What Is A Karmic Soulmate? 13 Signs That You Both Are Karmic Soulmates

Now know the truth behind why some relationships are only meant to teach strong lessons in life.

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If you have been wondering what karmic soulmates are and how they influence your life, we have the answers for you. People want to be a part of a once-in-a-lifetime love journey and not just fall in love. Our relationships are evolving as we change with time. They are now based on convenience, set by our parents or community, and are no longer satisfying.

We are all looking for that mad-for-you type of love. But what is the real distinction between soulmates, twin flames, and karmic soulmates? The fact is that none of these relationships is superior to the others. It just relies on the kind of life situations we are now experiencing in this world and the principles we are learning. Some people may never have the opportunities to explore any of these cosmic connections, while others may have the chance to explore all three.

If you are trying to figure out the difference between them, don’t worry. We have got you covered. “Soulmates aren’t the ones who make you happiest, no. They are those who make you feel the most. Burning edges and scars and stars. Old pains and pangs, captivation and beauty. Strain and shadows and worry and yearning. Sweetness and madness and dreamlike surrender. They hurl you into the abyss. They taste like hope.” – V. Erickson

Karmic Vs. Soulmate Vs. Twin Flame Relationships

Many people have been captivated by the ideas of soulmates and twin flames. They refer to deep bonds that are thought to go beyond typical romantic partnerships. But what is a karmic relationship and what is a karmic partner? Is your partner your karmic lover? Learn more about the nuances of each relationship in the following section.

A. Karmic Relationships


The meaning of a karmic relationship is rooted in the idea that the individuals involved have a shared past-life history. Generally, the first relationship we get into is a karmic relationship. They often teach us lessons that we were unable to grasp in our previous lifetimes. Karmic relationships are not meant to be easy. The partners assigned to us are not meant to make things easy for us. They are meant to teach us a hard lesson and change our way of thinking and living.

The strange thing about karmic relationships is that no matter how much effort and energy you put into them, they just don’t seem to work. But this is because these relationships are NOT supposed to work out. You were never meant to live a happy life with your karmic soulmate. Yes, it is hard to accept, especially because it is usually not a lack of love or compatibility that these relationships suffer through. Things just seem off and don’t work, no matter how hard you try. Be that as it may, the worst decision you could make in this situation is to not let go.

These relationships are passionate and hot and may seem intoxicating at times, but they are never meant to last. Karmic soulmates come into our life, teach us a lesson, change us for the better, and then leave. People who get married early and divorce young have most certainly married their karmic partner. The lesson here is to be strong enough to let go of this alignment and move on when the time comes.

B. Soulmate Relationships


Although most of us experience several karmic relationships in our life, the next lesson to learn is most often from our soulmate partner. Soulmates can give us the best kind of love. They can be sweet and simple, yet intensely complex. We often choose to build a life with and marry our soulmate partners because we share a unique bond with them.

These are the people who make us feel good and affect us on a different level. However, as wonderful as these partners are, they don’t always take it easy on us either. No matter what kind of relationship you are in, there will always be challenges. That is why it is so hard to distinguish between them. These relationships are not meant to appease us or comfort our egos.

A soulmate relationship differs from a karmic relationship in the type of lesson it teaches and the way in which the learning is presented. Karmic relationships often teach us about how we view the world and other people. Soulmate relationships teach us internal lessons that involve fears, societal pressures, self-worth, and love. We attract our soulmates at whatever frequency we are currently vibrating on.

Soulmate partners are those with whom we feel a deep connection. You may get this weird feeling that you knew one another in a previous life. Soulmate love makes us feel that it is us that needs to change, not them, to solve the issues in the relationship. Sometimes, we may even feel that we don’t deserve the other person.

Jenny, a blogger shared her experience of meeting her soulmate after a lot of bad relationships in her blog. She says that those experiences are also important for us to grow but meeting a soulmate is different. She says, “We connected from the very first text message. After a half hour, he called me. That first night that we spoke to one another, he had told me that he knew that I would be his, and we would be together. I felt it too, but a small part of me wondered how that would be possible (i).”

