75 Best Kitty Party Games

There won't be a dull moment at your party with these exciting and engaging games.

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Kitty party games are the perfect way to spice up your gatherings. You cannot find a better way to relax and unwind than having a kitty party. It is time to kick back, eat tasty food, and catch up with your friends. Organizing these social events can be simple and fun. However, as a kitty party host, you may find it challenging to arrange new games that are different from the usual board games to keep everyone entertained. Fortunately, that is easy to do. We have rounded up 75 fabulous indoor games for kitty parties for women of any age. Take a look.

75 Fun And Engaging Kitty Party Games

The following games might call for certain props, so ensure you have them ready before the party starts. You could also play some luck games for a kitty party and allow your attendees to win prizes based on their good luck.

Paper Games For A Kitty Party

1. Pair The Words

This is one of the easiest written paper games for a kitty party, where you have to write down some words on a sheet of paper, such as hide, bat, nut, or salt. The players will be given 30 seconds to a minute to complete the word pairings.

2. My Superstar Family

The players will be asked to write the names of all of their family members on paper. Then, they must assign the name of a movie to each member within a set time. After the time is up, the person who has the most creative movie names for their family members becomes the winner.

3. Fun Quizzes

Woman playing fun quiz in kitty party
Image: Shutterstock

Bring out your creativity with this funny one-minute written game for a kitty party. Give your players an alphabet, such as “ M,” with a set of questions, like the name of a state, movie, fruit, etc. The answers to all the questions must begin with the given alphabet, making the game more interesting.

4. Guess The Advertisement

This is one of the best games for a kitty party, where you ask the players to guess the name of the brand using their taglines.

protip_icon Quick Tip
You can increase the difficulty of this game by omitting one or two words from the tagline.

5. Brand Name

In this game, the players will be given a time limit and a paper with different categories, such as cosmetics, food, or clothes. They have to write down the names of as many brands belonging to that category as possible.

6. Great Minds Think Alike

In this game, guests note down their responses to different questions posed to the group, aiming to match their answers with others as much as possible.

7. Exquisite Corpse

In this game, each player takes turns to doodle a portion of a figure or creature on a piece of paper. Once each section is drawn, the drawing is folded up so that only the edges of the drawing is exposed. The catch is no one can see each other’s drawing and must draw their section with a blind assumption. This makes for a great interactive game that gives birth to entertaining sketches.

8. Paper Telephones

Players jot down a sentence on a piece of paper, then hide it by folding the paper and giving it to another player. The next player sketches a drawing based on that sentence, folds the paper to cover their drawing, and hands it over to another player. Each player does the same until the paper is filled, and once they’re done, they unfold the paper to see the final output.

9. Dots And Boxes

Each player should get a piece of paper and note each of the alphabets on individual chits and toss them in a bowl. Then, decide how many categories you want to play with. Categories can be anything, such as names, places, animals, things, food, actors, or actresses. One player picks a chit and everyone notes down words starting with that letter in those categories; grant one minute for the task. If more than one person writes the same word, cross it out. The person with the most unique words wins. They earn a point for each unique word

10. Word Square

Every player creates a hidden square grid with four spaces in both length and width. Players then take turns to call out a letter, which everyone subsequently adds to their grid. The challenge is to make as many four-letter words as you can. Don’t worry about repeating letters, that’s allowed! When the entire grid is filled, each player reveals theirs and counts the number of four-letter words they’ve got. Words can be formed in all directions. The player with the most words is the champion.

Memory Games For A Kitty Party

1. Remember The Items

This game includes a tray with various small items, such as safety pins, coins, or keyrings. The players will be given time to see all the items and memorize them, after which the tray will be covered with a large cloth. Within a set time, they need to write the names of as many items as they remember.

2. Remember The Songs

The players will be given the names of an actor-actress pairing. They need to sing as many songs of this pair as possible within a time limit. Such interesting games for kitty parties make these women’s gatherings exciting and fun.

