Top 10 Latest Kolam Designs For You To Try This 2024

A collection of lovely Kolam designs to get you started with the festivities.

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Kolam is a well-known form of Rangoli, typically found in South Indian homes. It is mainly done using rice flour with bare hands – an ancient form of art that involves making geometric designs with the help of a grid of predefined dots. Therefore, we want to introduce you to some new kolam designs worth trying. So, scroll down and check out what we have in store for you. Go ahead and adorn your courtyards with these designs.

Kolam Designs

Here we have some new and interesting Kolam designs for all of you to try this 2024.

1. The first one of the designs is quite unique due to its shape. Usually rangoli Kolam designs are made keeping in mind a certain geometrical shape but here we see a new design. The design is a symmetrical one and is made using the famous dot style Kolam technique. While some of you are already aware of it, it is actually a technique where a grid is taken as the guide line and designs are drawn connecting the dots on the grid.

2. We feel this is the simplest of all designs for Kolam and even beginners can do this one. Once you have got the grid ready all you need to do is draw lines according to the picture here and you are good to go.

3. While Kolam designs are mostly done using geometric shapes there are some designs like this too, where the dots are connected to form floral designs. Use of color makes it look even more presentable and beautiful. We feel this too is ideal for a beginner. It is also perfect if you have less time in hand.

4. This floral/star shaped Kolam rangoli too is based on the dot Kolam technique. This rangoli can be reduced into a smaller version too. This rangoli follows the infinity loop pattern which is quite popular among Kolam designs. It’s also significant that the infinite loop theory used in Kolam is being used in computer science also.

5. This is a star shaped rangoli and the use of green and blue color makes it look quite attractive. The design in the middle is same as the one above. This design too needs good amounts of skills to be done perfectly so we do not suggest this for beginners. The design is based on the infinity loop pattern as well.

6. This beautiful rangoli is also made using the grid and dot technique, but instead of geometric patterns, here we see floral shapes as well as birds created in the rangoli. The main guideline remains as the dots but the design here is much unique than what we are used to see. This is quite good for a beginner also.

7. This Kolam rangoli uses dots and is made just by connecting the dots. Those who have a bit of practice in making rangoli will quite easily do this one. This is a symmetrical design and is perfect for those with limited expertise and time.

8. This beautiful latest Kolam designs is quite complex and we feel the need for good skills to get the same results. This too follows the dot technique but the designs and shapes are quite complex. Human faces, heart, flower, leaves and many other shapes are used here.

9. This colourful rangoli is quite a good change from the usual ones we see. The pattern here is a symmetrical one and is one of the latest Kolam designs with dots. We love the bright colors used which is perfect for the festive season.

10. This Pongal Kolam designs look great for smaller areas. We love the designs in the middle depicting the true essence of Kolam. The design is square and is easy to do even for untrained hands.

Kolam is a type of rangoli native to South India. It’s an ancient form of rangoli design that involves creating geometric designs with predefined dots, curves, and loops. Kolam designs are typically made with rice or chalk powder. Today, synthetic colors and turmeric are used to add a splash of color to the designs. You can go for the simple dot kolam or the more intricate floral kolam design. The good news is that this article provides you with a list of new kolam designs that can take your kolam art to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of kolam?

Kolam art symbolizes auspiciousness, prosperity, happiness, and luck.

What is the difference between rangoli and kolam?

Rangoli and kolam share many similarities and can be used interchangeably. While rangoli usually includes free-flowing art, kolam includes dots, geometric shapes, and symmetry.

What is Pongal kolam?

Pongal kolam refers to the elaborate, beautiful kolam drawn outside homes during Pongal, a harvest festival.

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