Leo Quotes That Every Leo Woman Will Definitely Relate To

Understand the traits and characteristics of this fire sign through beautiful quotes.

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If you are into astrology and looking for some motivation to describe yourself with a catchy phrase, as a Leo, you are in for a treat here. This article lists some of the perfect Leo quotes that aptly describe you based on your personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses as per your horoscope.

Those born between July 23 to August 22 fall under the Leo zodiac sign. Leos tend to have a fiery personality as they belong to a summer sign. The sign is ruled by the sun, and its symbol is a lion. In addition, Leos are warm, strong, brave, and dynamic. We have covered all the above Leo traits and more in the famous quotes below. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down for a glimpse of Leos’ magnificence.

Best Leo Quotes

If you are a Leo, these quotes will be worth your while because they will hoist you up to reach your dreams; yes, dreams, for you will have more than one. A Leo also happens to be synonymous with the lion, king of the jungle. Remember Mufasa from “The Lion King”, an ideal king idolized, respected, and feared by all and also a loving father? Yes! That’s it! So, without any delay, let us check these quotes about Leo that we have listed below for ya.

  •  A Leo brims with confidence towards their convictions.
  • Leos can always carve a special place in your heart.
  • The August man rarely comes undone.
  • A Leo is a fine balance of warm yet not fuzzy, also sharp and incisive with a susceptible heart.
  • An embodiment of power and might, a whiff of wilderness with a touch of the tender heart, is how I would define a Leo…
  • Friendly and loyal yet detached and fierce.
  • Leos have many friends,
    But remember, a Leo does not easily bend

Leo Woman Quotes

A confident leo woman
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If you are a lady Leo, then these quotes on Leo woman will portray the perfect picture of your personality. These awesome quotes highlight her strong personality and show her true colors. Why wait then? Let us check them all out too!

  • The bright light that can dazzle the eyes of this world, with an intensity that at times people are scared to glare.
  • A Leo woman has the nerve of steel,
    To enjoy the verve, to honestly feel.
  • A lady Leo chooses her own path and has the will and determination to follow it no matter what.
  • Like Madonna, a lady Leo does open her heart without any fear. She is both audacious and adventurous.
  • The lioness knows her game;
    She is never timid and can’t be tamed.

Leo Season Quotes

Do you know the most important celestial body in the sky for us earth beings is the sun? In antediluvian Athens, Apollo was the God of light and sun, an expert archer, and a valiant warrior. The sun determines the seasons for us, while the season decides our activities. These quotes capture the essence of summer. Below are some quotes that talk about the Leo season. Let us give them a read.

  • The month of August resembles the slow stretch a lion takes before getting into his game.
  • It’s the season for the Leos, and they are roaring to go.
  • The season of sun,
    Is indeed a lot of fun,
    But there is a lot to be done.
    And the lion fears none.
  • Like Apollo, a Leo is a soldier that soars fearlessly high.
    Grit and perseverance make them reach the sky.
  • No wonder August is the time for adventure and aspirations to seep into our lives. A time to pick the hard choices and make them the tools for the Leo to thrive.
  • The Leo season heralds a change,
    To us, it might seem strange.
    It’s a signal to the lion
    To change his Pace
    And Leo, well, he always wins the race.
  • A Leo is always ready for a showdown.
  • A Leo is often unending.
  • Enthusiasm and confidence, and the sixth sense are Leo’s intrinsic traits. A Leo uses all to achieve the best.

Leo Zodiac Quotes

Leo woman grabs attention wherever she goes.
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We all are aware of how protective a Leo can be towards their loved ones. The flip side to that is that Leos tend to feel a certain ownership towards the people they love. This fire sign is intense in every way. These Leo zodiac sign quotes reveal the side of Leo that you might want to avoid. Check them out.

