23 Best Japanese Tattoo Designs And Ideas With Meanings

Written by Jyotsana Rao

The unique artistic style and technique used for Japanese tattoos are what set them apart from regular tattoos. They are well-known all over the world.

The traditional Japanese form of tattooing, Irezumi, is done with its own special ink called Zumi. This method involves the use of wooden sticks and long needles attached to silk thread. Japanese tattoo artists are known as Horishi, and tattooing in the traditional way requires multiple apprentices.

Such a piece of art is time-consuming and requires a higher budget than the ones done with an electrical tattoo gun. Japanese tattoos are mostly done in black and gray. The most popular designs include dragons, geishas, samurai, kabuki masks, and tigers.

Finding a traditional Japanese tattoo artist is now rare because of the strict laws against this practice in the past. Most of these traditional artists live a clandestine life to avoid government inquiry.

Is Tattooing Illegal In Japan?

In the early Meiji period, the Japanese government, in order to maintain its cultural image and avoid western mockery, banned tattooing. Irezumi then became a sign of criminals. However, the tattoo artists kept this artform going secretly.

Irezumi was regally revived after the Second World War in 1948, but it was still associated with terrorism.  Although tattoos have regained their popularity, the stigma against them continues. Except for tourist areas, it is difficult to locate a tattoo shop in Japan. In fact, recently, the mayor of Osaka passed a verdict that any worker or official with tattoos on visible body parts had to be replaced.

Regardless of the Japanese law’s view on tattooing, there’s no denying that these tattoos look absolutely stunning. Check out our list of the most gorgeous Japanese tattoos to get inked on your body. Keep scrolling!

Best Japanese Tattoo Designs And Meanings

1. Japanese Dragon Tattoo

corneredcryptid / Instagram

Dragons symbolize compassionate force. They denote insight and strength and are believed to promote the overall betterment of manhood.

This stunning dragon tattoo is a detailed piece of art. The light pink wash of color makes it look even more appealing. The fierce look on the dragon’s face contrasts beautifully with the pretty blooming flowers, giving a feminine touch to the design.

2. Japanese Samurai Tattoo

michaelrasetti / Instagram

A samurai tattoo represents integrity, admiration, service, valor, and devotion. These warriors protected the citizens of Japan from any attackers.

This classic design portrays a battle scene in which a samurai is riding a horse and fighting a dragon. The rich color palette, along with the well-defined outline, makes it a unique masterpiece. It will look perfect down the full length of your leg.

3. Japanese Crane Tattoo

ditingtattoo1 / Instagram

Also known as Senbazuru, cranes are said to represent prosperity and endurance. This enchanting design of an open-winged crane standing on a pink lotus is mesmerizing. The detailed design and use of dusk colors make this piece even more alluring. This is the perfect tattoo to sport on your upper back.

4. Japanese Geisha Tattoo

chronicink / Instagram

A geisha tattoo represents feminine power. It stands for mystery, beauty, and secrecy.

This beautiful tattoo of a geisha unveiling her face from a cat mask is beyond gorgeous. Her floral headgear and the tattoo on her neck elevate this design. If you like intriguing designs, this is the perfect tattoo for you. Get this tattoo done by a seasoned artist with expertise in portraits.

5. Japanese Sleeve Tattoo

monkey_irezumi / Instagram

Looking for a meaningful tattoo to cover your full sleeve? Try this cool Japanese design with intricate shading. This full-sleeve tattoo features a number of beautifully drawn fish in waves, topped with the head of an ogre. This monotone tattoo with extensive use of shadowing and highlights is one of the original Japanese tattoo designs.

6. Japanese Turtle Tattoo

In Japanese culture, turtle tattoos (Minogame)represent wisdom, durability, fortune, and security.

This unique turtle tattoo is one of a kind. The use of Roman numbers on the rim of the shell to make it look like a clock add a touch of intrigue to this tattoo. This makes for a great tattoo sleeve.

7. Traditional Japanese Dragon Tattoo

bornholdtattoo / Instagram

The traditional Japanese tattoos were usually done in black, and the extensive use of shading set them apart from other tattoo styles. This delightful design of a dragon uncoiling on the full length of the back is breathtaking.

8. Japanese Tiger Tattoo

A tiger symbolizes fierceness, energy, and confidence. This beautiful outline tattoo of a tiger slowly rising to pounce on its prey is as magnificent as it gets. The detailed sketching brings its terrorizing eyes to life.

