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5 Simple Layered Hairstyles for Long Hair

5 Simple Layered Hairstyles for Long Hair April 10, 2018

Long hair can be styled in different ways to suit different occasions and outfits, but the most versatile of all is a layered hairstyle for long hair. This is the all-season, all-function and all-garment and all-age-group hairstyle that is worth being proud of. It suits almost all face types and does not require much styling.

Layers add volume to your hair without adding weight leaving you with a bubbly and breezy look that adds an oomph factor to your look that is simply to die for! A layered style for long hair is the one style that gives you the freedom to play around all you want. Here are some ideas to help you reinvent that long hair cut with these gorgeous layered locks.

Style 1: Long Wavy Hairstyle with Layers

Long Wavy Hairstyle Pinit

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This works really well for wavy hair, the hair needs to be cut at the crown into a few layers followed by deeper layers down the length, leaving you with a tapered look at the tip. The length of the layers depends on the volume of your hair as well. You can experiment with different bangs as this style looks great with all types of bangs. Just simply make medium thick curls to get the best look.

Style 2: Choppy Long Hairstyle with Layers

Choppy long Hairstyle Pinit

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This is more edgy hairstyle which has been sported by Avril Lavigne for a while. It doesn’t work for curly or wavy hair but can be easily styled on straight tresses. For this choppy layered style, all hair should to be cut into layers, and then cut every strand at different length, to get the choppy layered effect.

Style 3: Layered Style for long hair with flipped ends

Layered style Long Hairstyle Pinit

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For this look, hair is cut into a few layers near the crown and the remainder is cut into deeper layers. It is finally styled by slipping the hair ends outwards or inwards. If you already have layered hair this hairstyle can easily be attained by using a blow dryer and a round brush. This hairstyle goes best with straight hair.

Style 4: Long Razor Cut Layers

Long razor cut layers hairstyle Pinit

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Razor haircuts are a way to soften, lighten and thin the hair. Women who want a razor cut should have straight to slightly wavy hair. Razor cutting curly hair will make it unruly and frizzy. Although razor cuts are typically used for short or medium-length hair, there are a few styles that look great on long hair, as well. It can also be developed into a face framing hairstyle. The razor cut hairstyles gives a very modern and sleek look.

Style 5: Sleek Layered Hairstyles

Sleek layered hairstyle Pinit

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The golden child of haircuts, long length with long layers makes everyone look like a star. To get this classic look of layered long hairstyles, you will need straight fine hair. Middle part your hair, and then cut the hair on sides into deep layers starting from your jaw level. This style looks good with blunt Cleopatra or side blunt bangs.

Long hair is making a huge comeback these days and layered long hairstyle add a whole new dimension to it. So don’t be afraid to experiment a little by trying out these simple hairstyles for layered long hair and change the way your look completely.

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I hope this post will help you decide which layers cut to choose on your long hair.


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