Katy Perry’s 10 Popular Tattoos And Their Meanings

This pop icon has some stunning designs that carry deep meanings inked on her body.

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Katy Perry’s tattoos are no less than a sensation among tattoo enthusiasts and body art lovers. Fans worldwide look up photos of celebrity tattoos and recreate them in their unique way. If you are looking for this diva’s tattoos, we have them with their placement and meaning.

Katy is one of the most popular singers, pop stars, and composers in America, and apart from her hits, she is pretty famous for her permanent ink artwork. She also has a favorite tattoo artist who goes around to her trips to give matching tattoos to her crew. She prefers both cute and intricate tattoos, and once you set foot in her style, there is no going back.

protip_icon Did You Know?
Katy Perry hosted the ‘Never Really Over’ fan event in 2019 where she got a matching tattoo with her top 2 KatyCats (fans). The tattoo showed the significance of the album theme. Katy got ‘Miss’ inside half a piece of broken heart while they got ‘You’ inside the other half. It is placed on the outside of their hands.

Here is everything you need to know about her tattoos. Scroll down!

Top 10 Katy Perry’s Tattoos And Their Meanings

1. “Jesus” Katy Perry Wrist Tattoo

Jesus tattoo on Katy Perry's wrist
Image: Getty

Katy got the Jesus tattoo in 2001 when she released her gospel album. It’s her oldest tattoo. Katy belongs to a very religious family, and this tattoo reminds her of her upbringing and her love for the guitar. She shared the picture of this tattoo on Instagram with a caption, “My brokenness + God’s divinity = my wholeness.” She says that she is not a Christian or a Buddhist or Hindu but still feels connected to God. She has admitted that this tattoo reminds her of her roots and beginnings.

2. A “Strawberry Tattoo” On Her Ankle

Strawberry tattoo on Katy Perry's ankle
Image: Getty

Katy Perry got the strawberry tattoo in 2009 to celebrate the success of her album One of the Boys. She has flaunted her love for strawberries by using strawberry inspired props and costumes in her shows. Katy used inflatable strawberries as stage props throughout the ‘Hello Katy’ world tour, with colorful fruit motifs on her costume and fashion accessories. Both strawberries and peppermint reflect her enthusiastic persona, signifying the success of her tour albums.

3. Sanskrit Katy Perry Tattoo

Sanskrit tattoo on Katy Perry's arm
Image: Getty

In 2010, Katy got ‘Anuugacchati Pravaha’ inked, which means go with the flow. She and her then-fiancé Russell Brand got this tattoo on their right arm together. The tattoo is in Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language. She got this tattoo when they were vacationing in India, and Russell proposed to her.

4. Peppermint Tattoo On Her Ankle

Peppermint tattoo on Katy Perry's ankle
Image: Getty

Katy got the smiling peppermint tattoo on her right ankle to complement her strawberry tattoo. She got this tattoo for the album Teenage Dream. She also wore peppermint-inspired outfits for her California Dreams tour. It is believed that some of her crew members also got the same tattoo.

5. Lotus Flower On Her Wrist

Lotus flower tattoo Katy Perry's wrist
Image: Getty

In 2012, Katty got a tiny lotus tattoo on her right wrist. She has never spoken about this tattoo and has also never shared any pictures of this tattoo on Twitter (like she has for other tattoos). We can only speculate that as the lotus tattoo symbolizes the expansion of the soul, purity, and awakening, Katy got this tattoo for a new beginning after her divorce with Russell Brand. This tattoo clearly signifies her valor and ability to rise above the difficult situation.

6. Cherry Blossom Tattoo On Her Ankle

Cherry blossom tattoo on Katy Perry's ankle
Image: Getty

Cherry blossom tattoos are very common and symbolize beauty and living in the present. This Japanese tattoo reflects the temporariness of life. Katy got this tattoo on her right ankle in 2013. Katy’s now ex-boyfriend John Mayer also has a similar tattoo.

7. Hello Kitty’s Face On Her Finger

Hello kitty's face tattoo on Katy Perry's finger
Image: Instagram @reneevasta

Katy’s got this cute little Hello Kitty’s head tattooed on the side of her right middle finger. Katy got this tattoo on 30th October, which happens to be the first day of the Hello Kitty Concert and also Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary.

8. Super Bowl Number On Her Finger

Super bowl number tattoo on Katy Perry's finger
Image: Instagram @katyperry

The Roman numeral XLIX on Katy’s finger represents the number 49 and her appearance at the halftime show at Super Bowl XLIX. During this event, she performed to a medley of her famous songs and also introduced the “Left Shark” dancer to the world. She got this tattoo a few hours after the completion of the event to reflect her career milestones and celebrations.

9. Prism Tattoo On Her Left Ankle

Prism tattoo on Katy Perry's left ankle
Image: Instagram @bangbangnyc

Katy has a vibrant and pleasant image, and the prism tattoo on her left ankle symbolizes her personality. The Prismatic world tour lasted almost a year. Katy got this little prism tattoo with bright rainbow colors to celebrate the successful completion of the tour in 2015. The tattoo was designed by tattoo artist Keith McCurdy or ‘Bang Bang.’ She pays the tattoo artist to join her during her tours, and almost her entire crew gets tattooed by him.

