20 Lovely Lavender Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Refreshingly unique takes on blending soft purple hues to help you hop on the trend

Reviewed by Madison Dufour, Barber & Cosmetologist
By Arshiya Syeda

If you love fantastical and mythical things, we have a treat for you. Would you like to look like a forest fairy or nymph? If yes, you need to go through some lavender ombre hair color ideas! This ombre coloring trend applies a gradient effect to your hair. The top of your hair is dark but bleeds into a lighter shade as it reaches the bottom. And when you pair the color lavender with an ombre effect, magical things start to happen! Your hair looks vibrant with more depth and dimension because of the gradient effect. This makes your hair look thicker and more voluminous. You look like a surreal princess from another realm!

In this article, we have added a lavender ombre tutorial to achieve it yourself. Scroll down to check out some mystical lavender ombre ideas and DIY tips.

How To Do Lavender Ombre On Your Hair At Home

What You Need

  • Old towel
  • Paddle brush
  • Hair bleaching kit
  • Lavender hair color
  • Bowls
  • Rubber gloves
  • Hair coloring brush
  • Rubber bands

How To Ombre

Note: Perform a strand test to check if your hair is healthy enough to bleach. Drop a hair strand into a glass of water. If the strand floats, your hair is healthy enough to bleach. If the strand sinks to the bottom of the glass, avoid bleaching your hair. Take the necessary steps to make your hair healthy.

  1. Drape an old towel on your shoulders to protect your clothes from getting stained and brush the knots out of your hair.
  2. Put on your gloves.
  3. Mix and prepare your bleach according to the instructions given on the box.
  4. Vertically divide your hair into two sections, one on either side of your face.
  5. Now, divide these 2 big sections into as many smaller sections as you want to make bleaching them convenient for you.
  6. Tie each section with a rubber band a couple of inches below your roots.
  7. Start applying bleach to each section of hair, starting from the ends and pulling the bleach up with your fingers. Apply bleach only till right below your jawline.
  8. Make sure to concentrate more bleach on the ends of your hair and gradually reduce the amount as you work your way up.
  9. Use the tip of the brush to feather the bleach upwards. This blends any strong bleach lines.
  10. Leave the bleach on for the time duration indicated on the box but keep checking the shade it has lightened to every 15 minutes. Also, don’t leave the bleach on for more than 40 minutes.
  11. Once your hair has lightened to your desired shade, wash the bleach off with shampoo.
  12. Blow dry your hair completely.
  13. Redivide and tie your hair up in the same sections again.
  14. Mix and prepare your lavender hair color in a bowl, following the instructions given on the box.
  15. Put your gloves back on and apply the color to all the bleached sections of your hair. Make sure you pull the color up an inch above your fade line so that it blends seamlessly into your natural base color.
  16. Leave it on for the duration of time indicated on the box.
  17. Wash off the color until the water runs clear before shampooing and conditioning it with color safe products.

And that’s it! That’s all you need to do ombre on your hair with a beautiful lavender shade! Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s look at all the gorgeous ways that you can style your lavender ombre…

20 Lovely Lavender Ombre Hair Color Ideas

1. Silver Tinted Lavender Ombre

The list starts off strong with this ombre done on golden brown hair with a lavender shade that has silver undertones to it. The almost silvery grey shade of the lavender gives it a cool gunmetal effect. Style this ombre in a short bob and super defined curls to complete its chic vibe.

2. Dusty Lavender Ombre

If an ombre with a defined fade line is not up your speed then you can go for one that fades gradually down the length of your hair. The rich amethyst tones of this lavender ombre give the whole look a dusted effect. The subtle streaks of copper and the wavy styling only work to make the lavender pop even more.

3. Top To Bottom Lavender Ombre

You know what they say about any hair color looks- you either go big or go home. And, baby, you’re gonna go larger than life with the lavender ombre hair look that looks like it’s straight out of a graphic novel. The subtle gradient from a rich violet hue to a soft lavender one looks absolutely magnificent on a sleek straight cut bob.

4. Dip Dyed Lavender Ombre

If you just want a pop of color in your chocolate brown tresses without looking over the top, then a subtle ombre concentrated at the lower third of your hair is a great idea. The dip-dyed ends of this soft lavender style look even prettier when it starts fading out. And it looks prettier when styled in a long bob with wispy bangs.

5. Pink To Lavender Sombre

I get it if you don’t want to go for an ombre with a defined crease line where the two colors merge. In that case, a better option for you would be a sombre (a subtle ombre, get it?) that comprises a subtle gradient from fuschia pink to lavender. The reverse sombre effect is elevated even more by being styled in an edgy short bob and dramatic curls.

