55 Jasmine Flower Tattoo Designs With Meanings

Showcase your sensual side by inking this dainty bloom on your body.

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If you are looking to embrace your feminine side with some body art, a jasmine tattoo may be the perfect choice for you. This gorgeous bloom gets its name from the Arabic word ‘yasmine,’ which means ‘a gift from God.’ It is often used to signify love, romance, excitement, and pleasure. Besides its many symbolic connotations, this beloved bloom is also revered as the ‘Queen of the Night,’ emanating a captivating fragrance that brings balance and tranquility. So, scroll down to go through our curated list of jasmine flower tattoo designs and learn about the meaning behind each one. Let these exquisite designs guide you in choosing the perfect jasmine tattoo that resonates with you.

Jasmine Flower Tattoo Meaning

Jasmine is a fragrant marvel celebrated for its heavenly scent. This revered flower finds its place in perfumes and incense, while women in southern and southeast Asia adorn their hair with jasmine garlands. There are a few varieties such as white or Indian jasmine, yellow jasmine, and Spanish Jasmine, and each holds distinct symbolism.

  • The Indian or white jasmine signifies amiability, sensuality, and attachment, conveying a message of profound connection.
  • Spanish jasmine exudes sensuality
  • Yellow jasmine embodies grace and elegance.

Jasmine also holds multifaceted significance worldwide.

  • Thailand

It becomes a symbol of motherhood, love, respect, and purity, often gifted by children to express admiration.

  • Indonesia

These flowers are sacred, embodying sincerity, beauty, and simplicity, prominently featured in weddings and celebrations.

  • Italy

The pure white jasmine is associated with the Virgin Mary’s purity, representing sensuality, beauty, and affection.

Having deciphered the flower’s meaning, let us move forward and explore different designs of these timeless blossoms.

55 Gorgeous And Meaningful Jasmine Flower Tattoos

From fine line to color, from blackwork to dotted, take a look at these beautiful designs that will surely mesmerize and give you ideas for your next tattoo!

Butterfly And Jasmine Flower Tattoos

While butterflies signify transformation and freedom, jasmines symbolize purity and simplicity. Check out the various options and pick your favorite.

1. Fine Line Jasmine Flower Tattoo

This tattoo features jasmine vines gracefully wrapping around the thigh. Designed with fine lines, the tattoo showcases the fragility and strength of the jasmine flower. A beautiful butterfly is strategically placed within the breaks of the vines, which represents transformation and freedom.

2. Butterfly And Jasmine Forearm Flower Tattoo

The tattoo showcases the two stages of life — one where the flower is still a bud, or when a person is yet to explore the intricacies of life, and two where the flower has bloomed, or when a person has flourished in their life. The butterfly hovers, symbolizing transformation.

3. Ankle Butterfly And Jasmine Flower Tattoo

This design is a traditional jasmine bloom that is placed on the ankle, and adorned with buds and leaves. A butterfly nestled on one of the jasmine flowers symbolizes the harmonious interplay and balance of nature. This simple yet captivating tattoo is for those who appreciate beauty in simple things.

4. Miniscule Butterfly And Jasmine Flower Tattoo

This dainty tattoo is crafted with fine lines. It features two petite jasmine flowers on a single stalk and a tiny butterfly. The minuscule scale and delicate details make it a perfect choice for those seeking a meaningful expression of natural beauty and harmony.

5. Butterfly And Jasmine Vine Flower Tattoo

This design features a graceful vine that is fully wrapped around the arm and adorned with intricate jasmine blossoms. Adding to the allure, butterflies gracefully hover around the vine with intricate details representing growth and transformation.

Arabian Jasmine Flower Tattoos

The Arabian jasmine flower is the essence of exotic beauty and it’s a timeless choice for those who appreciate the allure of delicate blooms. Scroll down to get elegance etched on your skin.

6. Crescent Moon And Blooming Arabian Jasmine Tattoo

This tattoo has a blend of dots and intricate shading that adds depth and texture to this rad design. The dotted crescent moon is adorned with a trailing vine of fully bloomed Arabian jasmine flowers. If celestial objects fascinate you, this rad design is your perfect fit. It signifies mystique and grace.

