15 Most Effective Kerala’s Beauty, Makeup And Fitness Secrets Revealed

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Welcome to Kerala, God’s Own Country… Let’s accept it, the serene beauty of Kerala can only be experienced and can never be described in words. Land of backwaters and beaches, a home to diverse art forms and the lush rolling tea plantations of the Western Ghats, acres of jungle, Kerala beauty hаѕ it all.

People of Kerala have beauty and wellness flowing in them…… From their unmatched brilliance, to unique dressing and makeup styling, women of Kerala represent true Indian beauty.

Here in this post we are going to explore Kerala beauty secrets and their healthy lifestyle!!

Kerala Beauty Secrets:

Ayurveda is the prime important approach of beauty care in Kerala. People residing in this state deeply believe in homemade and natural therapies for their day-to-day beauty care. The following ones are some of the natural Kerala beauty tips as practiced by the Keralites

1. Coconut Oil: Besides being ‘The Land of the Gods’, Kerala is also the land of coconuts. No wonder, coconut happens to be the top most vital ingredient in their beauty regimen. Most Kerala women apply coconut oil in their hair generously. Coconut oil is in fact the main secret of their shining black and healthy hair.

2. Castor Oil: Besides coconut oil, castor is also widely used as a skin moisturizer.

3. Milk: For clearing skin and clogged pores, Kerala women often make use of cold milk. Cold milk is considered being excellent toner and soother for skin.

4. Honey Cream Skin Conditioner: Honey and cream are natural skin conditioners. These two ingredients are best for hydrating skin affluently.

5. Fullers’ Earth and Sandal: For a blemish-free skin, Kerala women prefer using fullers’ earth or multani mitti, and sandal. As they say, multani mitti is great for removing various types of skin blemishes like acne and pimples. On the other side, sandal is best for evening and lightening the skin tone.

6. Sesame Oil, Wheat Flour, And Turmeric Powder: Some Kerala women are prone to excess facial hair. To remove these unwanted hairs, they often make a pack of sesame oil, turmeric powder, and wheat flour, using all of these in equal proportions.

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Kerala Makeup Secrets:

7. Kajal and Mascara: Kerala women are fond of the kajal and mascara. These two elements work well for redefining the beauty of their eyes that are often big and expressive.

8. Natural Sunscreen Lotion: Weather of Kerala is hot and humid in most times of the year. Women in Kerala therefore prefer using homemade natural sunscreens to protect their skins from the harmful effects of the sun. The combination of glycerin, cucumber juice, and rose water is used for this particular purpose.

9. Foundation: As the natural skin texture of Kerala women is darker, they often tend to apply foundation before wearing any makeup. To make their job easier, Kerala has some leading beauty care brands that come up with classy products fit for different skin tones.

Kerala Fitness Secrets:

10. Dance: Kerala is truly considered the cultural backbone of India. No wonder, dance happens to be the top most form of its culture. At the same time, practicing dance happens to be most favorite fitness mantra for the women of Kerala. Out of 10 Kerala women, 6 of them are trained dancers. Starting from the Indian classical dances such as Bharat Nattyam, Kathakali, and Kuchipudi, Kerala has tricked the art of modern dance as well.

11. Yoga: Yoga is another medium of keeping themselves fit. Most Keralites are believers of Ayurveda. Moreover, importance of yoga is another main characteristic of the ayurvedic therapy.

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Kerala Diet Secrets:

12. Kerala Rice: Kerala rice or sadaya is the most popular main course platter of Kerala. This includes boiled rice, spiced curries, sambar, pappadam, puliyam, kalan, olan, payasam, and other dishes altogether.

13. Malabar Cuisine: Popular known as Thalassery biriyani, Malabar cuisine is well liked for the matchless taste and aroma.

14. Green Mussel or Kallummakaya: Different delicious dishes like Arikkadukka are made from green mussel.

15. Spices: Use of different types of spices is quite popular in Kerala. Keralites are fond of spicy foods. No wonder, their foods include rich aromatic spices like, red and green peppers, cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon.

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We hope you have liked and loved Kerala beauty tips. We will be back with more exciting beauty secrets, do keep visiting. Please leave your comments below. Remember, beauty should always be fun!

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