15 Colorful Koi Fish Tattoo Designs

15 Colorful Koi Fish Tattoo Designs Hyderabd040-395603080 March 14, 2019

Koi fish is a decorative carp and has a very long history in the Japanese culture. The Koi fish is a very strong symbol with extremely deep meaning for those who choose it as part of their body art. They are mostly seen in water ponds, gardens, with blooms of flowers there.

While choosing a design, make sure that your Koi fish tattoo conveys the meaning that you want to exhibit. Kois are differentiated by the way of scaling, colors, patterns on their bodies and more.

Here I am listing a few wonderful koi tattoos. Look through the list and select!

The Best Koi Fish Tattoo Designs

1. Pouting Koi Tattoo:

This tattoo is such a lovely adaption of koi fish with pink flowers, falling petals, the greens and the scales. It couldn’t get any more beautiful.

2. Angry Koi Tattoo:

This mean looking koi fish looks little bit different from others. Very fun! The lovely combination of red and the orange colors make it attractive. You can also spot little pink flowers with green leaves at the base.

3. Yellow And Green Koi Tattoo:

Here is a huge multi-colored koi fish with colors like green, yellow, pink, blue and black. You name it and that color is here. Majestic and big, this koi tattoo will make many heads turn.

4. Koi With Lotus Tattoo:

This tattoo depicts a peaceful look and the koi fish beneath the lotus flower makes the tattoo look awesome. This tattoo is one of a kind. Isn’t it? Moreover, the leaves are also inked beautifully.

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5. Black And Grey Koi Tattoo:

Yet another huge koi tattoo, this one covers almost whole back. The black and grey colors make a lovely gradient. The detailing around the koi is very interesting.

6. Annoyed Koi Tattoo:

How would you like a koi that looks like a heart at the first sight? Yes, it looks superb doesn’t it? With a fierce look on the face, the fish seems to have some serious intentions.

7. Pretty Koi Tattoo:

Cutest koi on the block, this mermaid like cutie is an awesome idea for tattoo right? I love the way the red, blue and the black outlines are enhancing its look. It looks so amazing.

8. Huge Eyey Koi Tattoo:

What do you see? A koi or a flower? This is definitely one of my favorites in koi tattoos. The black color used in various gradients makes it so lovely.

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9. Happy Koi Tattoo:

This is one of the best koi tattoos. It is just so super ethereal and awesome. Amazing art with wonderful detailing, this is what body art should look like.

10. Lovely Koi Tattoo:

An orange koi with pretty flowers around is a lovely sight! I love how playful the koi looks, like it’s going to jump out any moment. Plus the flowers have a good detailing around with orange and purple colors.

11. Charming Koi Tattoo:

You see here a tumbled koi? Yes, this one makes you want to tilt your head and look. The detailing is lovely. This tattoo definitely makes it to the list with its amazing scaling work.

12. Couple Koi Tattoo:

A koi couple here stands out unique with its beautiful bright color. The colors are wonderful with just the perfect blend of red and orange colors. The scales look amazing.

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13. Koi On Vaste:

Now this one is sassy, isn’t it? The shades of orange here and there make it super amazing and pretty. Love the way the coloring of the tattoo has been done.

14. Kissing Koi Tattoo:

This kissing koi is one colorful tattoo. The flower looks precious and fun. I like the way the flowers and water bubbles are so together.

15. Colorful Koi Tattoo:

This colorful tattoo is one of the most feminine koi tattoos.  The bright colors help in enhancing its beauty. Super fun!

These are my top 15 koi fish tattoos. Which is your favorite? Shoot a comment and let me know!

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