8 Lifebuoy Soaps And Their Unique Benefits

Enjoy the refreshing fragrance while dealing with the germs and impurities on your skin.

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Lifebuoy soap is one of the must-haves in many households. This soap has been considered the best solution to fight off germs and diseases for several decades. The benefits of lifebuoy soaps had made it a go-to soap in almost all households. So what makes Lifebuoy unique? Why is Lifebuoy so popular? Let us find that out here. Keep reading this article to learn about the benefits of Lifebuoy and more.

Why Use: Lifebuoy Soap Benefits

Lifebuoy has been around for several decades now. This soap was introduced by the famous William Lever to stop and control cholera in Victorian England when sanitation was a huge concern. Since then it has evolved as the world’s number 1 selling germ protection soap. Not just that, it’s also the number 1 facilitator and promoter of health and hygiene to billions.

Lifebuoy has teamed with some well-known world renowned doctors and health experts. It constantly strives to cater to the growing needs of sanitation and ever changing environment. Technology and science are combined to produce newer products which cater to infections like swine flu etc. which is among the best benefits of Lifebouy soap. Lifebuoy is one soap that will keep evolving but with the same basic goal– maximum germ-free protection to the family!

Now that the benefits of using lifebouy soap is apparent. Let us look at some of their best options.

Variants of the good old Lifebuoy:

1. Total 10:

A team of health scientists at Lifebuoy came together to create a patented ingredient- Active 5. This cleanses and refreshes your skin to give it a healthy glow. The rich creamy lather penetrates deeper to care for the health of your skin.

2. Mild Care:

As the name suggests, this soap is made with care. It is specially made keeping in mind the sensitive skin that requires both nurturing and protection from germs. It is an intelligent mix of milk cream and oats. Using this soap leaves your skin soothing soft, smooth, and supple. The soap oozes with natural goodness of milk cream, making your skin baby soft.

3. Cool Fresh:

Lifebuoy makes you feel energetic throughout the day
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A great choice that will make you feel fresh and invigorating throughout the day. The key components in this soap are menthol crystals derived from the nourishing peppermint leaf oil. It lends a cooling sensation to your skin while naturally protecting your skin from several skin infections.

4. Betel Leaves:

Lifebuoy has betel leaves and offers antimicrobial protection
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This soap is filled with the goodness of natural betel leaf, which is a native plant of central and eastern Malaysia. It oozes with powerful, natural antibacterial properties. These extracts deep cleanse the pores and energize and refresh the skin.

5. Vita Protect:

Lifebuoy offers protection from various germs
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If not for healthy vitamins, the skin becomes dry, dull and prone to germ attack. Vita Protect was created keeping these needs in mind. It contains Vitamin A, C and E extracts which effectively fight germs. It is a healthy combination of fruity vitamins that nourish the skin from within.

6. Lemon Fresh:

Lifebuoy offers the freshness of lemons
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The thought of lemon brings one word to mind- freshness. Lifebuoy has used this miracle ingredient that has natural antibacterial and disinfectant properties. Fresh citrus juice in Lifebuoy Lemon fresh soap leaves you feeling fresh through the day and keeps your skin clean and protected.

7. Complete:

Lifebuoy offers complete germ protection and skin care
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As the name suggests this is a complete care soap that has active Clini ingredients also known as Active Naturol shields. These give 10 times better germ protection and skin care as compared to other skin care or even germ shield ranges in the market. This soap also offers full body protection and leaves you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Its entire range of ingredients will care for your skin, giving it superior protection.

8. Fresh:

This soap is also made of Active Naturol Shield that is said to protect you ten times better than other germ protection soaps. Apart from germ protection the soap also imparts a fresh and uplifting feel after a shower and helps protect your delicate skin. With its entire range of natural and fresh ingredients, it cares for your skin and gives you superior protection, along with freshness.

Lifebuoy has also come up with liquid hand and body washes, along with all the above mentioned special products.

Infographic: 5 Best Lifebuoy Soaps And Their Benefits

Keeping your skin clean and healthy has become so essential today. That is why sticking to a popular household brand like Lifebuoy is important. These soaps are loaded with natural ingredients that have antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties, which protect your skin from germs while keeping it soft and smooth. We have rounded up a list of the best 5 Lifebuoy soaps you should look at in the infographic below!

5 best lifebuoy soaps and their benefits (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Lifebuoy has also developed liquid hand and body washes with specific features. Its thick, bubbly lather effectively cleans and removes dirt, dust, oil, filth, and bacteria. The products awaken your senses with their fragrant smell and soften and smooth your skin while protecting you from germs. They care for your skin and provide outstanding protection and freshness with various fresh and natural ingredients. Since prevention is better than cure, grab the benefits of Lifebuoy soaps and fight infections while moisturizing and rejuvenating your skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lifebuoy soap remove pimples?

No, not at all. Lifebuoy soap does not contain ingredients that can help with acne or pimples.

Is Lifebuoy soap harmful?

No, Lifebuoy soap is safe for the skin.

Is Lifebuoy good for hair?

Yes, Lifebuoy shampoo is good for hair. Its special formula helps to clean the scalp, keep it residue-free, and restore natural hair vibrancy.

Does Lifebuoy remove dark spots?

Maybe. The Lifebuoy’s Activated Charcoal and Mint soap claim to deep cleanse and detoxify the skin and fight the bacteria that cause acne scars and spots.

Is Lifebuoy long-lasting and affordable?

Yes, Lifebuoy soap has proven to last long and be cost-effective over decades.

Key Takeaways

  • Lifebuoy soap was introduced during the cholera outbreak in Victorian England.
  • It is one of the best-selling germ protection soaps.
  • It may help cleanse your skin and protect it from infections and diseases.
  • Lifebuoy Betel Leaves and Lemon Fresh may cleanse the pores and disinfect your skin.

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