7. Dotted Arabian Jasmine Flower Tattoo

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This design features a cluster of jasmine blooms intricately crafted with minute dots. The leaves are densely dotted whereas Arabian jasmine petals are sparingly dotted, creating a captivating contrast. This unique and elegant tattoo represents the harmony found in nature.

8. Tropical Bouquet With Jasmine Flower Tattoo

This captivating design on the bicep features a trio of tropical blossoms-hibiscus, Arabian jasmine, and plumeria with intricately detailed leaves. The diversity in shapes and sizes of the leaves adds depth and complexity and is perfect for those who crave the exotic allure of tropical landscapes. This design symbolizes beauty, diversity, and a connection with the lush abundance of nature.

9. Floral Sphere With Arabian Jasmine Flower Tattoo

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This design represents a fusion of modern aesthetics with the timeless beauty of Arabian Jasmine. A modern black sphere backdrop showcasing a stunning shrub of jasmine flowers and buds. Elevate your body art with this unique floral sphere design and add a sophisticated blend of modernity and traditional symbolism to your body tattoo.

10. Gray And Black Arabian Jasmine Flower Tattoo

This chic tattoo is for those who appreciate the seamless fusion of monochromatic elegance and seek a symbol of beauty and grace. The design starts with an Arabian jasmine flower vine starting from collarbone to bicep. This stunning floral vine is intricately designed with gray and black inks. The leaves in black are elegantly woven around, and the Arabian jasmine petals are shaded in gray, adding depth and contrast.

protip_icon Did You Know?
The Arabian jasmine flower is the national flower of the Philippines.

Yellow Jasmine Flower Tattoos

Bring that vibrant burst of sunshine to your ink collection by getting yellow jasmine tattoos. Check out the below designs to add a cheerful touch to your style.

11. Ankle Yellow Jasmine Flower Tattoo

This tattoo features a vibrant yellow jasmine flower with a green stalk and leaves delicately wrapped around it. A bold black band encircles the ankle along with the jasmine flower vine weaving around. This elegant tattoo is for those who seek a symbol of positivity, growth, and resilience.

12. Dukes And Yellow Jasmine Flower Tattoo

Celebrate your love for mayonnaise with this unique and interesting tattoo design. It features the iconic Duke’s Mayo bottle with a vibrant yellow and light grey logo, alongside yellow jasmine flowers and a bird perching. This playful design captures the essence of mayo enthusiasts. This tattoo is for all the mayo lovers who appreciate the fusion of culinary passion with natural beauty.

13. Monarch Butterfly And Yellow Jasmine Flowers Tattoo

This one is our favorite of the lot and gives real garden vibes. This captivating design meticulously captures the intricate details of monarch butterfly wings, the lush green leaves, and the delicate petals of jasmine flowers. This design is a tribute to life’s fleeting beauty and the connection between nature’s elements.

14. Neo-Traditional Jasmine Flower Tattoo

This tattoo stands out with its meticulous details in the stem, leaves, and blossoms. The shading in the leaves with different colors imparts a three-dimensional depth to the design. The color palette here is predominantly green with subtle hints of yellow and orange to make the tattoo pop and enhance its overall vibrancy.  It is a sophisticated choice for those seeking a modern take on traditional floral tattoos.

15. Classic Yellow Jasmine Flower Tattoo

Elevate your body art game with this traditional yellow jasmine flower tattoo. This timeless design features meticulously etched jasmine blossoms in yellow and stalk in rich brown ink. The yellow jasmine, with its enduring charm, serves as a subtle yet powerful statement of natural beauty and simplicity.

Small Jasmine Flower Tattoos

Small jasmine flower tattoos are like whispers of nature on the skin. Check out these small yet detailed designs, given below :

16. Colored Jasmine Flower Tattoo

This design is ideal for those who appreciate refined beauty and seek a symbol of grace and natural allure. Take a cue from this minuscule design and dial up your body art game. This tattoo is finely crafted and is perfect for the forearm. Shading with dual inks brings the jasmine flowers to life, while shades of green breathe vibrancy into the leaves and stalk.