3. Storytelling Memory Game

In this game, people go one by one building a story. Everyone must remember the story as said before their turn to add their own part. Whoever forgets to add the previous sections, sits out of the game.

4. Mismatch Memory Game

In this fun team game, one group leaves the room, while the other rearranges objects – such as furniture, lights, and carpets–in unexpected ways. Then, the first team returns and earns points by spotting the changes. The team who wasn’t present before takes their shot at this next. Altogether, the team that identifies the most unusual changes by the end, wins.

protip_icon Quick Tip
You can play a different version of this game in which you name a singer and the title of one of their albums. Players need to sing songs they remember from that album to win.

Coin And Pencil Games For A Kitty Party

1. Pick The Coin

This is one of those funny kitty party games where you will need to take out coins of different denominations. Mix all the coins in a bowl and set a time of 30 seconds or more. Every player will have to pick a denomination of their choice, and within the set time, pick as many of those coins as possible, using only one hand.

2. Coin On Cups

This popular game requires some disposable cups and coins. The players will be given a set time in which they have to arrange their cups to balance a coin between two of them. The player who balances the most coins becomes the winner.

3. Coins And Pencil Game

You need a sheet of styrofoam, new pencils, and some coins. Each player has to stick the pencil inside the styrofoam and then balance a coin on it. The player who manages to balance the most coins at the end of the game wins.

4. 1 to 20

Players are given a board with numbers from 1 to 20 written on it and a bowl full of coins. They have to place the coins on the board. The sum of the coins they put should be equal to the number on the board. Whoever does the most numbers correctly within a minute wins the game.

5. Coin Flip

Players alternately flip a coin and predict if it will show heads or tails. If they guess wrong, they can perform a dare of the winner’s/host’s choice.

6. Zero Coins

In this game, the goal is to get rid of coins from a stack. However, you can’t be the one to take the final coin. If you take the last coin, you lose the game.

7. Coins And Dates

In this game, you need to pair up coins with the year they were made. Dump a large pile of coins in a bowl and provide a tray on which to set the matched coins. Whichever team does it first wins.

8. Frozen Coins

In this game, people warm a frozen chunk of coins with their own body heat. They must get as many coins as they can out of the ice in just one minute.

One Minute Games In Kitty Party

One-minute games to play at a kitty party
Image: Shutterstock

1. Pick Up the Gem

This kitty party game requires a bowl of gems or candies, a pair of chopsticks, and a timer. Every player must pick up the gems or candy one by one and make a small pile within the set time. The player with the most candies becomes the winner.

2. Balloon Doodle

This can also be a part of the couple games for kitty parties. Each player gets a balloon and a pen. They must blow their balloon, secure it, and draw human figures on it within a minute. The figure should be complete with a face, body, hands, and legs. The person with the most number of figures is declared the winner.

3. Light The Candle

Each player has to light up as many candles as they can with a single matchstick. The one who has the most candles burning is the winner.

4. Treasure Hunt

In this exciting kitty party game, every player will be given a list of items to find in their handbags. The items can include specific things like red lipstick or yellow handkerchief. The player who has the most number of things from the list at the end of one minute is the winner.

5. Separate The Lentils

All you need is a bowl of mixed lentils. The players have to separate the different types of lentils within a minute. The person who separates the most number of lentils becomes the winner.

6. Peg Your Clothes

This game involves the players using clothespins to secure their clothes on a line. In one minute, the person who attaches the most number of clips to her clothes becomes the winner.

7. Button And Straw Game

Every lady will be given a straw, an empty plate, and a bowl of buttons. They have to use the straw to pick up the button and transfer it to their plate. They must not touch the buttons with their hands.

8. Make The Chain

This kitty party game requires every player to make a chain out of rubber bands and safety pins, with each being used alternatively. The person to make the longest chain in a minute wins.