  • One must never assume a Leo’s silence to be their shortcoming because an extrovert Leo, is also very intuitive and knows when to shut off from the world.
  • They say that a Leo walks with the lions.
    You often find them amongst the valedictorians.
  • One can always surely tell,
    Leos manage the rough patch
    really well.
  • If you think they are high browed,
    You guessed it right.
    They are indeed proud.
  • A Leo knows how to connect and with whom,
    And is the one to look out for in a room.
  • To make an impression for Leo is an easy task.
    A Leo, at times, does use masks.
    Clever and canny A Leo might be,
    Nevertheless, a Leo loves being loved truly.
  • Give the Leos the attention they crave.
    It’s not advisable to ignore the brave.
  • It’s better not to err a Leo because you can’t tame that temper. Its spirit is that of a lion.
  • At times one may mistake them for being a narcissist. But it’s their second nature to persist and insist.
  • Leos are well-versed in sarcasm, and it’s best not to antagonize them. If you do, make sure you bring in the big guns because a Leo always wins. A Leo is always ready for a showdown.

Leo Love Quotes

Leo woman loves fearlessly.
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Leo quotes about love are my favorite. These quotes bring out the soft mushy side of a Leo that is in complete contrast to the angry Leo. An intense and emotional Leo in love can be the typical protagonist of a romantic novel. These quotes mentioned below are a full disclosure of how generous they are. So, why wait? Go ahead and read them too!

  • A Leo has a lot of love to give,
    But never tolerates deceit.
  • One who loves fearlessly can carry the onus of sorrow.
    Their loving heart protects them,
    For sure to see the light tomorrow.
  • Kiss Worthy Leos sure asserts
    But they never desert their lovers without a cause.
  • Push may come to shove,
    Yet Leos never give up on love.

Leo Birthday Quotes

Leo woman cherishes gestures of love.
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Looking for some catchy Leo quotes relating to their birthdays? Please scroll down to find what we have in store for you.

  • Leos love the praise.
    To complement a Leo, one must raise
    A toast or two
    That fits his shoe.
    Attention and efforts
    Leo accepts with grace,
    And generously reciprocates.
  • Remember, a lion is never a “cheetah”!!
  • Leos are earnest about their birthdays and cherish the small and big gestures of love and respect.
  • Leos can smell the agenda in the air.
  • Leos enjoy being cajoled as a baby and sometimes through their growing years and even adulthood.
  • A Leo might be late to arrive,
    Still gets the most high fives.

Funny Leo Quotes

Leo woman jokes with friends.
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Funny Leo zodiac quotes are not found in abundance, but then again, you might come to face the sharp wit of Leo and the cryptic humor. To this end, we have added a few funny quotes on Leos that you must read.

  • Leos love space and attention too.
    At times they leave us too confused.
  • Tell Leos that they drum their own beat.
    A strong denial is what they will
    surely tweet.
  • Leos are not always good with jokes, but you cross their turf,
    They, for certain, can jab and poke.
  • If a Leo turns up in hell,
    Will be the one to ring the bell.
    Asking for the throne to sit,
    Without it, he just might throw a fit.
  • We do not ever keep calm because we are Leos.
  • Boisterous Leo, at times, can hurt the self with their own stance.
  • A pardon from Leo you still may expect, but a Leo does not ever forget.
  • A Leo in pain may look red in the face; it’s not easy for a Leo to ask for aid.

Infographic: Quotes By Leo Celebrities

Leos are brave, strong, vivacious, creative, and passionate. They represent leadership, drive, conscientiousness, and compassion. We have listed a few quotes by Leo celebrities that aptly describe this lion sign and what they bring to life.

Check out the infographic below to know more.

quotes by leo celebrities (infographic)

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Strong and confident, a Leo is undoubtedly a fighter, and this trait extends beyond their personal life into their career. There is absolutely nothing that can control this zodiac sign. Their loyalty and friendship are noteworthy, and so is their enthusiasm. If approached the right way, a Leo comes across as one of the most beautiful souls on the planet. We hope that these Leo quotes have been a success in painting a good picture of the unique characteristics of the zodiac sign. Read these quotes to get some inspiration to become a better version of yourself and forward them to the loved ones who are Leo to spread some positivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Leo so special?

Leos are the natural leaders known for their loyalty, consistency, and joyful behavior. They are fiercely confident and can put their heart into every relationship. These traits can make Leos so special.

What are Leos good at?

Leos have good leadership qualities and are active, confident, and known for big-heartedness. Their positive attitude and determination are well-suited for any leadership role.

What is Leo’s favorite color?

Leos love bright colors, and they may love red or purple.

Are you a Leo looking for some wisdom and courage? Check out this video for top 10 powerful Leo quotes to honor these great leaders of the zodiac!

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