Lip Blushing: Is It Safe And How Long Does It Last?

The new global makeup fad is adding a beautiful rosy tint to your lips of course!

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Lip blushing tattoo treatments, the supposed new epitome of cosmetic artistry, have gained immense popularity recently owing to their exceptional results and easy process. This advanced technique enhances the natural beauty of your lips via the application of semi-permanent pigments. This procedure, performed by skilled professionals, helps create a soft, tinted effect to highlight your overall lip shape and color. The process is carefully tailored for each individual and their preferences to help them achieve an enduring natural look. Through precise color blending and contouring, you can attain your desired lip color, from a subtle rosy tone to more vibrant hues. Sounds appealing, right?

If this lip blushing tattoo technique has been on your mind lately and you want to understand the whole process a little better, then you have landed on the right page. Scroll down to dive a little deeper into the lip blush tattoo procedure and get familiar with all its risks and benefits

What Is A Lip Blush Tattoo?

A specialist performing the lip blushing tattoo procedure on a woman
Image: Shutterstock

A lip blush tattoo is a semi-permanent makeup technique that aims to enhance a person’s natural lip color and contour. The cosmetic procedure involves depositing water-based tattoo ink to the top surface of the lips with the help of a needle to achieve naturally rosy lips. You can expect a soft gradient on the lips but not something very bold or overpowering. The procedure can be tailored person-to-person and is entirely based on individual preferences.

Cass, a lifestyle blogger, shares her personal experience with the lip blushing tattoo treatment. She decided to get the procedure done since she has naturally pale lips with no defined shape and a thin upper lip. She writes, “They started by outlining my lips with a lip pencil and paid really close attention to making sure that it was exactly right (i).” Sharing a bit about the discomfort she felt, she adds, “Unbelievably the pain of the needle when she started was nowhere near what I was expecting… I’d put it at around a four out of ten. Do you know when you get one of those tingly little static electric shocks? Well, that’s the closest way to describe the pain level as she did the outline of my lips.”

protip_icon Quick Tip
Use a gentle lip scrub before the initial lip blushing session to exfoliate dead skin cells and make the lips clean. This allows the tattoo pigments to penetrate through the skin successfully.

Sounds pretty simple, right? However, many people have concerns about its safety since the process involves injecting tattoo ink into delicate skin. Keep reading to understand the procedure’s safety and risk factors better.

Is Lip Blushing Safe?

Tattoo artist performing a lip blushing procedure
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Yes, the procedure is generally safe when performed by a skilled and certified professional. The technique involves the use of safe, hypoallergenic pigments that generally do not lead to any adverse effects. However, there is a minor risk of infection (bacterial, viral, or fungal infections), scarring, and allergic reactions. Pick a reputed and trusted salon, with a licensed tattoo artist, that follows the highest hygienic standards to prioritize your health. After your procedure, ask the professional for proper aftercare instructions and follow them to the T.

Discussing the aftereffects of the lip blushing procedure, Cassie recounts, “As I’m writing this, I’m about 7 hours after the procedure and there’s no pain although I can feel my lips in a tingly kind of way if that makes sense. They do feel really dry at the moment so I’m using the special cream I was given in a little pot to bring home with me to keep them moisturized (i).”

Now, you may have decided on getting the lip blushing tattoo treatment but what can you expect regarding the color difference of your lips? Scroll down to know more.

Lip Blush Tattoo: Before And After

Before and after a lip blush tattoo treatment
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While the intensity of the tattoo hue depends on personal preference, you can expect a natural boost in lip color and contour. You can either opt for a subtle enhancement or go for a bold statement, keeping in mind that the tint will fade slowly over time. It is important to take your skin tone into account. The color may appear lighter on dark skin tones and brighter on fair skin tones. Discuss your desired colors with the artist and get their recommendations before settling on a lip color.

Many stars have also trusted the lip blush tattoo procedure for natural lip enhancements, which is what made this procedure so popular in the first place. Time to get familiar with a few below.

Celebrities With A Lip Blush Tattoo

Celebrities who embraced the lip blushing technique
Image: Shutterstock

Celebrities worldwide have embraced the popular lip blushing tattoo technique for a lasting and alluring appearance. From Kylie Jenner and Megan Fox to Winona Ryder and Hailey Bieber, many stars have been speculated to have undergone this semi-permanent tattoo technique. Kathy Griffin and Alexa Vega have confirmed getting lip blushing treatments done. Vega even documented the procedure on Instagram since her fans had a lot of questions about it.

Now, while we are aware of the lip blushing tattoo treatment, it could get confused with the process of traditional tattooing of lips. Continue reading to know the clear difference between the two.

Lip Blushing Vs. Lip Tattooing

While lip blushing and lip tattooing may seem similar, the two procedures vary in their techniques and overall longevity.

Lip Blushing Lip Tattooing 
Lip blushing is a semi-permanent makeup technique that offers a subtle, tinted effect on the lips.Traditional lip tattoos, on the other hand, are permanent, similar to regular tattoo techniques that offer a bolder look.
Here, the ink pigments are deposited only on the surface of the lips.The pigments are inserted deep into the dermis layer of the lips to create a permanent effect.
The process can take up to 60-90 minutes.The process can take between 30-40 minutes
This process is less painful, as it only deposits the color to the top surface of the lips.The process may bring more discomfort and pain, as it takes longer and penetrates deeper into the skin layers.

If you have decided on getting the lip blushing treatment but are not sure about its overall cost and expenditure, then scroll down to know more.

