31 Best I Don’t Care Quotes That’ll Help You Deal With Distress

Written by Sushmita Barman

In life, all our days cannot be cheerful and bright. At times, we might get exhausted from going through so much. And we tend to break down when we cannot handle it all at once. We might get anxious and feel lost when we are reminded of the obnoxious situations and people we have encountered. It takes time to heal from these wounds. But, somehow, you cannot just sit there and cry for too long; you have got to pull yourself up to face everything on your own. The following list of some really good “I don’t care” quotes will help you deal with distress. And if you want some “love me or hate me, I don’t care” quotes, too, you got them all here!

31 Best “I Don’t Care” Quotes And Sayings

So, before it’s too late, let us check out these best quotes that we have compiled for you.

“I Don’t Care Anymore” Quotes

  •  “Happiest are the ones who don’t care at all.”

Being skilled in avoiding rants and sardonic remarks will keep you happy in life.

  •  “It is only when I have had enough, I stop caring about them.”

Some stop caring only after they have been drained out completely.

  •  “Once you stop crying, you know that you have attained the carefree phase.”

It is simply a win when you don’t cry over things that ruin your peace.

  •  “It is not in my blood to fight for someone whom I don’t care about at all.”

You cannot pretend to fight for someone about whom you don’t even care.

“If You Don’t Like Me, I Don’t Care” Quotes

  •  “No matter how hurtful it might have been, just move on for your peace.”

It is detrimental to your well-being if you choose not to move forth in life. If you see that there is no reason to stay, it is better that you leave it there and move on.

  •  “You don’t need to care about if someone doesn’t like you because not caring makes you better than them.”

Have you ever wondered why someone hates you? It’s basically them being envious of you as you are doing great in life, more than them.

  •  “Ignore those people who talk behind your back and stab you.”

Get rid of these toxic ones who are double-faced. These people tend to say one thing in front of you while offering a contradictory opinion at your back that will eventually lead them to wreck your image and reputation.

  •  “There are days when you realize that rather than remaining stuck in the middle, it is better to stop caring while moving on.”

This is the best thing to do when someone does not like you as much as you do.

  •  “Even if you want me to share my feelings with you, I won’t let myself do that from now on.”

When your partner belittles you or is ignorant about you, you don’t feel like sharing anything and get detached.

“If You Don’t Care, I Don’t Care” Quotes

  •  “I cannot wait to be cared for by someone when they never cared at all right in the beginning.”

If you see someone not caring about you initially, it is better not to get all caring about them.

  •  “When you find the right person, you have got to fight the world just to keep that one.”

You must not care about what the world thinks about your choices. If you have found someone worthy to be kept forever, you must not listen to the world.

  •  “I don’t even care about age as the level of maturity never coincides with age.”

The fact goes that maturity increases as people grow older. However, it is not inconceivable that a teenager might be wiser than an adult.

  •  “Just as you know that I don’t care about you, it never means that my feelings are dead; it is that my feelings for you have ceased to exist.”

When you are so exhausted by your partner or friend’s behavior, you confront them and remind them that you will no longer bear their inconsiderate behavior towards them.

  •  “If you push me away, I will not care even a bit to come back to you.”

Out of frustration and anger after being treated without care, one tends to leave caring at all no matter how much they try to win them back.

  •  “Don’t care about the words and promises by people. Those who care for you truly will exhibit it through their actions.”

As a matter of fact, we all know that actions speak louder than words. So, it is better if we follow that as well. Be a keen observer to witness if, in all truth, their actions really speak in your favor.

  •  “I don’t even care that you don’t care about me at all.”

While the counterpart might show their true colors, you might step away from that relationship and become all placid about moving out.

“I Don’t Care What People Think” Quotes

  • “It is better not to try to please everyone.”

Pleasing others to make them happy has a limit to it. Things eventually get better when you don’t care about pleasing everyone you meet in life.

  •  “Try to live your life as you wish to without paying any heed to what others might think.”

If you keep on overthinking what others have been assuming regarding you all this while, you won’t be able to live your life to the fullest.

  •  “If you want to protect your inner peace and emotions, just cut off ties with the deceptive ones.”

Turn off your emotions and feelings for the wrong ones. These are the ones who don’t deserve your kindness and energy.

  •  “If you want to live, don’t seek permission for doing something that doesn’t harm anyone.”

Once you grow old, you can obviously take the advice and suggestions from others but try to live your life according to your wishes so that you don’t need to regret them later.

  •  “Wise people never take their significant circle of friends or family members for granted even once in their lifetime.”

They are responsible enough to care for their close ones. They will never leave a space and scope for their close ones to hate or not care about them.

  •  “Stop being a miserable one by caring too much.”

Don’t you worry and keep caring about people who intentionally hurt you. Just leave them.

  •  “People never care when you are alone, yet when they feel lonely, they will crave your attention.”

This is an awakening fact as you never have anyone when you feel lonely beside you most of the time. While, when they feel lost and lonely, they come running to you, and you offer help in being there for them.

  •  “The ones who are real enough don’t have an image to maintain.”

Only those who are fake people pretend to pull off a pretentious face for appreciation and praise. The real ones are unperturbed about what others think or say.

“I Don’t Care” Attitude Quotes

  •  “Don’t hesitate to flaunt your true colors.”

Not all might like you, but at least you can live the way you want to. Be happy and proud to flaunt yourself.

  •  “Don’t care too much about the destination; keep moving forward by focusing on the goal.”

Just enjoy the pace of your journey and put effort into achieving your goals and objectives.

  •  “It is time that you stop getting embarrassed about your real self. Someone or the other will judge, criticize, and bad mouth you.”

You know it’s time to leave those people who judge your true personality and identity just because they don’t want anything good to happen to you in life.

  •  “Your uniqueness will keep you out of the box.”

Never agree on getting into a box. Just mind your business of staying unique and keep moving forward.

  •  “I don’t care if anyone is going to be there for me. All I know is I am enough, and I have me, to keep myself happy.”

It is a win when you can be on your own to keep yourself happy and at peace.

  •  “Never care for anything too deeply as it eventually breaks your heart in the end.”

Lately, it has become a safer option to not bond emotionally after witnessing how superficial and selfish most people are.

There comes the point in life where you no longer care about what people think or pleasing anybody. Instead, you start realizing your worth and embrace who you really are. Once you reach there, no one can win against you or disappoint you. The list of “I don’t care” quotes mentioned above can help you deal with this situation and pull you out of the pit of self-doubt and worries. These quotes may help you be a person who seems unbothered and nonchalant by what the world thinks.

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