17. Lined And Dotted Jasmine Flower Tattoo

This jasmine flower tattoo is small and features a classic design featuring a jasmine blossom with partially lined and dotted petals. The leaves are gracefully inked in black which adds a classic touch to this dainty and elegant tattoo. The lined and dotted details add a subtle yet distinctive character to this floral masterpiece.

18. Dainty Jasmine Flower Tattoo

Withdraw inspiration from this chic and petite design for your next ink adventure. It is crafted with fine lines and encompasses not just the jasmine blossom but also tiny buds and leaves that add a touch of natural sophistication. This refined tattoo is for individuals who cherish subtlety, and it represents purity and simplicity.

19. Tied Fine Jasmine Flower Tattoo

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This petite design on the forearm showcases two fine stalks of jasmine elegantly intertwining to form a knot, akin to a ribbon or thread, and creates a subtle loop. Individuals who seek a discreet yet meaningful adornment should try this tattoo on. It demonstrates simplicity and unity.

20. Micro Jasmine Flower Tattoo

Experience charm in simplicity with this minimalist linework design that is delicately placed on the inside of the hindarm. Despite its simplicity, this tattoo is irresistibly cute, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate minimalism and want something small and easy. In vogue with the resurgence of simple designs, this micro jasmine tattoo symbolizes subtlety, elegance, and purity.

Night-Blooming Jasmine Flower Tattoos

Night-blooming jasmine tattoos capture the mystique of moonlit blossoms. Keep reading to evoke a sense of enchantment and discover unique designs of nature’s nocturnal beauty.

21. Knee Night-Blooming Jasmine Flower Tattoo

This design showcases star-shaped night-blooming jasmine flowers on the knee. The shrub with partially or fully shaded leaves curling around creates a delicate and distinctive composition. This one is designed for people who appreciate unconventional placements. Embrace the unique allure of the night-blooming jasmine tattoo that captures the essence of subtlety, mystique, and natural elegance.

22. Thick Lined Night-Blooming Jasmine Flower Tattoo

This one is for those who appreciate bold and detailed body art. A meticulously detailed star jasmine design on the forearm where thick lines bring out the intricacies. The leaves are strategically lined and shaded in black which creates a captivating contrast. This tattoo symbolizes the enchanting beauty of night-blooming jasmine, portraying a mix of strength and natural allure.

23. Colored Night-Blooming Jasmine Flower Tattoo

Enjoy the sunset vibes with this design. A picturesque scene of an orange sun setting behind the night-blooming jasmine with vibrant green leaves. This tattoo is perfect for sunset lovers. It captures the beauty of nature and echoes the sentiment expressed by poet Giovanni Pascoli about the opening of night-blooming flowers as a reminder of love.

24. Angel And Night-Blooming Jasmine Flower Tattoo

A captivating design featuring a lush vine of night-blooming flowers gracefully covering the forearm. The uniqueness of this design lies in a small angel holding the vine which adds a touch of celestial charm. This tattoo is for those who seek a blend of natural beauty and spirituality. It is a perfect choice for those who appreciate both the earthly and the divine.

25. Green And White Night-Blooming Jasmine Flower Tattoo

This ethereal design showcases a cluster of delicate night-blooming jasmine blooms designed artfully with white ink. Leaves are intricately crafted with green ink to complement the blossoms. This tattoo is perfect for those who appreciate subtlety and sophistication and symbolizes purity, grace, and the timeless allure of night-blooming jasmine. It is an ideal choice for individuals seeking a refined yet enchanting botanical adornment.

White Jasmine Flower Tattoos

White Jasmine flower tattoos emanate purity and elegance. Scroll down to check the beautiful floral designs of this timeless beauty.

26. Chic Jasmine Flower Tattoo

Elevate your style with this captivating design that intricately captures the delicate petals of the jasmine flower. It is crafted with a blend of shading and fine lines to give depth and dimensionality to the design. It is made of black and white ink and the contrast against the skin enhances the elegant and understated aesthetic of the design. This is perfect for individuals looking to express a sense of refined chicness through their ink.

