Everything You Need To Know About Keratin Hair Treatment

Written by Arshiya Syeda

Are you struggling with those unruly and frizzy locks? Do you spend hours detangling your hair? If the answer is yes, there’s a one-stop solution for all your hair problems – keratin hair treatment. With this revolutionary de-frizzing process, you can bid adieu to frizzy, dry, and rough hair and get straight, shiny, and healthy-looking hair. All you need is a good salon and a reliable hairstylist, and you are all set! Read on to learn more about this treatment that can give you the hair you’ve always dreamed of!

What Is Keratin Hair Treatment?

Keratin hair treatment is a semi-permanent hair straightening treatment. This chemical process smoothens and adds shine to your hair by filling in the gaps where the keratin (a fibrous protein found in hair) has been depleted. It is targeted more toward frizz control and smoothening the hair than straightening it. Generally, hair straightening treatments break the protein bonds in the hair, but keratin hair treatment does not break the bonds. Instead, it helps restore hair health, reduces frizz, improves manageability, reduces styling time, and seals the hair cuticle without changing the hair structure permanently. Furthermore, this hair treatment repairs hair breakage and damage and rebuilds its strength, which makes your hair smoother and shinier.

But, is it safe? Find out in the next section.

Is Keratin Hair Treatment Safe?

You shouldn’t anticipate any long-lasting hair damage due to keratin hair treatments. But, it can be damaging if your hair is over-treated with a blowdryer or flat iron during the treatment. Also, it is important to ensure that you get it done by an experienced hairstylist to avoid any damage. Remember that not all hair textures are the same, and they react differently to such treatments. Sometimes, they lighten color-treated hair and make it a little brassy.

It sure looks like a keratin hair treatment can solve all your hair problems. But, before you get your hair treated, you need to follow a few guidelines for safe and effective results.

How To Prepare For Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin hair treatment should be done by a professional, and you should always discuss any required preparation with them. You need to make sure you are not sensitive to formaldehyde, as it can cause a runny nose, stinging, itchy, and burning eyes, and nose and throat irritation.

  • Do some research and go for a keratin treatment that is suitable for your hair type, texture, and length.
  • Deep condition your hair a week before the treatment. This will moisturize your locks and prevent the damage caused during the treatment.
  • Avoid using heavy shampoos or oils two days before the treatment.
  • Go for a pre-consultation appointment with your hairstylist to find out any more precautions that you need to take.

Now that you know all the pre-treatment guidelines, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of keratin hair treatment.

How Is Keratin Hair Treatment Done?

A keratin hair treatment can take anywhere between 1 to 2 hours, depending on your hair type, length, porosity, and thickness. Before starting the treatment, the stylist shampoos your hair with a clarifying hair cleanser to remove any dirt, build-up, and residue. Once your hair is clean and fresh, it is divided into sections. Then, the stylist applies the keratin solution to your hair and lets it sit for an hour.

Finally, they seal your cuticles and lock the keratin into your hair with a flat iron. This is an artificial way of putting keratin back into your hair. This filling process retains the hair’s resilience, resulting in shiny, silky, rejuvenated, and healthy hair.

But that’s not all! Keratin hair treatment offers many more benefits to give you the hair of your dreams. Check out the next section to find out what they are.

Benefits Of Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin hair treatment works great for those with curly hair. Since keratin treatment fills in the porous gaps in your hair strands, it completely smoothes out your hair and keeps it frizz-free.

  • Shortens your blow-drying time by 50%
  • Fixes damaged hair.
  • Maintains a volumized look.
  • Makes it easy to style your hair.
  • No side effects like skin irritation or hair fall.
  • Prevents frizz and tangles.
  • Makes your hair glossy and smooth.
  • Makes your hair smooth and manageable
  • Adds incredible shine to color-treated hair.
  • Strengthens your hair.

Wondering if you can get keratin hair treatment with your hair type? Find out in the next section!

What Hair Types Should Get Keratin Hair Treatment?

Keratin hair treatments are safe for all hair types and textures. However, if you are a blonde, make sure to consult a hairstylist beforehand as this treatment can make your hair color turn brassy.

There are tons of different types of keratin treatments that you can choose from. Check them out below!

What Are The Different Types Of Keratin Hair Treatment?

1. Cezanne

This is a mild form of keratin treatment as it does not chemically alter the structure of your hair. It does not use as much formaldehyde as a keratin treatment and smoothens your locks without breaking the disulfide bonds in your hair cuticles. It is ideal for wavy, curly, and frizzy hair that requires smoothening. This treatment is perfect for color-treated hair, especially blonde hair. It lasts for 5 to 6 months.


The stylist divides your hair into sections before coating it with the solution. Your hair is then wrapped with a plastic cover and left for 40 minutes. Your hair is then rinsed, blow-dried, and flat-ironed to seal the cuticles. This solution can be left on for a day or two before rinsing.

2. Trissola Solo

Trissola Solo treatment softens your hair without altering its natural structure permanently. This formula is free of formaldehyde. It mainly focuses on imparting shine to dry and lackluster hair. It is easy to apply and great for thick and curly hair. Anyone who wants soft and shiny waves or sleek hair can opt for this treatment. It lasts for 3-4 months, depending on your hair type.


