101 “I’m Sorry” Quotes To Apologize To Your Partner

Express your regret and make amends to your lady love with these powerful words!

By Harini NatarajanHarini Natarajan, Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner  • 

Apologizing is one of the toughest yet most important experiences you may face in your life. The article lists many “I’m sorry” quotes for situations when you are truly sorry and feel you have seriously messed up. Sometimes, the offended person may feel you just want to appease them or move on quickly, and a simple “I’m sorry” may not be able to express the true feelings, even if your heart is in the right place. And that is why the person you apologize to may not recognize your pure intentions, and it may end up hurting both of you.

Our collection of “I apologize, please forgive me” quotes will help you make your point while respecting your loved one’s feelings. Scroll down to check them out.

101 Best “I’m Sorry” Quotes To Apologize To Your Special One

I feel bad for making you sad. I feel guilty for making you question my intentions. I am sorry, baby, please forgive me.

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  1. “I feel bad for making you sad. I feel guilty for making you question my intentions. I am sorry, baby, please forgive me.”
  2. “Honey, give me the chance to make it up to you. I know where I got it wrong, and I am determined to do better next time. Please give me the chance to show you my efforts to become a better man.”
  3. “It is impossible to change the past, but you have my promise to make it up to you in the future. I am truly sorry.”
  4. “I know I am not perfect and I make mistakes, but I am so glad that I have you to pick me up when I fall down and help me grow into the best person that I can be.”
  5. “No matter what happens, you will always remain my biggest priority. Will you forgive me for what I have done?”
  6. “I have known you for a long time, and I know your heart is bigger and deeper than any ocean. Will you forgive me? Your love feels like home to me. I want to come back home.”
  7. “Your beautiful smile has been hiding lately, and I know I am the reason. I am sorry for taking you for granted. You are an amazing partner, and I love you.”
  8. I have never met a person kinder than you. I know it may be hard, but could you please forgive me one last time?”
  9. “My sweet angel, how could I have been so thoughtless? It breaks my heart to see the emptiness in your eyes. Please forgive me and give me the chance to bring back their sparkle.”
  10. “When we’re not right, nothing is right. Please let me make it up to you by forgiving me, my beautiful partner.”
  11. “Please forgive me for not living up to the vows I made to you on our wedding day. I promise to give you my all.”
  12. “If I begin to tell you how terrible I feel, my message will run into pages. To cut a long story short, I am really sorry, my dearest partner.”
  13. “We are two headstrong people with our own minds, which tells me that we can work this out if we try. Please forgive me, my dearest partner.”
  14. “I am sorry for hurting you so deeply, sweet partner. I want to be your hero again. Can you forgive me?”
  15. “I know I have let you down, and now I have emptiness and guilt in my heart. Can you fill the void with your forgiveness, my dear?”
  16. “For all the pains and headaches I have caused you, I intend to give you twice the joy and peace. Just let go of the past.”
  17. “I never meant for things to spiral so out of control. I have made the biggest mistake of my life by hurting you. Please find it in your heart to forgive me.”
  18. “You are my destiny, but I have disrespected you with my behavior. Please find it in your heart to forgive me.”
  19. “Nothing is right in this world if I can’t make this right. Please give me another chance to become a better version of myself. I am sorry, my dearest.”
  20. “My sweet angel, how could I have been so thoughtless? Please give me a chance to repair what I damaged. I ask for your forgiveness, my dearest partner.”
  21. “You are a wonderful partner with a big heart. My heart hurts without you. Please forgive me and let me be in your heart once again.”
Please forgive me and let me be in your heart once again.”

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  1. “My heart feels the burden of guilt because I will never forgive myself for what I did. But my heart also yearns the solace, which can only come with your forgiveness. I am sorry.”
  2. “I am sorry that in your eyes, I couldn’t stand tall. A smile on your face, I desperately want to see, and I promise to be the man that you always wanted me to be.”
  3. “Sorry for hurting you, baby. I never meant to be so heartless. Please forgive me because, without your love, I am a man lost, without his queen.”
  4. “Every single second away from you, my partner, is like a dagger in my heart. Please accept my apology, for I can’t stand being apart.”
  5. “For all the memories we share, for all the smiles we have, it breaks my heart to see you sad. I am so sorry, baby.”
  6. “The most profound apologies are never heard by the ears, but they are felt through the heart. Put your hand on my heart and just feel it weeping out in regret. I love you.”
  7. “The pain of seeing the tears in your eyes is going to haunt me forever. I am sorry, I truly am.”
  8. “Big or small, lies are lies. I am ashamed that I made you cry. Please give me another chance, I want to be the man you deserve.”
  9. “There are no limits to my remorse and guilt. You have no idea how badly I miss you. I acted in a state of unawareness. Now all I ask humbly, my queen, is for a chance to prove myself to you.”
  10. “More than what I did, I am ashamed of who I have become. Please forgive me, and I promise you will see the best of me in the time to come.”
Please forgive me, and I promise you will see the best of me in the time to come.

