150 Special Ways To Wish Your Long-Distance Girlfriend On Her Birthday

Show your LDR girlfriend how special she is to you with these heartfelt birthday wishes.

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Many things can be done on your girlfriend’s birthday to make her feel special. But what do you do when she’s a million miles away in another city or country? You need some long-distance birthday wishes for your girlfriend to show her that distance doesn’t matter, neither sea nor land – nothing can stop your love or keep away the romance. So liven up your girlfriend’s special day this year with some heartfelt birthday greetings, and show your queen that even though you’re not with her in person, love knows no boundaries and she’s always there in your heart!

150 Lovely Long Distance Birthday Wishes For Your Girlfriend

  1. My love for you is like nothing I have ever experienced before. I am thinking of you every minute of this day. Happy birthday, love.

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  1. You lit up my life when I was surrounded by darkness. Happy birthday!
  2. On your birthday this year, I wish you nothing but happiness, love, and good health, my love.
  3. Our relationship has withstood the test of time. It brings both of us so much joy and hope. Happy birthday, darling.
  4. On your birthday, I wanted to tell you that you complete me. Miss you, my love.
  5. Happy birthday, my love. Distance may keep us apart, but my heart yearns only for you.
  6. The miles apart don’t really matter because we truly love each other. Imagine a kiss and hug from me on your birthday!
  7. Our love grew stronger despite the distance. I wish you a fulfilling year. Happy birthday!
  8. Let me spoil you with innumerable virtual kisses. I will have even more real kisses for you next time I see you. Happy birthday.
  9. Even from afar, my heart seeks you and makes kind wishes in your name. Happy birthday, my love.
  10. My heart has no idea how far you’re away today because I’m always carrying you in it. Wish you a delightful birthday, love.
  11. I promise to keep falling for you always no matter how many miles separate us. Happy birthday!
  12. It’s your special day, and I have put some extra hugs and kisses on this card. Happiest birthday, sweetheart.
  13. Your loving words and happy thoughts give me an immeasurable sense of joy. Happy birthday, my precious.
  14. Thousands of miles apart cannot change the romantic feelings I have for you. Have a fun birthday party!
  15. It makes me sad that I am not by your side today. Wishing you a heartfelt birthday, my love!
  16. I know we are apart today, but I celebrate you in my heart. Happy birthday, beautiful!
  17. Even though we are far apart, you are on my mind and in my heart. Wishing you a birthday as wonderful as you are!
  18. This distance will soon be a thing of the past. Happy birthday, my love!
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A great birthday gift with this message will be the details of the flight that you have booked already to go and visit her in the near future.
  1. Let my loving words cuddle you, and let my wishes fill your heart with love. Happy birthday, my darling.
  2. The distance between us might seem scary, but our long-distance relationship is strong and healthy. Happy birthday!
  3. You have given me enormous happiness and, today, I wish to celebrate an outstanding girlfriend. Happy birthday!
  4. Wish I was there, but hoping it’s non-stop happiness. Happy birthday, princess!
  5. Happy birthday to the woman who has won my heart more than a million times.

There is nothing that can stop me from thinking about you on your birthday. I wish you a splendid life, my love.

