The Beauty Benefits Of Jade Rollers

Written by Ramona Sinha

There is no end to the number of beauty trends that emerge every year. While some are not worth taking the effort, a few are universally acknowledged as helpful, and jade rollers fall into the latter category. The popularity of this traditional Chinese derma roller has gone through the roof, with celebrities and influencers endorsing it. This article gives an insight into the functions of a jade roller, how to use it, and the reasons behind its popularity. Keep reading.

What Is A Jade Roller?

A jade roller is a hand-held facial massage tool made of jade (jadeite or nephrite), an ornamental mineral. It is cold to the touch and has its roots in the ancient Chinese and Eastern civilizations. They believed jade stone (jadeite) has healing properties.

Most of the jade rollers available today are made of nephrite jade and are used to massage the facial skin to keep it healthy, youthful, and bright.

Do Jade Facial Rollers Work? What Are The Benefits?

1. Improve Blood Flow

A study published in Complementary Therapies in Medicine evaluated the short-term effects of using massage rollers on the face. It found that five minutes of facial massage could dilate the blood vessels, improving blood flow to the cheeks.

2. Reduce Puffiness

Massaging with jade rollers promotes lymphatic drainage by stimulating the facial lymph vessels, which helps reduce puffiness.

3. Tighten The Skin

According to a study, massaging the face can change the expression of certain structural proteins in the skin, stimulating the elastin fibers and promoting collagen development. Hence, regularly massaging the skin with a jade roller and anti-aging serums may have similar effects.

4. Uplift Your Mood

Facial massage can help relieve anxiety and uplift your mood. Researchers from the User Science Institute, Kyushu University found that 45 minutes of facial massage activated the sympathetic nervous system and reduced psychological distress. Massaging your face with a jade roller can have similar effects.

5. Improve Your Skin Care Routine

You can use a jade roller to apply serums, creams, lotions, and under-eye creams. It helps spread the products evenly without tugging the skin and allows you to control the direction of the application.
The next section explains how you can use a jade roller the right way.

How To Use A Jade Roller

Here is a step-by-step guide to using a jade roller to get the maximum benefits:

1. Clean your face and pat it dry.
2. Gently massage a few drops of facial oil or serum. You may also wear a sheet mask and use the roller over it.
3. With the wider side of the roller, massage from the middle of your forehead towards your hairline at either side. Apply medium pressure.
3. Massage from the sides of the nose towards the cheekbones.
4. Massage your neck and roll downwards from the jawline towards the collar bones to ensure lymphatic drainage.
5. Massage your jawline and roll from under the lower lip towards your ears.
6. With the smaller side of the roller, massage the under-eye area. Start from the inner corner and roll towards the temples. Apply gentle pressure.

Check out this video for better understanding:

Once you are done using the jade roller, clean it properly. Jade is a porous material and will absorb oils and other secretions from your skin. While a jade roller is definitely beneficial for the skin, it is not a “magic wand” that will erase all your skin issues as claimed by the overenthusiastic proponents of this beauty tool. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

The Side Effects Of Jade Rollers

1. They Will Not Help With Deep Wrinkles

The jade rollers may increase blood flow and give your skin a youthful appearance. However, it will not help reduce the deep-set wrinkles and sagging skin.

2. The Effects Are Temporary

You have to be consistent with using jade rollers as the effects will disappear once you stop using them. Simply put, your puffy eyes and under-eye bags will return if you stop using the jade roller.

3. They Are Porous

Jade rollers can easily accumulate dirt, sebum, and oils from the skin. If you do not clean them properly, they can harbor bacteria and worsen your skin or any existing condition like acne.

4. They Can Be Easily Counterfeited

It is unfortunate but true. There are multiple jade roller-like tools made of plastic, marble, and dyed glass available on the market that claim to be original jadeite or nephrite. Unless you are buying from a reputed seller, you can easily get ripped off. In this regard, let’s find out how to identify authentic jade.

How To Buy An Authentic Jade Roller

The original jade stone is made of the minerals jadeite or nephrite. Jadeite is high-quality jade and rarer and more expensive than nephrite jade.

Jadeite is available in different shades of green, reddish-orange, white, gray, yellow, black, and lavender. Nephrite jade is also available in similar shades, but the colors are muted compared to jadeite.

Jadeite is hard. On the Mohr scale, its hardness ranges between 6.5 and 7. Nephrite jade is not as hard as jadeite and ranges between 6 and 6.5 on the Mohr scale.

To identify an authentic jade stone or roller:

1. Hold it under the light and inspect. If you see granular and felt-like intertwinings, it is probably authentic jadeite or nephrite.

2. Toss the stone in the hair and catch it. Does it feel heavier than stones or tools of the same size? If yes, it might be authentic jade.

3. Tap two plastic beads and observe the sound. Now, tap the jade stone against an original jade (if you have one). You can notice a clinking sound that is different from plastic beads.

4. Check the density. Both original jadeite and nephrite have a high density (jadeite – 3.3 and nephrite- 2.95). To measure density, divide the weight in grams by the volume (c.c.).

5. Original jade should feel cool to the touch. However, it should take a while to get warm.

6. Original jade can scratch glass and metal. Nephrite can be a bit softer, though. Scratch the jade’s surface with the blunt end of the scissors. If the scratch makes a white line, wipe it. Do you see a scratch on the stone’s surface? If yes, it is not authentic jade.

You may try these tests or get the roller verified by a reputed jeweler or gemstone expert.

To Conclude

Massaging the face helps reduce puffiness and defines the facial contours, and jade roller is the perfect tool to stimulate the lymph nodes and drain fluids. While you can always use your fingers to massage your face, the unique shape and edges of the jade roller ensure targeted massage without tugging the skin. However, ensure that you follow the proper techniques and clean the tool regularly to avoid adverse effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a jade roller be used every day?

Yes, use a jade roller twice every day – in the morning and before going to bed.

Do I need to put the jade roller in the fridge?

You can if you want to. However, the jade is a naturally cool stone, and there is no problem if you do not put the roller in the fridge.

Can a jade roller sculpt the jawline?

It may not sculpt the jawline. However, it can reduce puffiness and help add definition to your cheekbones and jawline.


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