An Introduction To “Alpha Meditation” – Procedure and Techniques

by Maanasi Radhakrishnan

Meditation is practiced since ancient times in various cultures and religions. Today, people are practicing meditation to find a sense of calmness in their fast-paced, stressful and chaotic life. Meditation helps to raise the consciousness and energetic vibrations. There are various kinds of meditation, and Alpha meditation is one of them.


The brain cells use electricity to communicate with one another. This can be measured and is known as ‘brainwaves’. The brainwaves are divided into 5 main frequencies – gamma, beta, alpha, theta and delta. A specific state of consciousness can be connected to each frequency of brainwave. The most important among them are the alpha and theta.

The Alpha State:

The alpha state is when the mind is the most relaxed and calm. The person achieves this sate when he is fully relaxed and is in deep sleep. In this relaxed state, the brainwave becomes slow to half the normal frequency of 7-14 pulsations per second. The mind is in a comfortable and relaxed zone, which helps to refresh and heal the body. This happens when the person is daydreaming or asleep. However, today relaxed sleep is difficult to achieve for many. Stress and pressure have taken a toll on sleep.

Alpha Meditation:

This is where Alpha meditation comes into use. Alpha meditation is a scientific method that controls and sets your subconscious mind free. It helps to refresh one’s mind and body for the attainment of health, success, happiness, and creativity.

Key Points:

Alpha meditation helps one to experience the power of the subconscious mind for spiritual growth and inner transformation. It helps create positive energy around you. It also improves memory and concentration. Let’s have a look at the key points of Alpha meditation:

  • Guided meditation is very important if you are new to meditation. You can take the help of a meditation teacher or audio files to guide you through the procedure.
  • Choose a time when you are not pressurized to think of the next task.
  • Choose a place free from all kinds of external disturbances for meditation. The place should be noise-free, clean and free from clutter.
  • Sit in a comfortable upright position to facilitate the flow of energy and prevent you from falling asleep.
  • Clear your mind and make yourself flexible to begin meditation. Sit and observe the inner dialogue playing in the mind. Do not forcefully block all mental thoughts.

Procedure Of Alpha Meditation:

Let’s learn the procedure to practice Alpha meditation properly:

  • Sit with your eyes closed and pay attention to your breathing.
  • Completely relax. You can loosen yourself by taking deep breaths through the nose, exhaling as deeply as you can.
  • When the body relaxes, the mind and heart release the stress. You then enter the alpha stage.
  • Once you finish the meditation, do backward counting – 1-5.
  • Become aware of your physical body and the reality around you.
  • Open your eyes.

Visualization Technique For Alpha Meditation:

You can use visualization techniques to reach an alpha stage in meditation. Here, you imagine the number 3, three times in your mind’s eye, followed by the number 2 and then the number 1. As you visualize each number 3 times, your mind will activate a part of it that is not used very often.

You can also visualize what you want to happen tomorrow. When you visualize and daydream, you reach the alpha state of sub consciousness. These visualizations are more than fantasy and they become more solid and real.

Then repeat the reaffirmations loudly. Often, this form of meditation helps you find solutions to problems that you would otherwise not have found in a conscious state of mind.

Try alpha meditation for a sound and healthy mind!

Do you practice meditation? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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