How Much Does Lip Blushing Cost?

A lot of factors can affect the price of the procedure, such as the level of artistic skills of the cosmetic professional, the location of the clinic, and the amount of tattoo pigment required to attain your preferred lip color. But on average, the lip blushing tattoo technique can range between 200-1,500 dollars. Tattoo artists can also charge you some extra fees when you plan on getting touch-ups, which may be around a minimum of 100-150 dollars.

While you may want to keep your budget in mind, it is always recommended to opt for a reputable technician to ensure proper safety and optimal results. One way to know if the process is worth its amount is to check the longevity of its results. Learn about this in the next section.

How Long Does A Lip Blush Tattoo Last?

Woman checking her lip blush tattoo in the mirror
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The results of a lip blush tattoo generally last between 1-4 years before needing a touch-up depending on how well you care for your lips. There are numerous factors that affect the longevity of the color, including skin type, lifestyle, and aftercare. For instance, dry skin type is more prone to cracks and peels that lead to the removal of the tattoo ink. Having an unhealthy lifestyle that includes smoking can break down the tattoo pigments, leading to fading. Not moisturizing your lips well during the aftercare procedure can also affect the color.

Periodic touch-ups are recommended to maintain the desired lip blush color and a lasting tint of the lips. And while the lip blush tattoo can last for a good amount of time, the initial healing process plays a really important part in achieving optimal results. Get familiar with the complete healing process below.

Lip Blush Tattoo Healing Process

The lip blush tattoo healing process involves initial redness and swelling that gradually subside within the first week. The overall healing time may take up to 6-8 weeks for the skin to get repaired completely. Minor scabbing may also occur but it is important to follow all the aftercare tips properly and refrain from picking at the healing skin. At the end of the healing process, you can expect some color fading that leaves you with a subtle and soft look.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Take the help of a cold compress or an ice pack post the lip blushing procedure to soothe the inflammation and redness.

Many individuals may not be satisfied with the results. This poses the question of whether you can remove a lip blush tattoo or not. The answer is yes, of course. While it is recommended to get the tattoo removed professionally, there are some safe home remedies you can experiment with as well. Continue scrolling to learn about the simple ways you can remove the lip blushing tattoo at home.

How To Remove A Lip Blush Tattoo At Home

Removing lip blush tattoo is not advised at home due to potential complications, however, there are few methods you can try. The most popular one is using a saline solution. The solution is applied to the tattooed skin to help break down the tattoo ink pigments, causing the color to gradually fade.

You Will Need

  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 1 cup of warm water
  • 1 cotton ball


  1. Mix the salt and lukewarm water.
  2. Dip the cotton ball in the solution.
  3. Apply it to the tattooed skin and leave it to rest for 10 to 15 minutes.
  4. Repeat the process twice daily until you can see the tattoo ink fading.

The lip blushing tattoo procedure is a skillful blend of art and science, providing a personalized touch to natural beauty. With precise techniques and a range of colors, it helps in transforming your lips, creating a lasting allure. As the pigment gradually settles, clients can expect a subtle yet powerful shift from a soft, rosy, and light tint to a more bold tone. The procedure involves minimal risk and limited follow-up appointments, making it a popular choice amongst many, including countless celebrities and influencers, another reason you can give this cosmetic treatment a shot. But remember to get the procedure done by an expert professional only and to follow the right aftercare instructions to ensure the color comes out just like you desire.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the cons of lip blushing?

One of the main cons of the lip blushing tattoo procedure is the absence of permanency. As the treatment works with semi-permanent pigments, it is not long-lasting. Periodic touch-ups are required to maintain the vibrancy of the lip tattoo. The cons may also include skin concerns like itchiness, rash, red bumps, scars, and uneven coloring.

How painful is lip blushing?

While the overall procedure is not very painful, the cosmetic technician may use a topical anesthetic or numbing cream on the lips before inserting the needle. This helps reduce any discomfort you may experience.

Does lip blushing look fake?

This depends on the skill of the technician. An amateur technician may not have the expertise to perform the procedure properly, leaving you with an unprofessional and fake look.

What not to do after lip blushing?

There are certain things that you should avoid after immediately getting the lip blushing tattoo procedure. Refrain from using chemical peels, vitamin C serums, or lip balms and creams with strong fragrance and alcohol. Also, avoid direct sun exposure and eating spicy and salty foods that may irritate the sensitive skin.

Does lip blushing make lips look bigger?

The lip blush tattoo does not make your lips bigger but helps in creating the illusion of plump lips. The rosy tint along with the lip contouring can give the appearance of fuller lips.

Who should avoid lip blushing?

Individuals who use any blood-thinning medications, experience cold sores, or have an iron deficiency or extreme lip dryness are not suitable candidates for the lip blushing tattoo technique.

Key Takeaways

  • Lip blushing tattoo is a cosmetic tattooing procedure in which the surface of the lips are layered with semi-permanent pigments to achieve a subtle, rosy lip appearance.
  • Lip blushing and lip tattooing are two different procedures that vary in their process, pain level, longevity, and session timings.
  • Lip blushing can last up to 1 to 4 years and may require periodic touch-ups to maintain the vibrancy and contour of the lips.
  • The procedure is not recommended for people with cold sores, lip dryness, or someone using blood-thinning medications.

If you have decided on getting a lip blushing tattoo but the procedure is not entirely clear, then check out the video below as it explores and depicts the entire process of the popular lip blushing tattoo treatment.

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