Certain soulmates are assigned to us to help us realize our greatness. They to assist us in solving those big questions that involve the self. Soulmates care about us, unlike karmic lovers who are only concerned about themselves and their needs. In fact, soulmate relationships don’t even need to be romantic. More often than not, we are born into similar soul circles in each lifetime. Those who are our real families are not necessarily those we have a blood connection with.

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Many celebrity couples are popularly considered soulmates for their long-lasting relationships. Freddie Prinze Junior – Sarah Michelle Gellar, Emily Blunt – John Krasinski, and Blake Lively – Ryan Reynolds are some inspiring examples.

C. Twin Flame Relationships


As out-of-this-world a romantic relationship can feel with a soulmate, it is not as mesmerizing as the experience of being with a twin flame. Twin flame partners are a combination of both karmic and soulmate connections. However, they challenge our sense of self and ego further. We don’t just connect with our twin flames on a soul level, but we share the same soul and synergy with them.

The theory states that twin flames got separated from a single soul at the beginning of time and are placed into two physical bodies. In fact, there is a mirror-like connection and magnetism when we come into contact with them. We suddenly feel the need to confront all the things we spent all our lives denying or running away from. They teach us about our fears and ego-driven desires. Not all humans get reunited with their twin flames and that’s fate, but when they do, it creates that “once in a lifetime” kind of love. Yes, there will be fears and challenges, but it will be an intensely fulfilling balance relationship.

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The reunion of twin flames is believed to be timed, and it happens when the two souls want to embark on a journey of personal and spiritual growth.

How can you figure out whether you are in a karmic relationship or not? Check if the following signs apply to you and your partner.

13 Signs Of Karmic Relationships

1. Karmic Partners Are Selfish


Karmic partners do not have healthy boundaries in the relationship. Often, they only care about their own needs and self-interest. They often form abusive or co-dependent relationships. While one of you may be very invested, the other one may view it as a relationship of convenience.

2. Karmic Partners Repeat Patterns

If you are in an on-and-off relationship with someone, it is a major sign that it is a karmic relationship. If you keep on experiencing the same type of relationship issues, you need to be aware that it is just a lesson in disguise. Karmic relationships remain stagnant and repeat the same patterns and have the same reciprocity. The only way you can move forward is by growing from the experience and letting go of that person.

3. Karmic Partners Are Controlling


Karmic partners are obsessive and overly jealous. It is all about owning the other person. Also, the other person often becomes the center of the universe for those in a karmic relationship. They are the only reason you smile and the main cause of your happiness. Those in a karmic relationship often put their partners on a pedestal and refuse to see their flaws until it is too late. They fall hard when the truth comes knocking.

4. Karmic Partners Are Addictive

Karmic relationships are often intensely passionate. Both partners are obsessed with the idea of harmony and being in love and are often attracted to superficial things like popularity, good looks, finances, and professional or social status.

5. Karmic Relationships Feel Destined


You believe from the depth of your soul that you cannot live without your partner and feel like you both are destined to be together, no matter how miserable you are in the relationship. You cannot understand why the relationship keeps falling apart, and you keep going out of your way to get it right and keep it together. The appeal your partner has is extremely hard to resist. You keep getting drawn in until you learn the lesson you need to from it.

6. Karmic Partners Create Dependency

You get consumed by the relationship. You lose your personal identity, and the relationship begins to occupy your mind ALL the time. You hand your partner all the power in the relationship. You become emotionally, mentally, and physically dependent on this person for everything and develop synchronicity.

7. Karmic Partners Feel An Instant Connection


This kind of relationship is often marked by immediate attraction. You keep obsessing about the person. You overlook their flaws and make excuses for their mistakes. You feel that this person is perfect for you, and there is nobody like them. It just feels like you have known them from another life, and you become intensely attached to them.

8. Karmic Relationships Bring Out Your Worst Fears

Your karmic partner will bring all the things you are deathly afraid of to the surface. Whether it is fear of commitment, abandonment, rejection, emotional attachment or loss, you will face all of them and more when you get tied up in a karmic relationship.

9. Karmic Relationships Reveal Your Dark Side


Karmic relationships bring out your most difficult and undesirable characteristics. You may not even be aware of them – intense jealousy, maddening hatred, uncontrollable anger…you name it. They break you down as a person and remind you how weak you actually are.