9. Ping Pong

For this game, you just need ping pong balls, garbage bins, and a big area. Give ten balls to each player. Position a big bin in the middle of the room, but make the mouth of it narrow by wrapping it partially with newspapers; have players stand at a distance around it. Start a timer, then let players aim their balls toward the bin mouth. They get a point every time they make a shot.

10. Cup Stack

In this game, the participants must arrange 10-15 cups in a pyramid shape and then return them to one pile, all in under a minute.

11. Unwrap The Candies

In the time span of one minute, players are tasked with opening as many sweets as they can, using only a single hand.

12. Paper Airplane Challenge

In this game, you need to create and fly as many paper planes as you can in one minute. To make it more challenging, you can make a rule about the planes flying into a shoebox placed away from where the players are making the planes.

13. Bindi Circles

In this game, within a minute, players need to draw as many circles as they can on a piece of paper using a bindi. Since the bindis are sticky, it makes drawing the circles on paper quite challenging. At the end of the game, the one with the least number of circles must perform a previously agreed upon dare.

14. Pom Pom Race

In one minute, players need to use a straw to blow pom poms across a table. The winner will be rewarded with a treat.

15. Post-It Challenge

Players need to attach as many post-it notes to themselves in one minute. All the notes have to have truths about the player, except one which needs to be a lie. The loser will need to figure out which is the lie for each of the players.

16. Balloon Blow

In only one minute, players need to inflate and tie up as many balloons as they can. If they pop or lose air within the minute, that balloon will be disqualified.

Fun Games For A Kitty Party

Fun games to play at a kitty party
Image: Shutterstock

1. Nail The Paint

You need a cardboard spinner with instructions and different shades of nail paint. The cardboard spinner will have instructions such as “Red: Color the nail of the person on your left, Brown: Color of your fingernail”. Every player will take turns to spin the cardboard and follow the instructions as shown. The player who paints the most number of nails with the same color becomes the winner.

2. Cups On Cards

The players are given some disposable cups and a pack of playing cards. Within a minute, they have to stack the cups and cards alternatively on top of each other. The player who manages to make the highest tower wins.

3. Rice And Buttons

You need a big bowl of rice with 30 to 40 black and white buttons hidden in it. The players get 30 to 60 seconds to dig out the buttons from the rice bowl. They get 10 points for every white button and 5 for black ones. For each grain of spilled rice, 5 points are deducted. In the end, the one with the most points wins the game.

4. Biscuit Sliding Game

The players have to place the biscuit on their forehead and slide it into their mouth without touching it. If the biscuit falls, the player has to start all over again.

5. Pick The Rice

For this game, you will need small bowls, spoons, and a bowl of uncooked rice. The players have to hold the spoon in their mouth, pick up the rice grains, and transfer them to a small bowl. The only rule here is that they should not touch the spoon with their hand.

6. String The Popcorn

Every player will be given a bowl of popcorn, a needle, and a thread for this game. Within 45 seconds, the person who makes the longest popcorn necklace wins the game.

7. Likelihood Game

In this, everyone takes their turn to present a scenario of ‘most likely to happen’. Everyone then indicates who among them would be more plausible for the portrayed scenario.

8. Saran Wrap Game

This includes a reward-filled ball wrapped with a few layers of plastic wrap. Players have to try to unwrap it while having oven gloves on.

9. Murder Mystery Game

Take pieces of paper, with one marked with an “X” to denote the murderer. The other pieces can have roles the players have to play or can just say “possible victim”. Everyone walks in a grid-like pattern ensuring no collisions while passing others frequently. Each player must also handshake others as they pass. The murderer has to “kill” the players by softly scratching their wrists while shaking their hand. It’s not mandatory to “kill” each time. After getting their wrists scratched, players must wait for ten seconds before “dying”. As the game proceeds, players can take their turns to guess the murderer.  If the assumption is right, the game concludes, but on a wrong guess, they “die” and are out of the game. The game concludes only when the murderer is found out.