27. Classic White Jasmine Flower Tattoo

A stunning white jasmine flower intricately inked with white and yellow hues is placed on the shoulder blade. The delicate coloration, with yellow at the center and white in the petals, adds an elegant touch. Accompanied by lush green leaves, this tattoo is crafted for those who appreciate classic and refined botanical beauty. This design represents purity, simplicity, and natural grace. It is a perfect choice for individuals seeking ornamental tattoos

28. Dew Drops And White Jasmine Flower Tattoo

This is for morning lovers showcasing a petite design of light blue and white jasmine placed on the wrist. Morning dew drops glisten on the petals adding a touch of freshness and serenity. The tattoo also features vibrant green leaves and bluish-white buds which creates a harmonious composition. This tattoo symbolizes purity, renewal, and the ephemeral beauty of dew-kissed jasmine blossoms.

29. Rabbit And White Jasmine Flower Tattoo

This design is for those who seek a blend of nature and playful symbolism. It features a cascading vine of beautiful white jasmine flowers, buds, and green leaves. Adding a touch of whimsy, a rabbit with white and black patches sits at the bottom of the vine, sniffing the blossoms.

30. White Jasmine Flower Tattoo With Quote

A unique design set against an abstract dark blue backdrop, showcasing white jasmine flowers in bloom. You can also customize this one by adding any other small quotes, names, or significant dates to the design. It is for those who seek a tailored and meaningful expression of their inked art. This tattoo symbolizes individuality, personal connections, and the enduring beauty found in art.

Jasmine Flower Shoulder Tattoos

Add a touch of grace and femininity by adding a jasmine flower tattoo on your shoulder. with chic. Scroll down to check out these charming designs.

31. Jasmine Flower Shoulder Tattoo With Name

A stunning blossom on the shoulder is designed with thick dark lines and is complemented by scaled leaves. This design invites personalization, allowing you to add your name or that of a special someone, making it uniquely yours. This tattoo symbolizes the beauty of personal connections and the enduring charm of the jasmine flower.

32. Micro-Dotted Jasmine Flower Shoulder Tattoo

This is for people who seek minimalist designs for their tattoos. It showcases a single jasmine flower with a slender stalk and intricately dotted petals,  nestled on the shoulder. The shaded stalk adds depth to this minimalistic piece. Try this design that represents purity and elegance, and adds a touch of subtlety to your next inking adventure.

33. Blackwork Jasmine Flower Shoulder Tattoo

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This stunning blackwork jasmine flower tattoo showcases the artist’s mastery with rich black ink. It creates intricate details without dilution and covers the shoulder. The added texture to the leaves through precise linework enhances the overall visual appeal. This is perfect for those who appreciate bold elegance and precision.

34. Wrap-Around Jasmine Flower Shoulder Tattoo

This masterpiece is in a fine line of black and gray and is encircling the arm. The artistry in this design is evident and creates a stunning and feminine look. The wrap-around style adds an element of elegance that makes it a perfect choice for individuals who appreciate both intricate detailing and a touch of femininity in their ink.

35. Rosemary And Jasmine Flower Shoulder Tattoo

Grace your shoulder with the elegant intertwining of rosemary and jasmine flowers. This design is made of fine line work showcasing the harmony between the two botanical elements. This sleek design symbolizes a blend of diversity and natural beauty. This minimal design is ideal for individuals seeking a subtle yet meaningful representation of harmony and growth.

protip_icon Trivia
The first tattoo can be traced back as far as the year 3200 B.C.  It was found on the body of a man named Ötzi.

Cup Of Jasmine Flower Tattoos

36. Jasmine Flower Tattoo With Vintage Cup

This captivating design features a vintage cup adorned with hearts that pour out jasmine flowers. The elegant handle adds a touch of sophistication, while the intricate details on each flower enhance the overall artistry. This design is for those who appreciate a blend of vintage aesthetics and botanical allure. This tattoo creates a timeless and romantic statement.

37. Celestial Cup Of Jasmine Flower tattoo

A stunning design featuring a dotted cup adorned with intricately etched jasmine flowers on it. Inside the cup, a crescent moon rises along with shining stars. This is for all the celestial enthusiasts. This tattoo symbolizes the harmonious connection between nature and the cosmos.

