or white lace tops are some of the perfect ways to show off the right amount of skin without compromising on the sheer element. One approach is to play with patterns and textures. However, personal stylist Paola Farina says, “Steer clear of sheer tops if you work in a formal environment or have to deal with the public. It is better to keep them for dinner dates or casual outings.”

While trying to pull off a sheer top can be daunting, this article tells you how to wear sheer tops in a sophisticated and fashionable way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are sheer tops appropriate?

Sheer tops are appropriate if carried the right way. Sheer tops are ideal for casual events. If you are wearing a sheer top to a formal event, wear a top underneath so it is not revealing. Although extreme see-through ones may not be good for formal settings.

How to take care of your sheer tops?

Carefully read and follow the instructions for washing and drying. Also, avoid wearing jewelry or other accessories that could snag fragile fabric. It is important to take proper care and maintenance of the sheer tops, it will add years to their lives and they will look like new every time you will wear them.

How can I wear sheer tops without a bra?

You can wear a sheer top without a bra by wearing a camisole under or over your sheer top to provide enough coverage. If you are feeling bold, you can use nipple concealers and style the sheer top accordingly.

How do I wear a sheer back top?

To wear a sheer back top, choose a good backless bra or a bra with a contrasting color to wear under the sheer back top.

What are some fashion faux pas to avoid when wearing a sheer top?

Some fashion faux pas to avoid when wearing a sheer top is if you are wearing a black or a white sheer top, make sure your bra or cami matches the shade. Do not layer your sheer top if you are not confident about the look. It’s better to rock a classic look rather than a lumpy experiment.

How can I feel confident and comfortable when wearing a sheer top?

It is best if you start off with low-cut tops and crop tops to get more comfortable with these outfits, as well as in your own skin. Build up your confidence slowly before you try out the sheer top.

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Key Takeaways

  • Wear the right lingerie underneath the sheer tops that are seamless and complementary to the skin.
  • Choose a camisole or tank top in a contrasting hue to layer under a sheer top.
  • For bottoms, pair the sheer top with jeans or skirts to stand out.
  • Experiment with sheer tops, if you’re apprehensive about wearing one, try starting with a mesh bodysuit or lace detailing.

Are you struggling with what to wear under your sheer clothing? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Check out the video below for an outfit check and get some inspiration for your next sheer outfit.

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