Karishma Kapoor’s Makeup, Beauty And Fitness Secrets Revealed

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The gorgeous and beautiful Karishma Kapoor has always grabbed attention from the media and the common public. Her matchless personality and style have inspired many upcoming stars in Bollywood. The evergreen celebrity, who started her career at the age of 17 in the movie ‘Prem Qaidi’ in 1991, has performed brilliantly in innumerable hit commercial films, some of which were honored with National awards. For her grace and glamour, she was adorably called ‘The Queen of Bollywood’ in the 1990s.

Karishma Kapoor Beauty Secrets and tips:

1. Drink a lot of water: Like most heath conscious celebrities, Karishma too believes in drinking plenty of water every day. She believes that drinking adequate water does half the job alone when you are looking out for a healthier lifestyle.

2. My Yummy Mummy Guide: If you want to know the beauty secrets of Karishma Kapoor in detail, you should go through her latest venture, ‘My Yummy Mummy Guide’. Published by Penguin India, here the Bollywood diva has shared all her secrets behind being healthy and beautiful.

3. Beauty is a state of mind: Karishma believes that beauty is a state of mind. You would not look beautiful if you are not happy inside. Trust yourself and be confident; this is the bottom line of true beauty.

4. Proper dressing sense: At a press conference, once Karishma revealed how proper dress sense is important for looking beautiful. As she explained, many of us pick up dresses as they look beautiful without even considering how good they would look on us.

5. Removing make up before going to bed: No matter how tired she is, Karishma never takes a chance by not removing makeup before going to bed every night.

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Karishma Kapoor Makeup Secrets:

1. Olay, for younger-looking skin: The picture-pretty celebrity, Karishma endorses the famous beauty care brand, Olay. The actor, aged 39, deeply believes in this age-defying cream that has helped improve her skin tone while erasing patches and skin lines.

2. Kajal and mascara: The secret of those appealing eyes of Karishma remains in wearing high quality kajal and mascara. Though the beauty believes in less or minimal makeup, these two are indispensible makeup tools for her.

3. Pond’s Gold Radiance: Her latest endorsement, Pond’s Gold Radiance reveals another secret behind her creamy, soft skin.

4. Less makeup and no hairstyling: It is strange that in spite of being in the glamour world, the diva avoids excess makeup. She also avoids hair coloring or styling unless required for photo shoots.

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Karishma Kapoor Fitness Secrets:

1. Yoga: Karishma Kapoor revealed in a recent interview that she is not particularly a gym-going person. Alternatively, she prefers doing yoga or walking. She added that her daughter joins her as well whenever the little one is free. This reveals her passion for yoga. Further, she disclosed that she is not much fond of gyms. She maintains a personal instructor and makes sure to work out 3-4 times a week. She is also very much particular about her health, hair and skin.

2. Swimming: Karishma shared that she has always been a healthy person. She used to swim vigorously when she was at school. However, she swims with her kids on their holidays only due to lack of time nowadays.

3. Taking the stairs instead of elevators: Karishma Kapoor prefers taking the stairs instead of the elevators whenever possible.

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Karishma Kapoor Diet Secrets

1. Small meals, vegetables, and egg whites: Karishma believes in eating about six to seven meals in a day, while maintaining a gap of two hours between them. She never deprives herself of food. On the contrary, she never says no to snacks like chips, cakes, French fries, biriyani sometimes. As she disclosed, she lost about 25 kgs after childbirth just by consuming healthy, fat-free foods. For her meals, she prefers brown rice, vegetable curry, chicken and steamed fish. She avoids taking supplements, as she is a true believer in natural foods that are healthy and nutritious. In addition, she usually takes 2-3 egg whites everyday to balance the protein intake.

And you can also stay beautiful with her rather simple secrets! Try and leave us a comment!

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