The stylist coats your hair with the solution in sections and wraps it with a plastic cover. The solution is washed off after 45 minutes. Your hair is then blow-dried and flat-ironed.

3. Goldwell Kerasilk

This treatment is time-consuming, but its results are absolutely stunning. It eliminates frizz completely and soothes dry and damaged hair. This non-toxic hair treatment is ideal for all hair types, especially thick, coarse, and frizz-prone wavy hair. It gives you smooth and manageable hair for up to 5 months.


After shampooing your locks, the smoothing solution is applied to them in small sections. After 15 minutes, your hair is blow-dried and flat-ironed. Your hair is then shampooed, blow-dried, and straightened one more time. The whole process takes about 3 hours to finish.

Not all hair types and individuals are suitable for keratin hair treatment. Let’s find out who should avoid this hair treatment in the next section.

Who Should Avoid Keratin Hair Treatment?

  • Keratin treatments are not recommended for pregnant women as the chemicals used in them are quite potent.
  • This treatment is also not suitable for anyone with fine, thin hair or overly processed hair (such as bleached hair).

Now comes the most important question – how much does a keratin hair treatment cost? Read on to find out!

How Much Does Keratin Hair Treatment Cost?

The cost of keratin treatment depends on the salon and the products used for the treatment. The price range is usually between $200 to $800. You also get at-home keratin kits that cost around $60. A number of factors – like the length of your hair, the longevity of the treatment, and the brand – can affect the price.

You can also do this hair treatment at home. But, can you expect the same salon-quality results? Find out in the following section.

Can You Do Keratin Hair Treatment At Home?

Yes, but don’t expect salon-quality results. A keratin hair treatment done at a salon can last for several months, whereas at-home treatments tend to wash out after a few weeks. Also, you need to buy the right hair products for the treatment. Products that contain the word keratin are not necessarily suitable for keratin treatment. To get the best results at home, check the ingredient list and instructions of the product before purchasing it. Look up extensive instructions for how to wash, dry, and straighten your hair to get smooth and frizz-free straight hair at home.

As keratin treatment is semi-permanent, its results won’t last long. Check out the following section to find out more.

How Long Does Keratin Hair Treatment Last?

A keratin treatment should last you anywhere from 3-6 months, depending on how often you wash your hair. Make sure you only use a sulfate-free shampoo to make the results last longer. Saltwater and chlorine don’t mesh well with keratin treatments either, but if you really can’t avoid them, rinse your hair with cold water directly after you step out of the swimming pool.

So, the question remains – does keratin treatment cause any side effects? Find out in the next section.

Potential Risks Of Keratin Hair Treatment

Are there any possible risks associated with keratin treatment? It is pretty debatable. Some say the results are risk-worthy, while others avoid redoing the process due to its high chemical content. However, there are a couple of side effects that you need to look out for:

  • The excessive amount of heat produced by the flat iron can damage your hair cuticles.
  • If you have colored hair, there are chances of discoloration taking place over time.
  • Some keratin treatments claim to be formaldehyde-free, which may not always be true. Therefore, seek an expert’s opinion to find out how much formaldehyde is safe for your hair type.

Keratin hair treatment is an easy way to get smooth and manageable hair quickly. However, you need to take some precautions after the treatment to get long-lasting results. Check them out in the next section.

Post-Treatment Care

Keratin treatments contribute to hair thinning and excess hair shedding if you don’t treat your hair properly. Earlier, you had to prevent your hair from getting wet for three days after a keratin treatment. But with the new range of products, you only need to wait 30 minutes. However, some brands require post-regimen care to allow the treatment to settle in. Here are some safety guidelines you need to follow post your keratin treatment to ensure the best results:

  • Do not wash your hair for at least three days after the treatment.
  • Invest in a good dry shampoo to avoid wetting your hair often.
  • Don’t tie your hair or tuck it behind your ears for 48 hours as it can create unsightly dents in your straight hair.
  • Avoid using heat styling tools as they can disturb the disulfide bonds in your newly treated hair.
  • Use a sulfate-free shampoo to increase the longevity of the treatment.

If you have frizzy hair and want to give your hair a makeover, keratin hair treatment is your best option. Keratin hair treatment is a chemical process that helps in getting silky, shiny, and straight hair. It soothes the hair strands and offers the shiny look that you are looking for. Also, it controls frizz and seals the hair cuticle. All in all, it is the best way to get the hair of your dreams!

Frequently Asked Questions

I colored my hair. Can I still get a keratin treatment?

Yes! Unlike chemical straightening relaxers, you can safely have both dyed hair and a keratin treatment without the risk of damage.

Can you air-dry your hair after a keratin treatment?

Yes, you can air-dry your hair after a keratin hair treatment.

Is it the same as a Japanese treatment or relaxer?

The Japanese hair straightening treatment is a permanent treatment, and it changes the internal structure of your hair. Whereas keratin hair treatment only lasts three to six months and won’t change the internal hair structure. Japanese hair treatment does not fight frizz or reduce the blow-drying time. Keratin treatment eliminates frizz and makes your hair healthy.

Isn’t formaldehyde dangerous?

Generally, formaldehyde is a carcinogen. In keratin hair treatments, the amount of formaldehyde released is small, but you should still try to avoid it. Go for formaldehyde-free formulas for the treatment.

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