9. Japanese Snake Tattoo

ronnyleetattoo / Instagram

The Japanese snake tattoo (Hebi) symbolizes a shield against calamity and ailment. Some people also use it to represent knowledge, fortune, and change.

The alluring black snake and red chrysanthemums featured in this tattoo are absolutely mesmerizing.

10. Japanese Dragon Forearm Tattoo

jenuinerose / Instagram

The forearm is the best place to flaunt your tattoo. This classic black and gray dragon design is a symbol of power. This beautifully shaded dragon in dark hues will add a touch of mystery to your look.

11. Japanese Phoenix Tattoo

arranburton / Instagram

Though the phoenix originates from Greek mythology, it has been adopted by other cultures as well. This symbol of reincarnation and immortality is an elegant choice for your arm. The bright color palette, paired with the classic Japanese painting style, makes it the perfect design to be etched on your skin.

12. Japanese Wave Tattoo

bruce.redgrey / Instagram

A wave tattoo symbolizes mobility, flexibility, power, and life. This gorgeous design featuring high sea waves is great for anyone who is a free spirit. The spray of water done with white dots lends this tattoo a three-dimensional effect.

13. Japanese Koi Tattoo

vin_dambro13 / Instagram

The koi symbolizes will power, strength, and bravery. According to legend, the koi is the only fish that can swim upstream. If it reaches the Dragon’s Gate, the Gods turn the koi into a golden dragon. Thus, the koi fish is said to represent perseverance and progress. This colorful representation of the koi fish swimming upstream represents the message of the tattoo loud and clear.

14. Japanese Fish Tattoo

tattoosbyjona / Instagram

This beautiful design of a goldfish has been done with a simple outline and monochrome hues, giving it that touch of classic Japanese art style. The five swimming fish of various sizes will make your body look like an ocean. This is the perfect design to etch on your upper back.

15. Japanese Cat Tattoo

justice_ink999 / Instagram

A cat tattoo symbolizes knowledge, understanding, and connection with the Almighty. This typical Japanese art piece featuring two cats performing human-like activities is perfect for the whimsical souls out there. If you are a cat lover, this is the perfect tattoo to sport on your arm.

16. Japanese Ogre Tattoo

jimisgod0620 / Instagram

Also known as Oni, this Japanese creature represents power over injustice. This detailed sketch of an ogre clenching its teeth against a background of a golden dragon will turn your skin into an authentic Japanese art masterpiece.

17. Wizard Samurai Tattoo

stupagdintattooer / Instagram

This beautiful tattoo of a wizard samurai holding up his staff is a masterpiece in itself. Get this tattoo done in rich colors down the full length of your leg to create a breathtaking piece of body art.

18. Japanese Lotus Tattoo

sonerkurak / Instagram

The lotus tattoo symbolizes love and passion. The beautiful use of color on two sides of each petal makes this design look almost three-dimensional. It is the perfect tattoo to sport on the back of your arm.

19. Japanese Bamboo Tattoo

auroramantra / Instagram

The bamboo plant symbolizes the strength and durability to overcome hurdles. This simple yet classy design of fresh bamboo shoots with tiny leaves is the perfect tattoo to adorn your skin. The subtle shading adds to the serenity of the design.

20. Japanese Skull Tattoo

oldriottattoo / Instagram

Also known as Zugaikotsu, the Japanese skull tattoo represents life, demise, alteration, and respect for the dead. Unlike other skull tattoos, the Japanese art style provides a more cerebral display of the skull. If you are goth at heart, this colorful twin skulls tattoo with vivid shading is perfect for you.

21. Lantern On Tree With Butterflies Tattoo

john_mazurek / Instagram

A lantern tattoo represents happiness, festivity, and victory of good over evil. This soothing design of lanterns and butterflies against light blue clouds portrays the joy of festivals.

22. Japanese Floral Tattoo

horimomiji / Instagram

Different flowers symbolize different aspects of life in Japanese culture. The peony holds a prestigious place in Japanese culture and is considered the king of flowers. The cherry blossom symbolizes compassion and gratitude. This colorful tattoo of blooming flowers in vivid hues is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a feminine tattoo.

23. Black And Gray Japanese Dragon Tattoo

hillmaninktattoos / Instagram

Like the original Japanese dragon tattoo design, this neutral-toned dragon tattoo has a distinct outline and captures the expression of the dragon in vivid detail. The positioning of the tattoo on the bicep adds to its overall magnificence.

These are the most popular Japanese tattoos right now. Which of these would you like to adorn your body with? Comment below to let us know!

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