10. The Sticker Stalker

Everyone tries to stick as many of their own stickers onto others. The person able to stick the most stickers on others during the party wins.

11. No-Yes

In this game, the rule is not to say “yes”, or any other form of it, when talking or responding to anything. For an added challenge, ban “no” and words containing “yes” or “no”, such as “noon” or “yesterday.”

12. Post-It Note Game

One person writes down a name, thing, or celebrity name on a post-it and sticks it onto the head of one player. Then everyone tries to help explain the word on the paper to the one who has the note on their forehead, who can only ask yes or no questions. They need to get the word within three minutes

Bangle Games For A Kitty Party

1. Bangle And Candle

Each player will be given 30 seconds and a candle, along with some bangles. Within this time, they have to light up the candle and put as many bangles (using one bangle at a time) around it. The one with the most bangles wins the game.

2. Select The Bangle

You need a large box of colorful bangles and a timer. Once the timer goes off, the player has to separate the bangles of different colors from the box. The player who manages to separate the most bangles is the winner.

3. Wear The Bangles

This fun-filled game requires the players to wear as many bangles of the same color within 20 seconds. They have to choose the same bangles from a box and wear them one at a time. The lady who wears the most bangles becomes the winner.

4. Stick The Bangle

You will need a candle, a wooden board, and some bangles. The players have to light the candle, drop its wax on the board, and then stick the bangle onto it. The person who attaches the most bangles within a specific time wins the game.

5. Pick The Bangle

Simply put a bowl of bangles on a table. The host names a specific bangle, like red or thin, and the players try to be the fastest to grab it. Whoever has the most correct bangles, wins.

6. Bangle Handover

Split up the gathering into teams. Each team gets a bowl of bangles and an empty bowl somewhere else in the room. The first player wears as many bangles as they can and then moves to the next player who removes them using only one hand. Whichever team moves the most bangles and reaches the empty bowl within a set time, wins.

7. Remember The Bangles

Put different bangles on a tray in the middle of the table. Everyone gets paper and a pen. They get to memorize the tray for 30 seconds before it is covered. Then, they write down all they can recall. The person with the least forgetful brain wins.

8. Bangle Tossing

Suspend a hula hoop or a big circle somewhere above the gathering with a hook in the middle. Players have to toss bangles through the dangling hole and have them hang from the hook within the given time frame. Whoever gets the most through is hailed as the champ.

Tambola Ticket Games For A Kitty Party

Tambola game for kitty party
Image: Shutterstock

1. Tambola With A Twist

Make your number cards using pictures. You can use three kites instead of the number 3, five apples for 5, and so on to make the game more interesting.

2. Tambola Dividends

Create your cards using a number and multiples from 0 to 90. So, if a player chooses the number two, they can only write the numbers 2,4,6,8,10, and so on.

3. Themed Tambola

You can use the names of Hollywood movies or music with numbers instead of the usual number call. Choose from a wide range of films and songs as per your choice.

4. Flower Combo

The host names as many flower types as they can include in a list, and the players find and mark those types on their cards. The player who marks all flowers first wins.

5. Ice Scream

The host says ice cream flavors and players find and mark those flavors on their cards. The first one to mark all wins.

6. I Spy

The host shouts out an object’s name. Players must quickly take a picture of the object on their phone and mark that object on their cards. The player who marks all objects first and has the photos to show for it, wins.

7. Black List

The player cards have colored circles with numbers in the middle of them and one blacklisted spot they will be unaware of. The host will call out random numbers and when they call out the number of the blacklisted spot, whichever players mark it, lose the game. The player who correctly marks off all non-blacklisted items first wins.

Theme Games For A Kitty Party

Funny theme-based kitty party games
Image: Shutterstock

1. Summer-Themed Games

Pick the names of a few things common in summer, such as mangoes. Every player is given 30 seconds to write as many names of mangoes as they can. Alternatively, you can also ask them to write names of dishes with mangoes, and so on.

