15 Instagram Outfit Ideas You Can Easily Replicate Right Now

15 Instagram Outfit Ideas You Can Easily Replicate Right Now November 30, 2017

Are you always looking for dressing ideas? We all are!
Going through our wishlists, celebrity closets, shop-this-look and copy-that-look articles, etc. is what we do all day long, isn’t it? Window shopping has got a makeover because now, everything is online and virtual. It’s all about Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. And I have got to admit – my current obsession is Insta-shopping. Explore-shop-buy – in that order! Let’s face it, our sartorial ingenuity stems from our celebrities, and thanks to technology, there are no layers in between. From airport looks to Diwali parties, runways to red carpets – we wanna own all the looks!

They inspire us in more ways than one, and I spend more time on Instagram than I want to admit. It’s a treasure trove out there. Without further delay, let’s go over a few Instagram-inspired outfits you can easily replicate.

15 Inspired Instagram Outfit Ideas

1. Vidya Balan In A Handloom Saree

Vidya-Balan-In-A-Handloom-Saree Pinit

Image: Instagram

I absolutely love her and the way she carries herself. There is a charm in everything she does and dolls up in – it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. And, needless to say, she pulls off a saree like nobody ever can. Handloom sarees and handmade silver jewelry ensemble is the fad right now – one look for all of us to try. Go with a contrast blouse, if you please, a bold bindi, and smokey eye makeup. A statement that is meant to turn heads!

2. Malaika Arora In Distressed Jeans

Malaika-Arora-In-Distressed-Jeans Pinit

Image: Instagram

Malaika Arora can single-handedly inspire you in every way possible. Her body, fitness, style statements, hair, accessories, shoes, and vacations – you name it, and they are always on point. Her looks are effortless and neatly put together. Distressed jeans and tank tops are not new to us. However, everything seems to amp up on Malaika. This can easily be your airport look or worn for a casual day outing.

3. Alia Bhatt In An Ethnic Palazzo Suit

Alia-Bhatt-In-An-Ethnic-Palazzo-Suit Pinit

Image: Instagram

We all relate to Alia at so many levels, at least that’s how she makes us feel. She is a chirpy girl who likes to let her hair down and live life. Her style statements are pretty straightforward, and this is a dress all of us can try without the fear of being judged. If you are a fan of the palazzo, get this suit that is equal parts traditional and contemporary.

4. Sonam Kapoor In Khadi Salwar

Sonam-Kapoor-In-Khadi-Salwar Pinit

Image: Instagram

Our very own style icon. In fact, she is known for her style statements not just in India but globally. She has been rocking it at all the runways, red carpets, and everywhere else she is invited to. We are not surprised that she makes headlines almost everywhere she goes. Her sister, who doubles up as her stylist, does a pretty good job. It is untrue that Sonam only wears dresses that are too out there, and here’s proof. A khadi kurta with a sharara has to be part of every girl’s closet. Summer is here – all the more reason for you to try this look.

5. Sridevi Kapoor In A Floor Length Dress

Sridevi-Kapoor-In-A-Floor-Length-Dress Pinit

Image: Instagram

An eternal beauty who remains the nation’s heartthrob. She has been that for the longest time, and no one can replace her. We love the diversity of Sridevi’s closet and the ease with which she pulls off anything – from a pair of baggy jeans, white shirt, and cat-eye shades (remember, that look?) to a Kanchipuram saree. However, I chose this look because it is my personal favorite. In a floor-length anarkali, huge jhumkas, flowers, and a bindi, she looks ravishing. Next time you plan to get an Anarkali, just copy this look!

6. Shilpa Shetty’s Indo-Western Work Look

Shilpa-Shetty’s-Indo-Western-Work-Look Pinit

Image: Instagram

From the infamous Big Brother’s house to a yoga guru and an author, she has come a long way. She’s one actress who’s evolved slowly and all at once. If you ask me, she is a little too perfect! If you’re looking to explore semi-formal work dresses, this is an interesting array combining a pair of denim pants with a shirt and waistcoat. Classy and smart dressing!

7. Kareena Kapoor In A Maxi Dress

Kareena-Kapoor-In-A-Maxi-Dress Pinit

Image: Instagram

Kareena Kapoor is known for creating a buzz for all the right reasons. From being a size zero sensation to walking the ramp with a baby bump, she has always gone all out and been her unapologetic self. Her classy dress sense is something none can come close to. She’s stylish, but never in your face. Most of her dresses are something you and me can totally envision ourselves in. In a simple blue halter neck maxi, she proved just that. For all the maxi lovers out there, pick this up if you have not already, and go with a beachy look – you will look like a diva yourself.

