Jealousy Quotes: To Understand The Root Of Fear And Sadness

Written by Sushmita Barman

Jealousy quotes (that you can relate to) reaffirm the fact that you are not the only one going through such feelings in a relationship. Jealousy is a toxic feeling that can destroy any relationship if not nipped in the bud. Such unhealthy emotions stem from the fear of losing your loved one to someone who you feel may be better than you. This feeling of insecurity can disturb your mental peace and harmony in a relationship, which may even lead the partners to get disinterested in being together. In this article, we have listed some quotes on jealousy that can serve as advice and help you save your relationship. Scroll down to understand the root of jealousy, fear, and sadness.

Best Quotes About Jealousy

Jealousy is a negative but often uncontrollable feeling that shows its existence among the living from very early. It is often linked to the fear of losing a loved one and the urge to own what the neighbor or even that friend possesses. We often feel jealous of others’ achievements even when they are close to us. This feeling pushes us away from ourselves as well as our loved ones. It becomes a negative driving force for thousands of endless and unsuccessful fights and arguments. When jealousy is in love, it stands as a mark of a lack of confidence in the other and oneself. To be jealous is to be blind and to be seeing only what one is afraid of seeing, of being deceived, alone, empty! So let us help you understand this feeling better through some quotes on jealousy that we’ve listed below. Read on!

Love Jealousy Quotes

When talking about love, it is not uncommon for the question of jealousy to emerge. Are you jealous of your partner, the person you love? Is jealousy healthy in a couple, normal in a romantic relationship? Or, on the contrary, is it a sign of weakness, or lack of confidence in oneself and others, a sign of imbalance, a form of distress, of emotional dependence? Too strong a dose, if jealousy is unhealthy, obsessive, then it becomes a negative emotion. This can ruin a love affair, even destroy the couple. Although it is common to be afraid, even unconsciously, of losing the person in our heart, if this fear breaks all boundaries, it opens the door to jealousy. Therefore, we present to you some quotes about jealousy and insecurity in a relationship that you must read:

  • Don’t let the insecurities run over the feeling of being afraid to lose someone.
  • The jealous lover bears their lover’s illness better than their freedom.
  • Jealousy is almost always related to envy, but the basic difference is that you are envious of what you don’t have and jealous of what you have.
  • What madness dictates, jealousy believes.
  • There is no true love where there is some suspicion.
  • The one who is jealous is not necessarily jealous of what one sees; what one imagines is enough.
  • Where there is jealousy, there is love, where there are toxic people, there is pain. Understand the drama.
  • As my burning passion died of cold, that is how love dies when there is no jealousy.
  • Jealousy is the foe of love, as the devil is the foe of angels.
  • Jealousy is born of love, but it does not die with it.

Jealousy Quotes For Haters

A quote about jealousy or two will often help you learn what you should do with negative people to take the weight off your shoulders on your way to prosperity and how to turn them into fuel for your success. And with the quotes mentioned below in place, you’ll get better insights into your haters’ personalities. So, why wait? Go ahead and read!

  • Remember, they feed on the answers, and the more you enter their game, the more hate you will receive.
  • If their presence turns into insults, then better report them to your mind and block them immediately forever.
  • The only way to be successful is to make people hate you. That way, they will remember you.
  • I don’t dislike my enemies; I just don’t like them. Their words are the boiling point in every aspect, but at least their words help me to face the stepladder.
  • The claw of jealous arrogance and hateful pride is found under the velvet paw.
  • People are jealous of each other down to the roots of their hair and never agree, casting their antipathies on imaginary causes or attributing them to principles.
  • If you are friends with a jealous person, it is the inquisition and hell that enter your mental peace as well as your life itself!
  • Nature is favorable to the wise, but luck is jealous of it.
  • When vanity takes it upon itself to be jealous, it must be relentless.

Jealousy And Insecurity Quotes

Jealousy and insecurity are not pleasant emotions to feel, especially after a self-esteem injury. It can consume your whole being. Anyone can feel these feelings. It is how you deal with them or that of others that helps you move forward in life. Whether you are fending off jealousy or working on your feelings of jealousy, here is a list of some reliable quotes on jealousy and insecurity that you should check out.

  • You cannot regret the self-esteem of the flesh. In this case, you may feel regret but refuse to let regret come over you.
  • We must avoid feeling guilt and jealousy. All of these feelings are horrible because they are toxic.
  • People who sing all the time are not always happy. Just like happiness and love, people also experience anger and jealousy!
  • Love shouldn’t be about jealousy or anything. It should be about commitment and the ability to trust that person. If you can’t have that right off the bat, there’s a problem.
  • People are taken aback by a pretty, confident girl who knows what she wants in life and doesn’t let anyone stand in her way. And do you know what it indicates? Jealousy!
  • Jealousy is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity in unstable people.

Funny Jealousy Quotes

Funny Jealousy Quotes


Jealousy is sometimes a cause for discussion, but it can also turn out to be super funny and adorable. What? You don’t believe it? Okay, please look at the funny quotes about haters and jealousy that we exclusively created for you and listed below. I am doubly sure they are gonna make you laugh and accept that this toxic feeling can be beautiful sometimes if handled well!. Share them with all your friends on social networks and even with that special person too. Without a doubt, they are gonna love them as well!

  • I’m not upset about your jealousy, but it is better to be careful. Sometimes I don’t notice, and I can run over people.
  • I told you not to check my phone. If you had listened to me, now you wouldn’t have to hit me.
  • I don’t feel jealous but if you want a hug, ask your other favorite idiot for it.
  • Don’t think of it as jealousy. I’m just saying that your little friend is too affectionate with you … Way too much.
  • I cannot let you keep my mom all to yourself. You’re my sibling, my partner in all our mischievous activities, but she’s my creator, and I need her by my side always!
  • So what if you were born first? I am the little and adorable one to her. Always and forever!
  • When asked, I always say that I love mom the most. But I give dad a kiss too, for I know he gets jealous otherwise.
  • I feel jealous when I see those cute couples hanging out every weekend…When can you and I meet again?
  • You are only mine. Do not even dare to think of anyone else. Not even in your dream.
  • Jealous? And me? No way! Errrr, maybe a little, yes! A little too much to even let you party without me.
  • Whatever is mine will always be mine. Oh, but does it mean that I am jealous? Okay, it does, I guess. But I cannot help it.
  • I am not jealous or anything, but I cannot just let you have fun without me. Come on! (eye roll emoji)

The truth is that jealousy, to a certain extent, is good as it helps you take care of those you love the most, but in excess, it can be devastating since you can imagine things that do not even exist and accuse the other of something that they have not done. It is the result of our insecurities. It can end a relationship that is built with trust and love, which is why the aforementioned quotes should guide you towards the right path, identify the evils of jealousy and walk past them safe and secure!

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