2. Valentine’s Day Themed Games

You can prepare a heart-shaped dartboard in red at home. Make circles on it and give them 10, 20, 30, 50, and 100 points, starting from the outermost ring to the innermost. Every player is given two chances to shoot the dart, and the player with the highest score wins.

3. Monsoon-Themed Games

Choose the Hollywood monsoon-themed song game where every player is given a rain-themed song, and they have to guess the name of the movie it has been featured in. The player with the most correct answers wins.

4. Retro-Themed Games

For retro-themed kitty party games, you can give each player a list of names of the yesteryear Hollywood stars. Every player is given 10 seconds to come up with the actor or actress who completed the star pair in the old days.

5. Floral-Themed Games

You can organize a flower decoration competition, where the players have to use different flowers to create a beautiful design in less than two minutes.

6. Famous TV Shows Theme Games

This is a team game. The players have to guess the name of the TV show according to the hints given by the other team. The hints can be anything from quotes or dialogues to enacting and mimicking but cannot contain any of the words in the TV show’s name..

7. Alphabet Theme Games

Choose an alphabet game theme for a literary gala. Teammates will pick a host for the game and decide their playing order. The host will choose a mystery word from the dictionary, saying its meaning but not the word. Players will try to guess and spell this word. To assist, the host can give synonyms or share the word length. Everyone will take multiple turns to play the game.

8. Fairytale Theme Games

Players have one minute to find out the fairytale that is being referred to, according to the songs played. Whoever guesses right, wins.

9. Casino Theme Games

In this game, players take turns spinning a roulette wheel. Each shot glass belongs to a spot on the wheel. When the wheel lands on their shot glass, the player must drink the shot.

10. Red Carpet Theme Games

Turn up the music and invite everyone to walk down the carpet as others cheer. After every guest gets a chance, have everyone pick who had the best walk. Alternatively, you could challenge your guests’ Hollywood knowledge with a quiz.

Infographic: 8 Best Kitty Party Games To Entertain Everyone

Kitty parties make your regular mundane life interesting with fun get-togethers, delicious food, and close friends. Meanwhile, organizers or hosts need to come up with different interesting and engaging group games and fun activities that make it more fun to attend. Games act as icebreakers for new members and are a key element in parties that make everyone communicate with each other.

Check out the infographic below to know the best types of kitty party games to entertain your guests in your next event.

8 best kitty party games to entertain everyone (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Kitty parties are wonderful gatherings to catch up with your friends and relieve the day’s struggles and stress. The usual kitty party is synonymous with gossip and getting drunk, but playing a couple of kitty party games can add some spice to the evening. So, sit back and unwind with your closest friends with these games. Set the party’s tone, o follow a specific theme, and organize the games accordingly. Choose from an array of options – whether it is a chill, fun quiz, or an exciting minute to win it game, there is something for everyone here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do a kitty party?

If you want to organize a kitty party, select the venue, prepare the list of guests, select your party theme and décor, and provide good food and entertainment.

What are the rules of a kitty party?

Kitty parties must be run by a woman and conducted every month. The age of the members must be above 18 years. The organizer must have a conversation about parties and will be responsible for coordinating everyone. In addition, males have no entry to kitty parties.

How do I make a kitty video invitation?

Choose a template design for the invitation, add all photos, venue details, and time to the invitation, and share it with the respected group.

How do you make money at a kitty party?

Kitty party is best known for rotating savings. Every month all members in the group contribute some amount to the kitty, and it is given to the person who is hosting a party in a given month.

Key Takeaways

  • Kitty parties not only help you catch up with your friends but also give you a break from your work and home.
  • You can choose games like fun quizzes, treasure hunts, team building exercises, etc., and enjoy them like never before.
  • The best part is – age is no barrier!

Have some fun with these one-minute games, perfect for indoor parties, kitty parties, and more. Get ready to challenge yourself and your gang of friends! Check out the video below!

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