Personallity Traits Of A Leo Woman In Friendship And Love

Explore and learn more about the fiery zodiac sign women before you ask one out.

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Leo woman traits will remind you of a lioness, the powerhouse of the zodiac. Women with this sign radiate loyalty, boldness, creativity, and courage. A queen powered by the Sun, the Leo woman is confident, assertive, and at times domineering. If you desire to learn more about Leo women or are one yourself, you need to look out for these traits!

They are always there for their loved ones when they need them, thanks to their ability to balance an extensive social schedule with an active lifestyle. Their lives are filled with adventures, and they don’t back down from a challenge.

Interestingly enough, many Leos do not believe in astrology and horoscopes! However, if you do, and would like to understand the Leo women around you, this article is for you. Scroll down to know more!

Overview Of A Leo Woman’s Personality Traits

Positive Leo Woman Traits

Leo women have various positive attributes to their personality:

  • Kind
A kind Leo woman helping a homeless person
Image: Shutterstock

Kindness runs in the Leo woman’s blood. She is always the first one to stand up for her family and friends. She always has a helping hand for those in need and goes to great lengths to make sure the people she loves are happy. A Leo woman has a compassionate heart and is often spotted for her extremely kind and generous gestures.

  • Fair And Just

A Leo woman is the best person to go to for an honest and unbiased opinion. She will speak her mind no matter what consequences she may have to face for it. She is the queen of fairness and knows how to treat everyone with equality, justice, and kindness. She will love and support you in every life situation when she decides to stick by your side. Her behavior toward her friends is exceptional, and she never lies or hides anything from her squad.

  • Loyal

If there’s one trait imbibed in a Leo woman, it is her immense loyalty. If she trusts you, she will be supremely loyal to you. However, if she does not receive the same from the other end, she will make sure you pay the price, no matter if you are friends, family, or even spouses. Her extreme loyalty makes her trustworthy and the finest secret-keeper. She always has your back and will ensure you know that you do not doubt her trust.

  • Wise

Leo women are the ones to go to if you are seeking guidance or advice. However, be prepared to hear exactly what you asked for as they often give straightforward and unfiltered advice. This zodiac sign does not hold back, their words may seem harsh, but their wisdom is always on point. They will weigh all the pros and cons and only then give a balanced opinion on all matters.

  • Strong And Confident
Confidence is a positive trait of a Leo woman
Image: Shutterstock

Leo is represented by the lion, thus making strength and confidence their key traits. They are immensely strong, mentally as well as physically, and often strive to be the best. Their unabashed confidence makes them fearless and outgoing, which is their most powerful virtue. Leo women’s traits also include extreme self-confidence and commanding attributes.

  • Generous

Another one of the common Leo traits, these women are amongst those highly generous zodiac signs who may give away their most expensive belongings in an instant. They are the ones who often buy the most expensive gifts for their loved ones. Apart from the materialistic things, Leo women are also quite generous when it comes to giving affection, tender care, love, attention, time, or money.

  • Natural Leader
A confident Leo woman leading a team at work
Image: Shutterstock

Leos are natural leaders. It is their strongest trait that attracts people to them. They always crave to be on the top, are hungry for the limelight, and can guide the group with their optimistic wisdom. They are born with a rich aura and confidence, which usually ushers others to follow them. Leo women also love the attention they get from people and love to be the queen bee amidst the crowd.

  • Protective

Just as the lioness is protective of her clan, a Leo woman is often seen striving hard to protect her loved ones. It not only comes naturally to her, but she also feels a great responsibility toward her family and friends. She values and respects her loved ones above and beyond, which makes her highly protective. She can fight all the obstacles, vulnerable emotions, and the hardest of battles to ensure her friends and family are safe and sound.

Negative Leo Woman Traits

When it comes to the negative traits, Leo women have a handful that you might want to be wary of:

  • Opinionated

One of the biggest negative personality traits of Leo women is that they are extremely opinionated. They do not budge from their opinions, and it becomes extremely difficult to convince them otherwise. They might simply cut your conversation short if you try to change their opinion.

  • Arrogant
Arrogance is a negative trait of a Leo woman
Image: IStock

Another common Leo characteristic that you may have to deal with is the pride and confidence of Leo women may sometimes turn into arrogance and conceit. They often tend to cross the line of simple confidence, which may seem like arrogance. As they are highly and strongly opinionated, the way they put their opinions forward may also come across as dominating.

  • Attention-Seeking

Thanks to the born leaders that Leo women are, they love to be the queen bee, which is why they are never ready to sacrifice this power. They enjoy being popular, the center of attention, and in constant limelight. They are extremely insatiable about it and despise it when things do not go that way. They need constant validation, attention, and praise. They require applause and cheerleading even for minor achievements.