10. Karmic Relationships Are Irrational

Karmic relationships hold up a mirror to your ugly insecurities and worst vulnerabilities. You stop acting like yourself and do stuff that you normally wouldn’t do. You lose your sense of right and wrong and give excuses for your irrational behavior.

11. Karmic Partners Push Your Buttons In A Negative Way

These relationships happen because you need to learn how to love yourself. You need to learn that you cannot control your circumstances. You can only escape from this endless cycle of union and separation when you focus on yourself and learn to master your ego.

12. Karmic Relationships Are Tumultuous In Nature


These relationships are incredibly volatile. They are erratic, unpredictable, and unhealthy. The best favor you can do for yourself is to realize that you are in a karmic relationship and learn to let go. You need to put yourself first for your own good. If you can’t, you will keep on repeating the same pattern until you learn how to detach yourself and get out of it.

13. Karmic Relationships Do Not Last

This is NOT your forever person. No matter how much you hope, wish, pray, and believe, this is not your fairytale ending. Do not believe what you see on TV and in the movies – this kind of relationship never works. They are created out of conflict and always end in conflict and heartbreak. They are very unhealthy for your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being and usually do not last.

No matter what kind of romantic relationship you get in, there will always be problems and challenges. However, these obstacles assist you in learning some important lessons and growing. The most important thing to remember is that if your partner wants to get out and move on, it is a MUST that you let them go, and do so gracefully.

Whether it is a karmic relationship and their only purpose is to come into your life and change it, or they are your soulmate who is here to help you become the best person we possibly can, or if they are simply your better half – there is no kind of love that you should ever have to beg for.

Like any other relationship, karmic relationships also evolve with time. Check out the steps of this evolution in the next section.

Stages Of A Karmic Relationship

You can roughly mark four stages in such relationships:

  1. Recognition Stage – Initially, there’s an undeniable magnetic pull, drawing individuals together to resolve past issues. This stage marks the realization that this connection goes beyond the surface, triggering introspection.
  2. Challenge Stage – Intense hurdles mirroring unresolved karmic lessons show up and serve as catalysts for personal growth.
  3. Healing Stage – The pivotal point arrives when both partners actively work towards treating past wounds, fostering mutual understanding, and breaking free from negative patterns.
  4. Completion Stage – The final stage manifests when the karmic debts are settled and both individuals evolve individually. It doesn’t always entail a romantic ending; instead, it signifies the fulfillment of the karmic purpose.

Karmic relationships, though intense and transformative, ultimately propel individuals toward higher spiritual awareness and personal enlightenment.

Infographic: 6 Clear Signs You Are Karmic Soulmates

It is difficult to distinguish between a karmic partner and a soulmate. Both relationships can be filled with love and serendipity and are highly complex. However, karmic relationships can be toxic and offer a lifetime of lessons. We have compiled a list of 6 clear signs in the infographic below to help you understand whether you are in a karmic relationship or not.

6 clear signs you are karmic soulmates (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

No matter how difficult it is to accept, a karmic relationship is not meant to make you feel blissful. Your karmic soulmates will teach you life’s important lessons. Yes, the relationship will take you on a challenging roller coaster ride, but that is how it will give you a reality check through the karma. But what is important here is that you will get the love you deserve no matter what and that’s destiny. You do not have to control anyone or tie anyone to yourself using force because you want them to be with you. But if the love is pure, your love interest will be by your side forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a karmic cycle last?

Karmic cycles are not meant to be extremely long. They can last up to 40 minutes, but can come in force again.

Is it possible to have more than one karmic soulmate?

Yes, you can have more than one karmic soulmate but will only have one twin flame in a lifetime.

Can a karmic soulmate come back into my life after we have separated?

Yes, one major sign of a karmic soulmate is how they keep coming back in your life and therefore you end up being in an on-and-off relationship with them.

Key Takeaways

  • A karmic relationship is filled with passion and turbulence. It is usually the first relationship you tend to get into.
  • Karmic soulmates come into your life to teach you something, transform you, and then leave.
  • Though you might believe that you are destined to be together, karmic relationships do not last.
  • They are addictive, controlling, tumultuous, and break you down as a person.
karmic soulmates

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Learn about karmic soulmate relationships and how they can help you grow. Discover their spiritual connection and how to make them work in the following video.

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