  1. There is nothing that can stop me from thinking about you on your birthday. I wish you a splendid life, my love.
  2. I hope you feel the kindness of my wishes and taste the hunger of my soul for you. Happy birthday, my love.
  3. You are the rock and pillar of my universe, and I adore you.  Happy birthday, baby!
  4. Happy birthday to the perfect match to my heart. May your birthday strengthen the cord of our love.
  5. Your love and kindness bring out the best in me and make me a better person. Love you, my dear.
  6. I feel on top of the world whenever I hear your voice. I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful partner. Happy birthday!
  7. My joy abounds knowing that you’ll always be mine. Happy birthday, my precious love.
  8. It is tough being away from you on your special day. Happy birthday to my sweetheart.
  9. Even though our physical presence is limited, I still feel your touch warming my heart. Happy birthday, angel.
  10. There are not enough words in the English language to express how much I love you. Happy birthday to the most gorgeous girl in the world!
  11. Distance hasn’t gotten the best of us. Happy birthday, my love.
  12. You are so far away from me and yet so close to my heart. Happiest birthday, darling.
  13. I celebrate with you on your birthday, my angel. Happy birthday and I love you, sweetheart.
  14. There may be seas, mountains, and oceans between us, but our hearts will always be connected. Happiest birthday!
  15. Since you came into my life, all the colors have become clearer. Happy birthday, my love.
  16. May this birthday elevate you to another level of success! Happy birthday, dear!
  17. Each day begins with thinking about you. Happy birthday to the woman who defines me.
  18. Today is the perfect day to tell you that you are a wonderful girlfriend. Happy birthday!
  19. Your birthday reminds me of just how special and amazing you are. Happy birthday, love!
  20. I await the day I will hold you tightly to my heart, feel your breath on my skin, and gaze into your eyes. Happy birthday, my love.
  21. No matter how far we are, our love will always find ways to reach each other. Happy birthday, dear.
  22. Happy birthday, my darling. I hope my words can make up for my absence.
  23. To the prettiest lady I have ever known – happy birthday!
  24. Happy birthday to my one and only sweetheart that makes my heart swell with joy. Wish I was there with you. Enjoy!
  25. Even if I cannot be there, I am sending you sweet gifts of love and happiness. May all your heart’s desires come true. Cannot wait to see you.
  26. Happy birthday, love. For the rest of my life, I will give you your best birthdays.

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  1. I hope and pray that I am able to love you all my life and give you all the happiness you deserve. Happy birthday, my love!
  2. On this day, my heart goes out to celebrate with you. Happy birthday, sweetheart.
  3. Happy birthday, sweetheart. I promise to make up for this distance many times over soon.
  4. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Happy birthday, dear girlfriend.
  5. No matter how far apart we are, I am thinking of you every minute. Happy birthday!
  6. On your birthday, I want to remind you that you are truly special. Let’s celebrate soon!
  7. Your eyes twinkle when you smile. You are a huge part of me. Happy birthday, beautiful.
  8. Happy birthday, my love. Can’t wait to celebrate with you physically.
  9. Happy birthday, sweetness. May the light of prosperity shine upon your path always.
  10. Together, we can scale mountains and enjoy even the simplest pleasures of life. Happy birthday, baby!
  11. Thousands of miles are not a barrier to express how special you are to me. Happy birthday, honey!
  12. On this birthday, I am sending your way lots of love, hugs, and kisses.
  13. I look forward to celebrating your next birthday with you. Many happy returns of the day!
  14. I pray this year is prosperous and filled with all the good things you desire. Happy birthday, my angel.
  15. Happy birthday, sweety. May your days be as beautiful as the rainbow.
  16. Some days are hard without you, just like this day without my kisses on your lips. Happy birthday, my darling.
  17. You are beautiful, sweet, and charming. I cannot wait to be with you. Happy birthday, my princess!
  18. I celebrate you every single day. Thanks for coming into my life! Happy birthday, sweetpea!
  19. I consider myself to be blessed with heavenly love when I am with you. Happy birthday to my darling.
  20. You cannot be so far away from my love because inside my heart is where you live and thrive. Happy birthday, my darling.
  21. I wish to give you something that will never wither nor fade – my undying love. Happy birthday, love!
  22. There is no world without you. Be with me till the end of time. Happy birthday, beautiful.
  23. Distance is not a barrier to our love, just like grudges have no place in our hearts. Happy birthday, my love.
  24. My love, I celebrate you every day. Happy birthday and have a blast!
  25. Life loses all meaning when I do not see you. Right now, I am miles away from you, but you still own my heart. Happy birthday, love!
  26. You’ve made distance a little more comfortable because you’re always there within my heart. Happy birthday.
  27. I wish I could be there to hold you on this special day. I can’t wait to see you. Happy birthday, darling.
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To make her feel more special, you can wish her with a post on social media. Use a photo of the both of you together and write your birthday wish for her in the caption.
  1. As you celebrate your birthday, may you be gifted with goodness and blessings in abundance. Happy birthday, love.
  2. Let us cover this distance with love. Happy birthday, angel. On the wings of our love, you will fly.
  3. I hope and wish that your birthday is filled with immense love. Happy birthday, my angel.
  4. May all your heart’s desires be fulfilled on this birthday. See you soon, love.
  5. Looking forward to the time we will be together again. Happy birthday, my darling.
  6. No matter how far I go, your love still reaches me from a distance. Happy birthday, my love.