38. Colored Cup Of Jasmine Flower Tattoo

This design features an artful portrayal of a tidal storm of tea spilling from a vibrantly colored cup. With this customizable design, you can get your initials on the cup and add a personalized touch to the inkling. Jasmine flowers gracefully surround the cup, enhancing the overall aesthetic. This tattoo symbolizes the delightful chaos of tea moments and the timeless beauty of jasmine blooms.

39. Patterned Cup Of Jasmine Flower Tattoo

This design is for those who appreciate distinctive and uncomplicated elegance. It features a cup adorned with floral patterns and from the cup, vines of jasmine elegantly stand straight in a captivating pattern. This tattoo symbolizes the harmony between intricate patterns and the timeless beauty of jasmine flowers.

40. Small Cup Of Jasmine Flower Tattoo

This one is for coffee lovers. The design showcases a cup adorned with jasmine floral patterns and an illusion of a tidal storm. It is created as coffee spills from the cup, with coffee beans gracefully scattered at its base. This design is perfect for those seeking a small yet captivating representation of their love for both coffee and the timeless allure of jasmine flowers.

Jasmine Flower Back Tattoos

41. Cascading Jasmine Flower Back Tattoo

This design features a jasmine vine on the back of the shoulder where flowers are outlined with a wonderful line. The leaves are intricately scaled with dark-shaded black ink which creates a mesmerizing contrast. The cascading vine represents growth and continuity.

42. Colored Classic Jasmine Flower

A lifelike jasmine flower with subtle shading and vibrant green leaves elegantly inked on the shoulder blade. This tattoo is perfect for those who seek a timeless and sophisticated floral design. It symbolizes beauty, purity, and the fleeting nature of life.

43. Bunch Of Colored Jasmine Flower Back Tattoo

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This vibrant tattoo showcases a bunch of jasmine flowers and buds in various shades of blue, creating a captivating contrast. The addition of green leaves enhances the overall design, while the light yellow background adds a touch of warmth. This tattoo is for those who appreciate colorful and lively floral compositions. It symbolizes joy, vibrancy, and the beauty of nature.

44. Succulents And Jasmine Flower Back Tattoo

This design features a cluster of freshly made jasmine flowers in full glory, accompanied by dark-shaded leaves. Next to it lays, a bunch of succulents that represent the enduring beauty found in the coexistence of diverse plant life. This tattoo symbolizes the union of delicate jasmine blooms and resilient succulents. This design is perfect for individuals seeking balance and growth in life.

45. Memorial Jasmine Flower Back Tattoo

This exquisite tattoo features a cluster of fully bloomed jasmine flowers adorned with intricate white and purple ink details. The touch of purple adds depth to the petals. Serving as a tribute, individuals can customize this design by incorporating names and meaningful dates, making it a personal and cherished symbol. This design is a unique and sentimental representation of the loved ones.

Jasmine Flower Arm Tattoos

Whether you choose a simple vine or a more intricate design, try getting one jasmine flower tattoo on the arms.

46. Jasmine Flower Branch Arm Tattoo

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This design showcases a delicate vine wrapped around the elbow. It features dark leaves that add depth to the design. This exquisite piece is perfect for individuals seeking a blend of nature-inspired artistry and subtle sophistication. This tattoo represents purity, love, and beauty, making this tattoo an ideal choice for those who appreciate the grace and symbolism of floral ink.

47. Shaded Jasmine Flower Arm Tattoo

This design of a branch starts from the shoulder and covers the bicep. The branch has jasmine flowers, buds, and leaves intricately shaded, portraying a mix of fully bloomed blossoms and scaled leaves. This exquisite design is for those who seek a harmonious blend of artistry and nature.

48. Abstract Jasmine Flower Arm Tattoo

This is for individuals who want to make a bold statement with this striking fusion of styles that seamlessly blends realism with abstract elements. The captivating black and gray design enhances the overall aesthetic. This tattoo is positioned on the triceps not only ensures comfort but also offers an aesthetically pleasing look. This tattoo symbolizes the unique beauty and versatility found in the abstract representation of jasmine flowers.

49. Magical Jasmine Flower Arm Tattoo

Enchant your bicep with this design that has a stalk adorned with delicate jasmine flowers, buds, and leaves crafted with intricate thin lines. Surrounding this enchanting design is a sprinkle of magical dust, accompanied by shining stars that add a celestial touch. The magical elements elevate the overall aesthetic, making it a perfect choice for individuals who appreciate the blend of nature and fantasy in their body art.