10. Eye Tattoo On Her Wrist

Solar system tattoo on Katy Perry's wrist
Image: Instagram

In 2017, Katy got this eye tattoo to wind up “Witness: The Tour.” This tattoo is quite unique and different from other tattoos she has got. Most of her tattoos are generally colorful and pleasant, while this tattoo is quite intricate and meaningful. The tattoo appears to be an eye with a teardrop, but at the same time, it also looks like a spaceship and Saturn. She shared the picture of this tattoo on Instagram with a caption, “The planet in the middle is Saturn as this journey has taught me many lessons with a few tears along the way, BUT I am happy to report a sense of real resilience as we wrap. I share this insignia with 45 other tour mates and moreover an incredible year of memories with over 100 beautiful & kind humans and a numerous amount of gracious attendees.”

protip_icon Did You Know?
Katy Perry celebrated two key events through this ‘eye’ tattoo. She recognized ‘eye’ as a symbol of her event (Witness: The Tour) and the Saturn-like planet to symbolize her stage art during the song ‘Thinking of You’.

Infographic: Katy Perry’s Top 5 Most Trendy Tattoos

The popular singer has often been an inspiration to many, be it her fun makeup choices or outlandish sartorial looks. But aside from her sensational singing, her tattoos are also often the talk of the town. In the infographic below, we have listed her top 5 tattoo designs that are loved by fans all over the world. Check them out.

katy perry’s top 5 most trendy tattoos (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Katy Perry has inked her body several times to commemorate her musical accomplishment. She takes the needle to the skin for tattoos as an expression of her creativity in more ways than one and that makes her a trendsetter. She carefully picks her tattoos, which reflect the many elements of her personality in subtle yet meaningful ways.

For instance, her Sanskrit tattoo ‘Anuugacchati Pravaha’ on the right arm means ‘go with the flow.’ It conveys her ideology of accepting situations as they are instead of trying too hard to change them. Similarly, the lotus tattoo on her wrist symbolizes the soul’s expansion and awakening.

We hope you got some inking inspiration from Katy Perry’s tattoos and their significance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What has inspired Katy Perry’s tattoos?

Katy Perry draws inspiration for her tattoos from various aspects of her life. These can be her religious and spiritual beliefs, a commemoration of special relationships, an exceptionally successful or memorable performance, and so on. All her body art exists to tell a special story about her life.

Are Katy Perry’s tattoos visible when she performs?

The visibility of Katy Perry’s tattoos during her performance depends on how her outfits are styled, what she is wearing, and her footwear, all of which can easily conceal or reveal her tattoos.

Has Katy Perry ever covered up or removed any of her tattoos?

As of early 2024, there are no reports or records of Katy Perry having removed any of her permanent tattoos.

Does Katy Perry have any tattoos related to her music career?

Yes, she does. Most of Katy Perry’s tattoos are related to her music career. For instance, her peppermint candy tattoo is an ode to her candy-themed “Teenage Dream” album, while the smiley strawberry represents her “One of the Boys” album.

Do fans get tattoos inspired by Katy Perry’s tattoos?

Yes, they do. There are multiple fans who have posted on social media about getting tattoos inspired by Katy Perry’s cherry blossom, Hello Kitty, rainbow prism, and other tattoos.

Are there any hidden meanings behind Katy Perry’s tattoos?

All of Katy Perry’s tattoos may have hidden meanings which she chooses to keep to herself as opposed to what can be seen and is known to the general public about her. For instance, she has chosen to not volunteer the meaning of her lotus flower tattoo.

Does Katy Perry have any matching tattoos with her partner?

While Katy Perry does not have any matching tattoos with her current partner (Orlando Bloom), the singer has had matching/ similar tattoos with her ex-fiance Russell Brand and ex-boyfriend John Mayer.

How has Katy Perry’s tattoo style evolved over the years?

Katy Perry’s first and oldest tattoo was ‘Jesus’ on her wrist, which came because of her strong belief in Christianity and from being born in a religious household. The singer later went on getting tattoos to signify her album’s themes and even to match her fans’ tattoos. The styles of her tattoos have always been different, ranging from script tattoos to watercolor cartoon tattoos.

How many tattoos does Katy Perry have?

Katy Perry has 11 known tattoos so far.

Has Katy Perry ever expressed any regrets or changes of heart about any of her tattoos?

No, Katy Perry has never expressed any regrets about her tattoos. She considers them unique and never changed any of her tattoos.

Key Takeaways

  • Katy Perry prefers cute and intricate tattoos that resonate with her personality.
  • She has a Jesus tattoo on her wrist that represents her connection to God.
  • The cherry blossom tattoo on her right ankle symbolizes soul beauty and living in the present.
katy perry tattoos

Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

Dive into the world of Katy Perry’s unique tattoo collection. Discover the original designs that adorn her body from the following video and take inspiration for your next tattoo design.

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