It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages. – Friedrich Nietzsche

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  1. As you celebrate your birthday, may it open great doors of blessings for you. I can’t wait to see you.
  2. I miss you so much on your special day, my love. You are an inspiration. Happy birthday, gorgeous!
  3. May all your heart’s desires be fulfilled. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Have a blast. I cannot wait to see you.
  4. I am so glad you came into the world, and I am even more glad you came into my Happy birthday, sweetheart.
  5. Happy birthday to someone who makes life itself feel like a special occasion.
  6. I hope that your birthday is a new beginning for you and brings forth joy, contentment, and a bright future.
  7. Happy birthday to the gorgeous lady who is the frosting on my cake, the flame on my candles, and the helium in my balloons.
  8. The wait to see you is long and painful. But, until we meet again, happy birthday, my sweet angel.
  9. As time passes by and distance stays constant between us, my love for you will grow even stronger. Happy birthday, my love.
  10. We have seen many a moon from afar, but I promise to give you the moon and more. Happy birthday, darling!
  11. On your birthday, may great surprises fill your day. Happy birthday, my heartbeat.
  12. Missing you on your birthday. You are so very special and unique. Happy birthday, my love.
  13. The strength of my love for you overcomes distance and pain. Happy birthday, my love. Cannot wait to see you!
  14. Your birthday is worthy of all celebration. You mean the world to me. Happy birthday, sweetie. I’m there with you in spirit.
  15. You have been a source of joy and also a blessing to many. May this birthday strengthen you to do more.
  16. I am not with you, my angel, but I hope your day is filled with beautiful memories. Happy birthday! See you soon!
  17. May your happiness be boundless and this distance between us come to an end. Happy birthday, my love.

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  1. Oh my sweetheart, what good times we have shared. Miss you on your birthday, sweetie.
  2. Happy birthday, my love. May this love never fade!
  3. Despite the distance, I feel like you have made me better. Happy birthday, baby. I cannot wait to see you.
  4. Happy birthday to the most amazing and thoughtful girlfriend on this planet. Miss you, love.
  5. It makes me sad that I am not with you on your special day. Happy birthday to you, my sweetheart.
  6. Happy birthday, my heartbeat.  May you continue being a shining light and all your dreams come true.
  7. I promise we will celebrate your birthday together next year. Sending you birthday cheers from miles away.
  8. It does not matter where I go or what I do, you are always in my heart, my dear. Happy birthday to a very special girl.
  9. I celebrate you this day, even if you’re far away. Happy birthday my angel.
  10. The secret of my joy is you. Happy birthday, my love. May you never cease to shine and to glow.
  11. You are stunning, extraordinary, delightful, and lovely. I miss you every day. Happy birthday, sweety.
  12. Happy birthday, my love. From the distance that stays between us, I will make sure to love you even more passionately.
  13. Even with the distance, you are always in my heart. Happy birthday, sweetheart.
  14. You are very dear to me and much celebrated today. Happy birthday, darling.
  15. You complete me, and I miss you terribly on your birthday. Happy birthday, love.
  16. I don’t think I have loved anyone as much as I love you, my dear. Missing you terribly on your birthday. Happy birthday, love.
  17. When I think of you, only love comes to my mind. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Miss you.
  18. Happy birthday to the woman who holds the key to my heart.
  19. No matter where you are, my heart will climb mountains and swim oceans to wish you a wonderful birthday. Happy birthday!
  20. Happy birthday, my darling. You’re way beautiful than words can express. I miss being with you on this special day.
  21. The world seems so dry and incomplete when you are not around. Sending you my warmest wishes on your birthday.
  22. I hope these words of mine tug your heart towards me even more today. Happy birthday to my queen.
  23. As you celebrate another year, my love, may God strengthen you and fill you with all the good things.
  24. We may be miles apart, but I know our hearts are synchronized. Happy birthday, sweety.
  25. Happy birthday to my heartbeat, my treasure, my one and only. Many happy returns of the day, my angel.
  26. Look up to the sky, for I’m sending all my love to you from above. Happy birthday, girl.
  27. Birthdays are a celebration. I celebrate you, sweetheart, every moment. Happy birthday!
  28. It fills my heart with remorse that I am not with you on your special day. I look forward to the time that we can be together again. Happy birthday, love!
  29. You have been so wonderful to me over the years that I did not realize how easily you have become my best friend. Happy birthday, sweetheart.
  30. Happy birthday, my darling girlfriend. I wish you miracles from heaven. See you soon.
  1. A very happy birthday to the loveliest girl I know. My heart aches without you. See you soon.
  2. Happy birthday, beautiful! You have been such an incredible part of my life. I hope we are together soon.
  3. May that smile you wear effortlessly never leave your face. Happy birthday, love. I cannot wait to hold you tight.
  4. I miss you more than ever, today. Happy birthday, superwoman. May all your big dreams come true.
  5. We have miles to travel before we can see each other again, but sending you lots of hugs and kisses on your birthday.
  6. You are purer than a crystal, gentler than a dove, and even more beautiful than an angel from heaven. Happy birthday, love of my life.
  7. From the moment I saw you, I knew you were special. Happy birthday, dear!
  8. It is a wonder how different we are and yet, have managed to stay strong together. Happy birthday, love! Come back soon.
  9. I am heartbroken that I could not be with you on your special day. Love you, darling, and happy birthday.
  10. You are a perfect example of beauty with grace. Happy birthday, my shining star.
  11. Who knew that life with you would be such an exciting adventure. Wishing you a happy and enjoyable birthday.
  12. A special birthday message for my dearest darling. Happy birthday to my fabulous girlfriend.
  13. You have given me some of the best days of my life. Happy birthday, beautiful!
  14. It breaks my heart that we are not together today. Happy birthday to the lady who has turned my world around!
  15. It is that time of the year when I earnestly pray that your wishes and dreams come true. Happy birthday, sweetheart.
  16. A day of love, hugs, and gifts for the woman who makes every day so very special for me. Happy birthday.
  17. Each day spent with you is bright and shining. Happy birthday, love! See you soon!
  18. . May your heart never stop leaping for joy. I cannot wait to celebrate your birthday with you in person.
  19. I wish I was there to fill your day with love and happiness. Happy birthday, sweetie!
  20. I wish you the best in life and an amazing day ahead. Happy birthday, my darling!

