Jealous Boyfriend: Tips To Handling One Revealed?

Written by Sushmita Barman

We all have imagined ourselves in a romantic relationship like they show in those chick flicks that we have binge-watched, guilt-free. But, we never paid attention to the unhealthy romanticizing of jealous partners. Let me put it out there simply- A jealous boyfriend is not as romantic and cute as those flicks portray them to be. More often than not, they are a lot of work, and when you are in a relationship, the last thing you want is for it to become a 9-5 job.

In most relationships, a little jealousy can be healthy, but, honey, you gotta run when your not-so jealous man starts checking your phone regularly. It’s not cute anymore, but an invasion of your precious privacy! Your life will be filled with worries, unnecessary drama, toxicity, and whatnot. And you, my friend, do not deserve such things. This is the sole reason why I will tell you when a little jealousy crosses the line and go to the other side of paranoia. In this article, I shall show you how to tell if your boyfriend is jealous of you.

What Are The Signs Of A Jealous Boyfriend?

  • When he tracks your movements and continuously checks on you

When your boyfriend asks you every moment about your whereabouts and who you are hanging out with, know that you are dealing with an overly insecure person. If he calls and texts to check up on you every time and does not let you be when you are out with other people, then I surely believe you when you aloud, “my boyfriend is jealous”. This behavior would be understandable if you have been unfaithful with him in the past, but it still can’t be justified.

  • When he does not let you go out anywhere without him

You can understand that your boyfriend is the “jealous type” when he does not like the fact that you have a separate life from his or you need to go out with friends. It would soon become a problem when you would leave him alone and go out with other people. And when you begin to chant, “my boyfriend is jealous of my friends,” then you gotta know that your boyfriend is jealous of you.

  • When he checks your gadgets regularly and insists on knowing all your passwords

Do you constantly wonder how to tell if your boyfriend is jealous? If your boyfriend insists on knowing all the passwords of your gadgets and social media and checks on them regularly, know that these are the signs of a person who has control issues. On the contrary, if you give all of those credentials to him voluntarily because you trust him, it could lead to a stronger relationship. It only becomes a problem when he demands to check your phone every day.

  • He goes quiet and gets upset when other people give you attention

In most relationships, it would only be natural for your boyfriend to be happy or proud when you get other people’s attention. But, when your boyfriend gets upset with you and becomes quiet for a long time, know that he is disliking the attention and compliments that you are getting.

  • He always wants to be with you

It is sweet if your boyfriend wants to spend more time with you. But, there is a line that every couple needs to draw to give space to each other. If you don’t do that, ultimately, you are going to exhaust yourself and your relationship. It can be that your boyfriend is clingy but if he insists on always being with you, know that these are the jealous boyfriend signs, loud and clear!

  • If he always finds faults in you and shows passive-aggressive behavior

This boyfriend will try to find faults in every little thing that you do, and even more so if you do something that does not involve him. If he avoids communicating with you, like a mature adult, you should take it as a red flag. We all have been guilty of being passive-aggressive sometimes but if that is something that you experience with him regularly, know that it might be time to call it quits on this relationship.

  • If he freaks out when you don’t answer his call

It doesn’t matter if you are sleeping or in the shower. If you are not able to reply to his text or answer his call, he will freak out. And if he freaks out very often when you are not able to respond to him for whatever reasons, you can be sure that you are dating a possessive person.

Tips To Deal With A Boyfriend Who Is Jealous

If you know that you have a boyfriend who is jealous and have decided to stick it out, for whatever reasons, these tips are gonna help you big time!

  • Express your feelings to him

Wondering how to deal with a jealous, insecure boyfriend? Well, I would say, more often than not, the easiest way to solve any problem in a relationship is to communicate freely. If you are feeling that your boyfriend is being too possessive and that is making you uncomfortable, then just woman up and express your feelings to him clearly. Initially, he might misunderstand you, but if you are patient with him, and if he truly cares for you, he will understand.

  • Avoid getting angry

In a situation like this, it is very easy to get angry and frustrated. But if you want to stay in the relationship, you have to be extremely patient. Instead of getting angry with your boyfriend, try keeping your cool and reassuring him of your feelings. Jealousy is something that a person feels to take control of the partner. Hence, if you show your boyfriend that he is already in control of the situation by giving him the love that he wants from you, you will be able to deal with him a little better.

  • Check upon him continuously when you hang out with friends

Being proactive when your boyfriend is already feeling insecure will work wonders in keeping him calm. If you keep asking yourself, “what to do about a jealous boyfriend?” especially when you are hanging out with your friends without him, keep calling or texting him to tell him that you miss him. By doing that, he will understand that there is no need to worry and that he can trust you completely.

  • Indulge in a little PDA with him

Initially, a public display of affection might make him a little uncomfortable, but it will reassure him of your feelings towards him at the same time. A tiny peck or some hand-holding is the kind of assurance that he wants and needs to believe that you are willing to show your emotions in front of other people. But of course, do it only when you both feel comfortable.

  • Involve him in your decisions and social activities

If you wanna know what to do when your boyfriend is jealous, this is probably one of the most subtle and important tips that you can try out. Involve him in significant decisions of your life to make him feel more important. It will make him feel validated as your partner, and he will be able to break out of being too possessive of you once he knows your friend circle.

  • Express your love more often

The most important and the most effective tip is to express your feelings as often as you can. Let your boyfriend know how much you love him and appreciate him. If you want to know the best tip that would work almost instantly when your boyfriend is jealous of you, then lemme tell you that showing him how important he and your relationship is to you is what you must do. Trust me; he won’t have any other option but to melt and let go of his jealousy.

Being in a relationship filled with love can be a blessing and the most romantic thing ever. But, the blessing and romance is a disguise to jealousy, insecurity, possessiveness, that is your cue to run. Now, if you decide to stay in the relationship with a jealous man because you love them and care for them regardless of their toxic behavior sometimes, you have to put in the effort. If you can overcome the obstacles and hurdles that your jealous partner throws at you, you might be happy at the end of the day with each other.

Expert’s Answers For Readers’ Questions

Is it bad to have a boyfriend who is jealous?

When this boyfriend begins to make you feel uncomfortable, you need to know that you’re not in a healthy relationship. But you can always try and solve this issue.

How will a guy act when he’s jealous?

He will not let you have your privacy or give you any space. He will hate to see you having fun with other people.

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