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  1. “My heart is trapped in regret and only your love and compassion can set it free. I love you, and I am sorry, my sweetheart.”
  2. “I am sorry, dear, for telling you what to do. It is just that it is my job to protect you, and I will do that with my whole being. But, I must learn how to do it in a way that honors you at the same time. Please show me how.”
  3. “Give me a chance to show that you are my life’s most precious treasure. I love you, and I am sorry.”
  4. “Hey, partner, you have always been the mature one between us two. I hope you will forgive me so I can have the chance to continue learning from you.”
  5. “Let’s get over the past together and set up a new lease of faith and love. I am sorry, and I know we will win.”
  6. “Every time I see you hurt, my heart breaks. Please forgive me so I can become a happy man again.”
  7. “I know I was wrong for claiming that I was right. I promise to always give your view due importance. Please accept my apology.”
  8. “Every time I remember that I hurt you, I feel guilt hanging all over me. I am now a captive of my deeds, and you have the keys to my prison door. Please forgive me.”
  9. “I am truly penitent, dear. Let me suffer the guilt of my wrongs by working hard to pave a new path and prove myself to you once again.”
  10. “Yours is the most beautiful and compassionate soul I know. I yearn for your compassion. And there is nothing more beautiful than your love, my sweetheart.”
  11. “We can only become better when we learn from our mistakes and faults. I hope you will allow me to be a better husband by giving me that chance to amend things.”
  12. “I am sorry, for I am a broken pot. Let the beautiful hands of my dearest partner put me back together.”
  13. “I haven’t slept well, I haven’t eaten properly, and I haven’t shaved. You bring life to my world.”
  14. “Your sweet smile is the light at the end of all my life’s dark tunnels. I am sorry, my sunshine.”
  15. “Dear love! My life is beautiful because of you. All I ask is for a chance to prove myself so that my life becomes vibrant, once again.”
  16. “I am sorry for letting ridiculous things come between us. You are my better half, and I promise to improve if you will give me one more chance.”
  17. “My heart is bare before you, my partner, and I know you can see my pain. I was foolish to hurt you, and I promise never to do it again.”
  18. “My lousy attitude has created an ugly stain on our marriage. I pray that time and forgiveness can wash it away. I’m sorry for being so rude to you.”
  19. “I want nothing more than your forgiveness. It hurts me to see you cry. Please help me set this right.”
  20. “My amazing partner, your sweet love is worth everything. I am sorry and willing to give up all my stubbornness to have you fully return to me.”
  21. “Without you, the sun doesn’t shine, and the stars have lost their sparkle. Please forgive me for acting out of my weakness rather than my strength.”
  22. “Sometimes life drags me down, but that’s no reason to drag you down too. I love you, beautiful, and I hope you can forgive me.”
  23. “Many tears dropped from your eyes because of the way I hurt you. Today, I intend to convert every fallen tear of yours into a precious pearl. I am sorry.”
  24. “I know I could have been the best man in your life, but I am sorry that I failed. But failure is not always the end. Give me another chance.”
  25. “No matter how I behave when I am angry, here is what you need to know. You are the best thing that ever happened to me in life. I am sorry, honey.”
  26. “Being sorry is the first step to repentance, and repentance is the first step to being a better person. Please give me the chance to prove that I can be a better husband. I am sorry.”
  27. “I made a mistake because I am only human. But, I want my love to feel like home to you.”
  28. “My biggest mistake was that all this while I was letting my ego come in the way of a heartfelt apology. I am sorry, baby.”
  29. “My dearest partner, when pride gets in the way, it can be hard to move, and I apologize for letting it take control of me. I am sorry from the bottom of my heart.”
  30. “Please accept this big, heartfelt ‘sorry’ wrapped in kisses and hugs and sealed with a few tears for the hurt I caused you, my sweet honey.”
  31. “I miss your beautiful face hovering over mine and coming in for that special ‘goodnight’ kiss. Please let me make everything up to you, dear.”
  32. “I am sorry for being so rotten. Dear, your forgiveness can mark the beginning of an entirely new phase of our life together. Let us give this new start a chance.”
  33. “I am sorry that I failed you. But, my mistakes have taught me to hold fast and cherish the most precious person in my life.”
  34. “I still trust in your big heart and the true love between us. Forgive me, sweetie.”
  35. “Despite our differences, I know we have a great future together, and I can’t go there alone. Please forgive me, my eternal partner.”
  36. “Each tear that you cried was felt like it was my own. I can’t forgive myself for hurting you like that. I am really sorry.”
  37. “My ears are longing to hear your words of trust in who I really am. I promise never to do it again, my precious partner.”
  38. “I miss that tender spot on your shoulder. You have no idea how painful my life is without you. I am sorry, my honey.”
  39. “Your precious heart has been broken by the arrows of anger I hurled into it. I was not myself, and the last thing I want to do is hurt you.”
  40. “When I hurt you, I hurt myself even more. I pray that I will be allowed to make amends and heal any wounds I may have caused.”
  41. “Life without your smile is somber and gray. I pray that my apology can fix that broken smile and bring us close again.”
  42. “My eyes moisten at the memory of seeing you hurt. My heart breaks at the thought of losing you. I am filled with regret. I am sorry, my sweetest, for what I have done.”
  43. “My shameful actions spoke loudly, but I hope that you can still hear my words. I love you deeply, my partner, and will do everything in my power to show you how much.”
  44. “The realization of what I have done cuts deeply into my soul and stabs my heart. I cannot justify my actions, but I regret them every moment. I beg your forgiveness, and I hope you give me another chance.”
  45. “I am so cold without your love – so alone. The faint flicker of hope that you can forgive me is all that keeps me alive.”
  46. “I am so sorry for making you question your choices. Take my hand, and let’s walk side by side again.”
  47. “Each day without you, my partner, I sink a little deeper into a pit of despair. I need the strength that your companionship offers.”
  48. “You are better than me when it comes to these emotional issues. I want to rise up to your understanding. I am sorry for letting you down.”
  49. “Regret and sadness have stolen my life’s happiness. I am sorry for letting you down.”
Regret and sadness have stolen my life’s happiness. I am sorry for letting you down.

