Is It Safe To Have Jaggery During Pregnancy?

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Sugar can be good for your health. Surprised? Don’t be. You read it right!

Sugar, when obtained in its natural form, can provide you with surplus health benefits. Some of you have guessed it by now. We are talking about jaggery here. Popularly known as gur, this product is by far one of the most used ingredients in the world of sweets and desserts.

Some have also spoken about the effects of jaggery in pregnancy. So, is jaggery safe during pregnancy? Keep reading to know!

What Is Jaggery?

Made out of sugar cane, jaggery is grown in most regions of the world. It is used for a variety of purposes, the primary use being the preparation of sweets and other savory dishes. Jaggery contains moisture, sugars, fiber bad protein. It contains mineral salts and iron that are very good for health.

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Jaggery During Pregnancy- Is It Safe?

According to a study conducted in New Delhi, one of the biggest reasons behind low birth weight among babies is poor nutrition. And if you are an expecting mom, here is the way in which you can guard this. Go for foods that are malted.

In another study, it as found that 24 percent of adults gave birth to babies with low birth date. Most were only 2.5 kgs. Only 14 percent of adults were able to give birth to normal and healthy weighing babies. According to Veena Aggarwal, the lead researcher, the main problem was related to the lifestyle of these pregnant females. Apart from the several other recommendations made by her, she didn’t forget to mention the goodness of jaggery and how essential it is for pregnancy. Being a natural sugar, it is perfect for all “going-to-become” moms. Poor nutrition can reduce the size of the placenta. So make the best use of jaggery and incorporate it into your diet immediately.

Jaggery is of different kinds. However, it is ideal to eat palm jaggery. Extracted from palm trees, it contains medicinal properties that ease pregnancy difficulties. This is practiced mostly in states like Tamil Nadu. It is best to regulate the consumption of Jaggery 7 months before delivery. It successfully purifies breast milk by removing impurities. In that way, your baby gets clean and healthy breast milk for strength and nourishment.

Health Benefits Of Jaggery

1. Regulates Blood Pressure:

These days it is very important to regulate your blood pressure levels. Deadly diseases such as hypertension are on the rise. It comes with several complications such as strokes, kidney failure, heart attacks, and heart failure. A smart way to avoid this is by eating foods that are low in sodium -and jaggery is perfect for that. Since it contains very low sodium, it will help you maintain normal blood pressure levels.

2. Source Of Antioxidants:

Jaggery also contains antioxidants in abundance. This helps your body in several ways. Antioxidants fight diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, cataracts and other chronic conditions. Jaggery is also very good for the skin. It fights free radicals, slows down aging and helps you achieve a flawless and radiant glow.

3. Benefits Of Magnesium:

Jaggery is full of magnesium that helps the kidneys, heart, and muscles. It makes your bones and teeth strong and boosts energy too (1). Magnesium also fights depression and high stress levels. It is a must for patients suffering from constipation.

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4. Overall Health:

If you have PMS, jaggery can help you! Yes, you read that right. This product will also relax your muscles, improve blood circulation and treat a bad cold (2).

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Try this delicious recipe made of jaggery at home and let us know your opinions in the comment box below.

Jaggery And Caramel Nut Muffins


  • 250 grams of flour
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  • 3 eggs
  • 5 teaspoons of margarine
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla
  • 50 grams of grated jaggery
  • 50 grams of caramelized nuts
  • 25 grams of pumpkin preserve
  • 2 bowls
  • 1 muffin tray


  1. Preheat the oven and add grease to the muffin tray.
  2. Mix some flour, baking powder, sugar. Combine using a spoon.
  3. Take another bowl and mix the eggs, milk, margarine, pumpkin preserve and vanilla.
  4. Add the egg mixture to the flour and blend well.
  5. Drop spoonfuls of the mixture into molds until they are full.
  6. Combine with jaggery and nuts.
  7. Sprinkle on the muffins.
  8. Bake in a preheated oven for 25 minutes approx.
  9. The jaggery should melt on the surface.
  10. Your jaggery and caramel nut cupcakes are now ready to be served.

Are you pregnant? Have you tried jaggery before? If not, then try it right away and enjoy the many benefits of jaggery during pregnancy! Also, don’t forget to share your health tips in the comment box below.

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