35 Stunning Lemonade Braids

Written by Anjali Sayee

Becky’s “good hair” ain’t nothing compared to Beyonce’s tresses!

Beyonce has such incredible hair that she has inspired a new trend – lemonade braids! They are a braided style that has bewitched black women everywhere. I’m here to bring you the ”tea” on everything about lemonade braids. Lemonade braids are woven close to the scalp and towards one side. They are very stylish and inspired by Beyonce’s braided look in the video of her song ”Formation.”

Want to know more about these exquisite braids? Just scroll down!

What Are Lemonade Braids?

Lemonade braids are a protective style sported by black women. These braids start at the front and are woven and swept to one side. Their name was inspired by Beyonce’s album Lemonade.

What Is The Difference Between Box Braids And Lemonade Braids?

Box braids are sectioned into square or rectangular partitions. On the other hand, lemonade braids are cornrowed on one side.

Now that you have a fair idea about what lemonade braids are, let’s check out the 35 best ways that you can style them.

35 Stunning Lemonade Braids

1. Aligned Lemonade Braids

stolenbykokoyamsss / Instagram

Looking for gym hairdo? Try this lemonade braided style. Not only do these thin braids keep hair off your face, but they also look super on point! You can now work out while looking like a queen.

2. Burgundy Lemonade Braids

bxddiee.posts / Instagram

Adding a dash of color to your braids can make all the difference in the world. The best thing about it is that you don’t need to color all your hair to make it happen. Simply get colored extensions or color the extensions yourself. It’s a foolproof plan!

3. Classic Side Braids

Thin cornrow braids, perfectly aligned with the scalp. Notice how the different line patterns merge perfectly. Anyone who loves clean-cut styles will appreciate it! It also shows how much thought and effort has gone into the whole process.

4. Lemonade Braids Bun

kween2kween / Instagram

Have a formal event to get to, but none of your regular updos are nailing it? Try adding some Dutch braids and lemonade braids all around your scalp and tie them up in a high bun. It’s sure to spice up the hairdo and bring you all the attention you want.

5. Lemonade Braids High Ponytail

classicbraids310 / Instagram

This is for all those working women who need to wear formals to work. Lemonade braids tied up in a high ponytail let everyone know you mean business. You can add your personal touch to this style by accessorizing it with a colorful hair tie or tying it slightly to the side.

6. Classic Parted Lemonade Braids

cali_braids / Instagram

If you want something simple and not over-the-top, you need to try out this classic side-parted style. It looks sophisticated but fun. Perfect for a hard day’s work followed by partying at night.

7. Curved Parting Lemonade Braids

deescreativehands / Instagram

A curve can make your day! Try this stunning lemonade braids style with a curved parting. If you are someone who likes keeping things simple, this hairstyle is for you. The braids look sharp and on point, with the curve adding a cool angled look to your locks.

8. Thin Lemonade Braids

laslaybraids / Instagram

The thing with thin lemonade braids is that they make your hair look thicker and more voluminous. Moreover, if you have a round face, these thin braids will make it look slimmer.

9. Jumbo Lemonade Braids

lisashairaddiction / Instagram

The best thing about braided protective styles is that you get to experiment with hair extensions. They make your hair look thicker while protecting it from damage and breakage. Thank God for extensions! Can I get an amen?

10. Designer Lemonade Braids

kayaloveshair / Instagram

Showcase a masterpiece on your hair with this creatively designed protective hairdo. These swooping lemonade braids are truly a thing to behold. I would recommend getting a professional to do this hairstyle instead of trying it yourself.

11. Colorful Lemonade Braids

eye__en__cee__718 / Instagram

If you are using extensions, you might as well go all out! Thanks to hair extensions, you don’t need to put your natural locks through the test of color damage. You can use colored extensions or color the extensions yourself. Pretty cool, right? Say goodbye to hair damage!

12. Line And Curved Lemonade Braids

touchedbynatasha  / Instagram

This hairstyle flows so smoothly. The lines and curves merge together to form a surreal hairstyle. Never underestimate the power of perfectly done partitions, especially if they result in a cool look like this!

13. Warm-Toned Lemonade Braids

vipbraids1 / Instagram

Hairstylists will always tell you to pick a color that matches your skin’s undertone. If the veins on your wrist look green, then you have a warm undertone. Opt for colors that have a slight yellow or golden hue.

14. Top Designed Lemonade Braids

braids_by_deeeee / Instagram

Black women truly know the power of hairstyling. They know exactly how to part and weave a braid, making it look like something out of this world. What makes it even better is that these braids have been around for ages. Talk about a rich heritage!

15. Tribal Side Braids

1755braids / Instagram

Tribal lemonade or side braids look AWESOME! While the rest of your hair is weaved in side braids, one small section is weaved in front of your ear. This gives the hairstyle a tribal vibe.

16. Highlighted Lemonade Braids

musesuniform  / Instagram

Don’t deny it. When you go to the gym, you want to work out but also look good. There’s nothing wrong with it. You can sport these thick, highlighted lemonade braids while you work out.

17. Jumbo Red Lemonade Braids

thebeautycave / Instagram

Jumbo braids not only look good but also help frame your face. They can make a round face look slender and long. Throw in some color to match your personality and get ready to make heads turn.