8. Jacqueline Fernandez In A Party Mode

Jacqueline-Fernandez-In-A-Party-Mode Pinit

Image: Instagram

Party outfits don’t have to be glitzy. Don’t believe me? Jacqueline’s dress is your answer. A short tufted dress that is elegant, stylish, and party-like fits the bill perfectly. Team it up with peep-toes, pumps or wedges and a sling body bag or clutch – and you’re sorted.

9. Kajol In Her Business Casuals

Kajol-In-Her-Business-Casuals Pinit

Image: Instagram

The next time you plan to go shopping for formals, imagine this look. It is simple, chic, and elegant. If you’ve been shying away from formal pants – try it out NOW! Kajol totally nailed it and you can too. That is all it takes to join the A-listers’ club. Heels or elevated footwear make anything look better, especially formals – so, flaunt it.

10. Aditi Rao Hydari In A Tie & Dye Kurta

Aditi-Rao-Hydari-In-A-Tie-&-Dye-Kurta Pinit

Image: Instagram

Aditi Rao is one of the most refreshing additions to the Bollywood family. In one word – flawless! An actress who always carries the vibe of a girl-next-door. To be honest, I have to admit that I have a major girl crush on her and know that a lot of my friends do too. Beauty lies in simplicity, and none can come close to her, none from the new-age clan at least. I love this kurti, and I was ecstatic to see her sporting one of these. Tie and dye prints can never go out of style. If you have been wondering whether it’s dated, she just proved that it is not. You should own of these for sure.

11. Anushka Sharma In A Masaba Jumpsuit

Anushka-Sharma’s-In-Masaba-Jumpsuit Pinit

Image: Instagram

Jumpsuits in summers work to your advantage. They are stylish, airy, and comfortable, unlike denims. Anushka Sharma sported this perfect summer outfit from the House of Masaba, and we were as thrilled as Masaba to see her in this outfit. The half-bun, shades, and a no-makeup look are going to be our summer staple, thanks to her for the gentle reminder.

12. Kalki Koechlin In Jeans And Jacket

Kalki-Koechlin-In-Jeans-And-Jacket Pinit

Image: Instagram

An actor more than a star. Is that not how it should be, anyway? Her bold take on life, choice of scripts, and the adventurous trips she sets out on speak volumes about her and that is what gets her (my) respect. I love how her outfits always complement her personality. For all the solo travelers out there, you know who to follow the next time you set out on a trek. It has been her attire for the road trips she has been taking with her father. Take her lead, and you’re good to go!

13. Shraddha Kapoor’s Airport Athleisure

Shraddha-Kapoor’s-Airport-Athleisure Pinit

Image: Instagram

Love your sweat pants? Cannot get enough of your comfortable yoga pants? You’re not alone, we are all the same – plus we have our stars for company. We all know that airport looks and the wardrobe for the ‘occasion’ is a whole new ball game right now. But here, we have Shraddha Kapoor, who thinks just like us. By all means, wear your sweats, but if you want to look stylish, invest in some of these Athleisure collections that are durable and stylish. Ladies, it’s time we steered our boats this way!

14. Bipasha Basu’s Full-Blown Indian Look

Bipasha-Basu’s-Full-Blown-Indian-Look Pinit

Image: Instagram

Bipasha’s dresses are meticulous, complete, and upbeat. She gets all the details right, and that’s what I adore about her. I have been wanting to get a traditional dress or a saree in this shade of red/hot pink, and with this picture in my head, I’m going to. It’s one of those dresses that is not just for the runway or celebrity closet. Can’t wait to get one of these!

15. Mandira Bedi’s Off-Shoulder Top

Mandira-Bedi’s-Off-Shoulder-Top Pinit

Image: Instagram

You know how you see a dress and just know that it’s for you? It never happens with me. But, I found this trick that worked. Going by the statements of celebrities that match your taste and personality. Follow them, and it just might be everything you needed to wear. Mandira is one such star who will never fail you. While at it, I’m sure you know that it’s the season for off-shoulders, and it’s going to be around for some time. Get one already!

They never cease to amaze us with their fashion choices – be it the girl-next-door look or getting ready to walk the ramp. Did this post get you excited to try some of them at least? It definitely got me high on all Instagram fashion things. Who’s your favorite from the list? Did we miss someone? Don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know! Happy Shopping!

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