Infographic: Best Wishes To Send Your Long-Distance Girlfriend On Her Birthday

“Words and words are all I have to take your heart away” – Bee Gees

Sometimes all you need to make your girl feel special on her birthday is a heartfelt wish. But, you might find it a bit hard to pick the right words to express your wishes in a long-distance relationship. So, we’ve made things easier for you!

Scroll down to read some of the best birthday wishes for your girlfriend on her special day. Or, if you want to add a personal touch, you can put your own spin to them!

best wishes to send your long distance girlfriend on her birthday (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

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When you can’t be there in person to take your girlfriend out on a date or even give her a warm hug on her birthday, you must find a thoughtful and romantic way to make the birthday girl feel special. We suggest, you choose a message that best conveys your feelings towards her. For instance, ‘Each day begins with thinking about you. Happy birthday to the woman who defines me’ can be a good wish to let your girlfriend know that she means the world to you and you miss her dearly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my long-distance girlfriend feel special on her birthday?

You can organize a virtual celebration surprise party, order a cake online, and create a birthday video with couple pictures and some special messages to make your long-distance girlfriend feel special on her birthday. You can keep your video call celebration as a private affair or include her most loved people in the call to make her feel special.

What words make a girl feel special?

Everyone likes thoughtful and honest compliments. So, you can make a girl feel special by complimenting her style, beauty, intelligence, nature, and how she makes you feel.

How do you write a heart-touching birthday note?

Express sincere feelings, use personal anecdotes, and acknowledge their value. Keep it simple and honest.

How can I express my long-distance love?

Communicate regularly through phone calls, video chats and messages, and create memories together even from afar. Send thoughtful gifts to them with lovely notes.

What is the sweetest birthday message?

The sweetest birthday message is heartfelt and personal. It appreciates the person it’s written for and acknowledges their importance in one’s life.

Key Takeaways

  • Heartfelt wishes and messages can bridge the gap and show that distance does not diminish the depth of love.
  • Sending virtual hugs, kisses, and personalized gifts can make birthdays memorable even when apart.
  • Wishing birthdays in creative ways can strengthen relationships, and staying optimistic about future reunions helps maintain positivity despite the distance.

Send your girlfriend a special birthday wish from afar! Check out the video and get ideas on how to show her how much you care with a heartfelt message of love and appreciation.
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