18. Symmetrical Braids

titihairbraiding / Instagram

When it comes to lemonade braids, symmetry is important. It not only affects the flow of the braids but also adds a luxurious vibe to the look. Just take a look at this hairstyle – isn’t it pleasing to the eye?

19. Fashionista Lemonade Braids

wilchertouch / Instagram

There’s something mesmerizing about the way the partitions of lemonade braids zig-zag. The hairstyle looks even better when they are done meticulously. They help create a hair look that’s fit for a fashionista.

20. Deep Side Braids

styledbykatt / Instagram

Each braid in this hairstyle looks so well-defined. I love the colored extensions used in the creation of this look. If you have thin hair and think you can’t pull off lemonade braids, think again!

21. Traditional Side Braids

flossykaylooks / Instagram

This hairstyle looks super hardcore! Take a gander at this fabulous side braid hairdo. Looks spectacular, right? Try it out with any black braids style (ghana, tree, or feed-in), and you won’t be disappointed.

22. Thin Side Braids

Try this little twist with your classic lemonade braids style. The thinness of each braid makes it look even more captivating. It gives your hair a natural look and like you haven’t added extensions.

23. Diva Lemonade Braids

Who doesn’t like looking like a diva? Channel your inner diva with these stunning threaded lemonade braids and starting singing “Ladies get in formation…” I’m sure it’ll set your mood for the day!

24. Edgy Lemonade Bun

kween2kween / Instagram

Every girl wants to achieve the edgy badass look. This hairstyle will certainly help you accomplish it! Weave multiple small side braids (leaving the lower half of your hair unbraided), tie it in a super high ponytail, and accessorize with tons of gold beads to achieve this look.

25. Feed-In Lemonade Braids

styledbykatt / Instagram

If simple braids just don’t do it for you, give these feed-in lemonade braids a shot. Mix in a few blonde hair extensions to give your hair a gorgeous highlighted effect.

26. Cool-Toned Lemonade Braids

hairbylayla / Instagram

Look at the veins on your wrist. Are they blue? If yes, you have cool-toned skin. Colors like copper, blue, and silver tend to look great on you. You need to consider this when you pick a hair color. It can accentuate your lemonade braids beautifully.

27. Low Side Ponytail

awanihair / Instagram

Oh my gosh, talk about perfection! Tell me I’m not the only one seeing those flawless braids coming together to form a low side ponytail. There is only one word to describe this look: badass.

28. Ombre Lemonade Braids

niasoulesalon / Instagram

Who doesn’t love a good ombre? Especially when it doesn’t involve coloring your hair. This works best on shoulder-length hair, and your extensions are much longer and colored. This creates the ombre effect.

29. Lined Braids

There is beauty in simplicity. I mean, look at this incredible hairdo. The baby hair is finger waved to add a natural touch while the sides are styled perfectly straight. Flawlessness at its best!

30. Designer Side Braids

It’s all about lines and angles. Geometry finally makes sense! These angled patterns make for a great pattern that no one can take their eyes off of. If you love styling your hair like this, I’d say, go for it and get creative!

31. Queen Lemonade Braids

hairbyjackie40 / Instagram

Who doesn’t want to feel like Queen Bey? To do so, weave your side braids in mix-and-match patterns to create this royal look. You’ll surely rule the world with this eye-catching hairstyle.

32. Gradual Lemonade Braids

kween2kween / Instagram

Protective braids are extremely common, so how can you set your hairstyle apart from everyone else? Add some subtle colored extensions. They will make your braids look on fleek! I love how these braids are thicker at the top and gradually get thinner towards the ends.

33. Creative Lemonade Braids

sweetzdezines / Instagram

Are you artistic? Creative? Are you always doodling away? Channel that creativity into your hair look. You won’t be disappointed as it might lead to a stunning lemonade braids style like this!

34. Versatile Lemonade Braids

feistypisceskila / Instagram

Lemonade braids are versatile. They can look fierce or happy. Embrace their versatility to change your look every day. For example, you can style these stunning lemonade braids in a big braid or a low bun.

35. Swept Lemonade Braids

houstonbraids / Instagram

We know that side swept bangs work wonders for all face shapes. Now you can incorporate that sweep into your braids as well. Just take inspiration from this hairstyle.

Lemonade braids are the perfect hairstyle for badass women. Go on and try out some of these styles and let us know which ones were your favorites in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are they called lemonade braids?

Lemonade braids are actually side-swept braids. In 2016, Beyonce came out with an epic album called Lemonade. There’s a song called “Formation” in which she sports these kinds of braids. Since then, side -wept braids have been called lemonade braids.

Who sports lemonade braids?

Black women sport lemonade braids as a tribute to their roots.

Who started lemonade braids?

Lemonade braids have been a part of the African protective styling history for a very long time. Though it can’t be said who exactly started them, we do know that they started going by the name ‘lemonade braids’ when Beyonce’s album of the same name came out.

How can you accessorize your lemonade braids?

You can play around with accessories like rings, beads, colorful threads, and traditional hair clips.

How long lemonade braids last?

If taken care of properly, lemonade braids can last for up to 3 weeks.

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