50. Clustered Jasmine Flower Arm Tattoo

A mesmerizing arrangement of fully bloomed jasmine flowers alongside leaves on the arm, intricately drawn with thick lines. The shaded petals and leaves are highlighted with fine lines that create a captivating contrast and depth in the design. The contrast in shading adds an extra layer of sophistication, making it a perfect choice for individuals seeking a harmonious blend of elegance and symbolism in their body art.

Jasmine Flower Tattoo Sleeves

Jasmine flower tattoo sleeves blossom into stunning works of art and cover the whole arm with a cascade of floral beauty. Check out the following captivating designs:

51. Floral Mandala, Bird, And Jasmine Flower Tattoo Quarter Sleeve

A captivating sleeve design that seamlessly blends three different elements. The floral mandala is adorned with meticulous dotted work and intertwines seamlessly with the detailed bird perched amidst the jasmine flowers. This enchanting composition is for those who seek a harmonious fusion of nature, spirituality, and freedom in their body art.

52. Snake And Jasmine Flower Tattoo Quarter Sleeve

This sleeve design features a ball python intricately shaded in light ink as it gracefully winds through clusters of jasmine flowers and leaves. The snake symbolizes transformation and renewal, while the jasmine flowers represent purity and love. The detailed composition and seamless integration of the snake and flowers make this tattoo perfect for individuals who want a statement tattoo design for their body art.

53. Leaf Insect And Jasmin Flower Tattoo Sleeve

This captivating sleeve tattoo intricately weaves together various jasmine flowers, showcasing the diversity of this elegant bloom. The centerpiece, however, is the intricately crafted leaf insect that adds a touch of nature’s allure. This design symbolizes the beauty of coexistence and the intricate balance within the natural world.

54. Butterfly And Jasmine Flower Tattoo Half-Sleeve

This enchanting half-sleeve tattoo combines the delicate grace of a butterfly with the timeless beauty of jasmine flowers. This design is made with dual inks of black and brown that create a captivating visual. This design is a stunning ode to the interconnected dance of butterflies and jasmine blossoms.

55. Hummingbird And Yellow Jasmine Flower Tattoo quarter Sleeve

This detailed design features a vine adorned with bloomed yellow jasmine flowers that are complemented by intricate dotted details in the leaves. A hummingbird with meticulously detailed wings furled hovering over the blossoms. This one is perfect for nature enthusiasts and signifies joy, love, and the fleeting beauty of life.

Jasmine flower tattoos embody timeless elegance that serves as a reminder of the purity and love woven into life’s tapestry. The versatility of jasmine flower designs offers a spectrum of possibilities for body art, from bold and expressive forearm designs to the discreet charm of smaller placements. Whether choosing classic black ink, infusing delicate shades, or embracing vibrant bursts of color, each jasmine flower tattoo narrates a story that is authentic to your personality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I choose a realistic or stylized representation of the jasmine flower?

The choice between a realistic or stylized jasmine flower tattoo is subjective and depends on individuals. Realistic designs capture intricate details, while stylized versions offer a more artistic and symbolic representation.

Is there a specific season or time of year that is ideal for getting a jasmine flower tattoo?

There is no specific season ideal for a jasmine flower tattoo. You can get it done any time of the year. Usually, tattoo artists recommend getting tattoos during the winter, as the designs will be covered up, which allows your tattoo to heal quietly under your cozy clothing.

Can I get a jasmine flower tattoo if I have allergies to flowers?

Getting a jasmine flower tattoo has nothing to do with allergies to flowers. It’s crucial to be cautious before getting inked. Consult with a tattoo artist and do a patch test with ink to ensure you won’t have an adverse reaction. Opting for hypoallergenic ink and discussing your concerns with the artist is advisable.

Key Takeaways

  • The jasmine flower symbolizes purity, grace, love, and respect.
  • You can go for areas such as the back, thigh, wrist, ankle, shoulder, or collarbone based on the size and complexity of the tattoo.
  • Incorporate additional elements such as moons, stars, and vines to add a personal touch to the tattoo.
jasmine flower tattoo

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