  • Stubborn
A stubborn Leo woman ignoring her partner
Image: Shutterstock

You will rarely find a Leo woman who accepts someone else’s point of view or opinion. Even in the silliest of things, Leos often take up the authoritative position, become headstrong, and pay no heed to anyone else’s perspective. They often stick to what they think and what they want and tend to ignore what anyone else has to say. They never follow anyone else’s advice, even in the face of a severe downfall or setback.

  • Dominating

Leo women usually have a hard time listening to people. Their extremely domineering attitude tends to overpower the people around them. Leo women demand respect and expect everyone around them to behave submissively towards them. They often interfere in other people’s matters, boss around and bully people, throw around orders, and expect everyone to follow them without any arguments. However, if things do not go as per their orders, it frustrates them severely, and they end up throwing fiery temper tantrums.

  • Lazy

Though they are full of ambition and creativity, Leo women often face setbacks due to their immense laziness. They tend to lose out on opportunities due to the same reason. They look for the easy way out or shortcuts to get their work done, often at the cost of quality.

protip_icon Trivia
Madonna, Whitney Houston, Kylie Jenner, Meghan Markle, and Jennifer Lopez are all Leo personalities.

Now that you know all the positive and negative traits of Leo women, let’s check out how they behave when they are in love.

Leo Woman In Her Love Life

Leo women are extremely warm and high-spirited when it comes to expressing their feelings. They love with all their heart and are very fluent in the language of romance. The typical Leo traits of being passionate and persistent make them always available for romantic relationships. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and fall head over heels way too quickly.

It may be slightly difficult to adjust with a Leo woman, which often leads to their difficulty in being in a long-term relationship. Their lack of patience is also a significant reason for their broken hearts. However, they are great at casual dating and flirting. Leo women rarely shy away from partaking in new sexual encounters, dirty talk, and trying out something exciting in their intimate life. They always tend to please their partners, but only if they receive the same in return. Therefore, their physical intimacy compatibility with a generous lover can often be off the charts.

But, over time, Leo women can become capricious about the partner, pay little attention to them, or demand increased attention towards themselves. This shows that it is necessary to discuss what is happening and take steps toward each other.

protip_icon Stylecraze Says
Since Leo is a fire sign, they are believed to be the most compatible with Aries, another fire sign.

Leo women are also great friends. Find out more in the next section.

Leo Woman’s Traits In Friendship

Leo women are highly extroverted and love making friends everywhere they go. Many people would agree that having a Leo friend is extremely fun. This zodiac sign is very faithful, loyal, trustworthy, generous, and honest. Though they constantly need validation and hate criticism, they are fun company to be with. They always lend a helping hand and are very active socially, which enables them to make friends almost instantly.

A Leo woman’s vibrant friendship traits align with her regal body structure, creating an alluring presence. Check out the next section to know more.

Leo Woman’s Body Structure

Leo women usually stand tall with a charismatic presence. They often carry themselves gracefully with an expressive face and a bright smile that reflects their dynamic personality. While everyone is different, Leo women tend to show strength and confidence in how they present themselves. Their proud and majestic qualities that are characteristic of their zodiac sign shine through in their commanding presence and appealing demeanor. Overall, Leo women have a unique and compelling way of carrying themselves that reflects their natural strength and charm.

Infographic: Prominent Personality Traits Of A Leo Woman

Identifying personality traits may be challenging at times because they are endless and complex. This is when one must take note of the few prominent ones and watch out for them. To help you in this, we have picked the most striking traits of a Leo woman you should keep a lookout for. Check out the infographic below to know more!

prominent personality traits of a leo woman (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

The characteristics of a Leo woman will remind you of a lioness, the animal that symbolizes the Leo zodiac. Leo women’s traits reflect those of a queen who is powered by the sun and shows commitment, bravery, and originality. A Leo woman is bold, aggressive, and at times demanding. She can mix an active lifestyle with an extensive social calendar and isn’t afraid to take on new challenges. They make great friends and companions once they tone down their negative traits like stubbornness, impatience, and arrogance, as Leo women are kind, generous, loyal, and extremely just beneath their fierce exterior.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Leo female’s weakness?

Lack of self-awareness, stubbornness, and a dominating nature are a few of the Leo female’s weaknesses.

Are Leo girls sensitive?

Yes, Leo girls are sensitive towards their loved ones. They are very kind and caring and cannot see their dear ones in pain.

What are Leo women attracted to?

Leo women are attracted mostly to those who strongly believe in themselves.

Key Takeaways

  • Leo women have a reputation for their utterly charming confidence and self-assuredness.
  • They hardly rely on others; independence is the strength of Leo women.
  • Leading is one of their master skills.
  • Their creativity and charisma are a unique part of their personalities, often making them the life of the party.
leo woman traits_illustration

Image: Dall·E/StyleCraze Design Team

Leo women are strong, passionate, and independent. Watch this video and get to know the 20 truths about them that you need to know!

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