6. Silver Fox Lavender Ombre

Get ready to cast some dual toned magic with perhaps the prettiest lavender ombre style known to man. This dull silver to vibrant lavender reverse ombre works magnificently to create a silver fox inspired hair look. This style looks stunning on super long hair, over a boho chic outfit.

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7. Candy Floss Lavender Ombre

Was your childhood dream to look like a purple and pink candy floss princess? Then here’s how you can fulfill it. Color your hair in a triple toned ombre look starting from ice blue to lavender to pastel pink. The shades in this look blend so seamlessly that they look like they naturally grew out of her head that way.

8. Smokey Lavender Ombre

Tones of ashy blonde and muted lavender blend together to create this gorgeous ombre style that’s one for the ages. This cool toned balayage ombre exudes a dark and mysterious vibe that may be subtle but is sure as hell not escaping anyone’s attention.

9. Kool Aid Lavender Ombre

You remember how back in the day dip dyeing your hair with Kool Aid juice packets seemed like a great idea? Well, this ombre style attempts to recreate that same look. And if you already have blonde hair, you don’t have to take the trouble of bleaching it! The soft lavender creates a pretty dip-dyed effect that’s oh-so-easy to touch up.

10. Dark Lavender Ombre

If a dark and sultry look is what you’re going for then, that’s exactly what you’ll get with this dramatic lavender ombre look. This almost all-over ombre style starts high up on her hair, leaving just her roots in her natural black shade. The curls that this ombre look is styled adds even more dimension to it.

11. Icy Lavender Ombre

If Queen Elsa had a long-lost sister, this would probably be the hair look she’d rock. This icy white to pale lavender ombre look has a bit of a shadow root that adds a touch of dimension. Style this look in a long angled bob for a sleek and modern finish.

12. Dark To Light Lavender Ombre

Hair color looks inspired by geode formations are a dime a dozen these days. But none can beat this lavender ombre inspired by an amethyst geode. The transition from deep luxurious violet to powdery soft lavender is a stunning study in contrast. The low waves styling takes the whole look to another level.

13. Classic Lavender Ombre

Simple hair color looks have a beauty of their own that cannot be compared to ones that have a whole lot of frills and fancies going on. This classic lavender ombre is the best example to demonstrate this. From a rich mahogany brown, it almost instantly fades into a light lavender shade pretty high up in her long hair. This is the kind of color job that works brilliantly with intricate braided hairstyles.

14. Gradual Lavender Ombre

All you blonde chiquitas can rejoice because I’ve got another lavender ombre you can sport without having to bleach your hair! The gradual descent of this ombre in soft lavender and subtle pink tones can easily be achieved with temporary hair dye. Style it straight and in a simple braid to keep the focus on the gorgeous color job.

15. Galaxy Lavender Ombre

I’ll give you a minute while you stare in awe at this absolute thing of beauty. I mean, who doesn’t love a good galaxy inspired hair look? The dark rich blue and violet in this look fade gracefully into a pastel lavender to create depth and dimension as you’ve never seen before.

16. Pops Of Color Lavender Ombre

A good way to mix up your lavender ombre look is to experiment with different colors to contrast against it. The auburn ombre tips on blonde hair in this look, for instance, work as a great canvas for the light lavender highlights. And the best part of this style is that you can cut off the ends at the end of the summer if that’s what your heart desires!

17. Milky Lavender Ombre

A grey tinted background works marvelously to bring out the vibrant tones of any color you put on it. The uniqueness of this ombre lies in the way it transitions from dark brown to milky gray to a muted lavender absolutely seamlessly. Take this look to the next level by styling it in layers and curls.

18. Metallic Lavender Ombre

If you’re living in 3017 while the rest of us are stuck in 2017, here’s an ombre look that you will definitely love. The silver undertones of this lavender ombre lend it the perfect futuristic feel that you’re looking for. The cool-toned brown on top and ashy blonde in the midshaft pull the vibe together.

19. Rose Gold Tinted Lavender Ombre

The idea of a monotone hair color look may sound boring to you but trust me when I say that it’s anything but that. This pretty coffee brown to light lavender ombre look is proof of just that. The rose gold tints add some subtle metallic dimension that complements the purple shade perfectly.

20. Peach Toned Subtle Lavender Ombre

Add a peachy touch to your hair with pink tinted lavender ombre look that has peach undertones running through it. This gorgeous warm toned color job works brilliantly on chocolate brown hair and looks best when styled in low waves.

If we are honest, we have to admit that we are partial to lavender ombre. These ombres look so beautiful and stunning. The light purple shades of lavender bleeding into each other, creating a masterpiece! Have you picked a favorite lavender ombre yet? If not, scroll up, browse these surreal lavender ombre hair color ideas, and choose one to color your hair with. Follow the DIY tutorial mentioned above to color your hair at home. However, we do recommend having an expert color your hair, especially when it comes to ombre because they could be tough to achieve on the first go.

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