Top 10 Latin Tattoo Designs

Top 10 Latin Tattoo Designs October 12, 2017

A tattoo is a form of body modification. It is the engraving of art or letters on the skin by injecting ineradicable ink into the dermis layer of the skin. Permanent tattoos last for a lifetime. Today we shall check out the top 10 Latin tattoos. Latin is one of the Romance languages in literature. Latin inscriptions are gaining popularity due to two factors. First, it is not spoken by the majority of people around the world, and hence lends an air of mystery. It often acts as a conversation starter. Second, the language is exquisite when inscribed with different fonts and looks attractive. Following are the list of some unique Latin tattoos one may come across:

Top 10 Latin Tattoos:

1. “She flies with her own wings”:

This is a beautiful message that talks about independence and flight, and freedom from bondage and shackles. “She flies with her own wings” states the bravery it takes to follow your dreams without help from others. This tattoo is best replicated in a curly font, for the shoulders or the back.

2. Unbreakable:

This tattoo is mostly done by girls. It is about strength and how girls are not fragile. It talks of strength and courage, and standing against all odds to defeat them and emerge triumphant. It is in a clear, cursive font, meant for the wrists.

3. Live beautifully, Dream passionately, Love completely:

This tattoo is about living life to the fullest. The phrase, “Live beautifully” refers to finding beauty in everyday life. “Dream passionately” – means to follow your heart and never give up hope. “Love completely” is to give in, to let go, to free oneself and love from the core of one’s being. “Live beautifully, Dream passionately, Love completely” is a profound statement. This Latin tattoo quotes is in dark blue ink in a clear font with minimal embellishments.

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4. To Infinity:

This tattoo is in a beautiful cursive script with loops in black ink. It talks about limits, and how infinity is the only true limit, which is another way of saying that everything in life is limitless. This tattoo speaks of living without limits, or living life to the fullest in the short while that we have.

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5. Trust yourself:

Self-doubt is the root of all dilemmas. This tattoo, on the finger, is in plain black ink and states the obvious – that we must trust ourselves because it is only us who can judge the situation best in order to decide what is best for us. So, trusting yourself is the path to self-discovery and confidence.

6. Out of the darkness into the light:

This Latin tattoo quotes depicts the words in black ink, in Monotype Corsiva font in small lettering. Above it is the silhouette of a golden eagle, with its wings outstretched. The eagle is filled in with black ink. This tattoo talks of enlightenment, and how knowledge and wisdom can wipe away the darkness.

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7. Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path:

This tattoo is in black ink and small font with well-spaced lettering. It is a tattoo meant for the foot. This tattoo talks about spiritual awakening and about following what one believes in.

8. Blessed are the peacemakers:

This tattoo is also in the Monotype Corsiva font in black ink. It is meant for the wrist. It talks about the importance of peace and those who bring about peace.

9. Everything happens for a reason:

This tattoo is in black ink and in capital letters, in the Times New Roman font with clear spacing. It talks about acceptance and how everything that happens, happens for a reason.

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10. To the stars through difficulties:

This tattoo is in black ink in a cursive font with loops and fancy lettering. It means that success can only be achieved through hard work.

Hope you liked these tattoo designs. Which Latin phrases for tattoos would you like to sport on your body? Reply us through your comments.

Tattoos last for a lifetime, so get associated to a community and shape your tattoo idea for the best influence.


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