Lubriderm For Tattoos: Should You Use It?

Let Lubriderm help you achieve optimal tattoo healing and proper hydration!

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If you have recently gotten inked and looked for a lotion for aftercare, chances are you have come across Lubriderm and wondered if it is good for tattoos. Well, you will get your answers here.

Lubriderm is a renowned brand that specializes in skin care products, particularly moisturizers and body lotions. It manufactures tattoo lotions that are designed to keep skin healthy and boost hydration.

The brand offers some of the top dermatologist-recommended products, and its clean lotion has recently gained immense popularity for being effective in helping heal tattoos. Let’s delve deeper into this popular moisturizer and understand how it can help with tattoo healing.

Is Lubriderm Good For Tattoos?

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Lubriderm is a popular choice for people looking for proper tattoo moisturization and for effectively healing the skin. The nourishing lotion is specially crafted to soothe dry skin, thereby helping prevent excessive dryness and itching and aiding in proper healing of the fresh tattoo design. This all-purpose aftercare product offers essential hydration without clogging the pores.

However, a common question that often arises is if Lubriderm can be applied to a new tattoo. The next section addresses this question.

Can I Use Lubriderm On A New Tattoo?

Yes, Lubriderm is a recommended lotion for a new tattoo. It is mild, fragrance-free, and a dermatologist-developed moisturizing lotion that makes it a suitable choice for freshly-inked tattoos. It protects the vulnerable skin during the healing process and aids in optimal recovery by maintaining the hydration levels of the tattooed skin and preventing dryness. Using Lubriderm for tattoo aftercare also depends on your tattoo artist’s recommendations. While some artists may suggest it, others may not. It is always a good idea to check with your tattoo artist before incorporating any new products into your aftercare routine.

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Wash and dry your tattoo with a paper towel instead of a regular towel to ensure the inked skin is completely dry before applying the Lubriderm lotion.

Even though it is recommended for a new tattoo, it is important to know how often you should be applying the product. Know more in the next section.

How Often To Apply Lubriderm To Your Tattoo?

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You can apply a thin layer of Lubriderm lotion to your tattoo 2 to 3 times per day or as recommended by your professional tattoo artist. Simply ensure not to use it excessively as it may lead to over-moisturization, which may impair healing.

Applying this tattoo aftercare lotion correctly is key for effective results. Scroll down to learn further.

How To Use Lubriderm On A New Tattoo

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Take a pea-sized amount of the moisturizer with clean hands and gently apply a thin layer to the tattooed skin to enhance its natural moisture barrier. Keep the tattoo clean and dry before applying this wonderful lotion.

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After hydrating the new tattoo with Lubriderm Stress Relief Moisturizing Lotion, always apply a thin layer of sunscreen with broad spectrum SPF 50 to protect it from excess sun exposure and prevent skin damage.

While using it seems easy, when to use it is an important aspect to be considered. Check out the next section to learn more.

When To Use Lubriderm On Your Tattoo?

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Once the protective film on the fresh tattoo is removed, you can gently clean the inked skin with antibacterial soap, rinse off with warm water, pat dry with a paper towel, and apply a thin layer of the Lubriderm lotion. This can typically be done 4 to 5 days after tattooing, once the tattoo bandage is off. Feel free to apply the moisturizer for 4 to 6 weeks for optimal tattoo healing.

Anthony, a YouTuber, talks about his tattoo healing journey and what tattoo daily care lotion he relied on. He shares in his vlog, “For me it was around day five, six, seven, where my tattoo was peeling and flaking and this is when you go to lightly rub your tattoo wherever it is on your body (i).” He further adds, “Lubriderm, this is going to moisturize your tattoo and continue on with your healing process…. I was applying a little bit of Aquaphor after I applied my Lubriderm.”

Lubriderm emerges as a great choice for tattoo aftercare due to its mild, fragrance-free formula. This daily tattoo lotion facilitates optimal tattoo recovery and speeds the healing process by maintaining proper skin hydration levels. The ease of application along with the high-quality formulation help preserve the vibrancy of the tattoo and its overall health. So, whether you are a tattoo enthusiast or someone getting inked for the first time, incorporating Lubriderm lotion into your daily tattoo aftercare routine will ensure effective healing and leave you with a beautiful and dynamic tattoo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Aquaphor or Lubriderm better for tattoos?

Both the products are suitable choices for tattoo aftercare. While Aquaphor ointment provides a thick consistency, Lubriderm offers a lighter texture. The latter is more preferable for application as a tattoo daily care lotion.

Which one is good for tattoos: CeraVe or Lubriderm?

Either of the products can be chosen as a good tattoo aftercare product as they provide decent nourishment and moisturization to the freshly-inked skin. CeraVe’s ceramide-rich formula is known for acting as a protective barrier while Lubriderm offers effective hydration and combats signs of irritation.

Can I use Lubriderm on a week-old tattoo?

Yes, you can use this moisturizing, unscented lotion on a week-old tattoo. Simply clean the tattoo with a mild liquid soap, pat it dry, and apply a thin layer of Lubriderm to the inked skin once or twice a day.

Key Takeaways

  • Lubriderm is a gentle, fragrance-free cream that is often used as a tattoo aftercare product.
  • It is formulated with nourishing ingredients like ceramide, glycerin, shea butter, and vitamin B5.
  • It offers intense hydration to combat dryness and skin irritation that often occur in the tattoo healing process.
  • The product can be applied twice or thrice daily for optimal tattoo healing.
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The healing stage after getting freshly-inked is always crucial and a challenging part. It calls for proper aftercare using suitable products like Lubriderm. Check out the video below as it talks about the aftercare process and the use of Lubriderm.

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