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  1. “I know you are angry, honey, but I want you to think about all the beautiful memories that have made us believe that we are meant to be. I am sorry.”
  2. “Sorry for being aloof and making you feel that I don’t care about you. I promise to behave in a way that demonstrates my love – profound and true.”
  3. “I know you have the right to be angry. But, being your husband, I too have the right to prove myself until you accept my apology. I am sorry, sweetheart.”
  4. “My selfishness has rocked the boat in our little stream, and I’m hoping that my apology will bring smooth sailing and sunny skies back to our marriage.”
  5. “You have kissed away my tears many times, and if you let me, I would like to do that for you. I’m so sorry for the way I hurt you, my beloved partner.”
  6. “I feel sorry for making you mad, and I don’t want you to feel bad because of some foolish things I said.”
  7. “Our fight was terrible. It hurts me, and I know it hurts you too. Honestly, I have no idea how to heal your heart, but let me begin by saying I am sorry and please show me the way.”
  8. “The years we have been married have been the most wonderful of my life. I am still in love, with you and I want to apologize for the rude things I said.”
  9. “You are the kind of woman who only comes around once in a lifetime. I am probably the most fortunate man to have you as my partner. I am sorry that I hurt you. Please accept my apology, and let us heal together.”
  10. “If two people were ever meant to be together, it’s us. I’m sorry for letting my wrongdoing come between us.”
If two people were ever meant to be together, it’s us. I’m sorry for letting my wrongdoing come between us.

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  1. “I come to you in complete humility, asking you to find it in your heart to give me another chance. You are all I think about, my queen.”
  2. “With a bruised heart and a deflated ego, with a sad soul and a head hung low – I apologize to you unconditionally, my partner. I am really sorry, and I love you.”
  3. “I took for granted all our smiles, laughs, and memories. I promise I’ll never do it again because they mean the world to me. I am sorry.”
  4. “I never want to lose sight of what’s truly important – you! I am so sorry, and I promise never to let you down.”
  5. “Take your time and get the anger off your chest. I will wait for as long as you need. You are my partner, and I am sorry for hurting you so deeply.”
  6. “As your husband, my job is to protect and cherish your heart. Sadly, I have failed. Please give me a chance to try again, my sweetest partner.”
  7. “I am sorry for not seeing you for who you are. I am sorry for not seeing all the sacrifices you made for me. Today, I pour out my sincerest apologies and pray that you forgive me.”
  8. “Forgive me for being so blind to your needs, my beautiful partner.”
  9. “You are the biggest blessing in my life, and I’m sorry for messing things up. I promise I will make up for all the time we lost.”
  10. “When you walked out the door, my heart broke, and I realized that you were right. Please give me another chance to be the man you look up to again.”
  11. “Let me make it up to you. Today, I ask for forgiveness from the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”

It is not easy to apologize and ask for forgiveness, but it is something that you need to do if you have realized your mistakes and want to make amends. The first step to fixing a crack in a relationship that has stemmed from the hurt you have caused, knowingly or unknowingly, is to apologize for your behavior. And as anyone who has ever apologized knows, it is really difficult to find the right words to say what you mean. This is where the “I’m sorry” quotes can be really helpful, as you can use the one that expresses your mind and heart the most or get inspired by them to pen down your apology in your own words. No matter what, get down to it before it gets too late to apologize.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an apology by text okay?

If the mistake is minor, apologizing over a text may be okay, considering the right tone and language are used without being defensive. But for grave mistakes, it is always better to put more effort and apologize in person. If not feasible, at least heartfelt gestures must be made.

Is saying sorry a lot toxic?

Over-apologizing may be toxic. It may degrade your self-image and affect relationships.

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