41 Long-Distance Date Ideas To Make Your Relationship Strong

Ideas and suggestions to cheer your partner, bring you closer and boost your relationship.

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Whether it is your career or studies, or if your partner is settled in another country, long-distance is not easy. To make you feel better and excited, we have compiled some long-distance date ideas, which can make your relationship strong and romantic. These creative date ideas are simple, add value to your connection, and forge a happy, memorable time with your partner, even when you both are not together. So, take a look at them and pick a unique date idea if you are in a long-distance relationship.

41 Long-Distance Relationship Date Ideas To Keep You Going When You Are Apart

Technology has been one of the biggest game-changers in the last decade, and you can use it to keep your relationship alive. Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime are a few popular video calling apps that you can use for free to stay connected with your partner. Here is a run-down of long-distance online date ideas that show you how to make a Skype date special.

1. Online Game Night

With so many online gaming websites available right now, it is time to take game night online. You can also play traditional games that have an online edition from Monopoly and Scrabble to chess and other classic board games. Make sure your competitiveness does not squeeze the fun out of the game. The idea is to connect and not compete with your partner.

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Team up with your spouse to compete against another couple in an online games night if you feel that the competitive nature is interfering with your game night with your significant other.

2. Read Snail Mail To Each Other

The traditional mode of communicating via physical love letters is not quite dead and is a great addition to your list of fun long-distance date ideas. Snail mail can be a very satisfying way to express yourself to your loved one. You can experiment with stationery that appeals to your (or your partners) aesthetic, using handmade paper or contemporary designs. However, the fun part is reading the letters to each other during your online date.

Alanna Wilson, a blogger, shares her experience of writing 7 letters to her long-distance boyfriend, one for each day of the week. She mentions that this gives them something to talk about. She says, “There are endless possibilities so make this idea your own and send your boyfriend or girlfriend a week’s worth of surprises they would like (i)!”

3. Go On A Virtual Holiday

Travel is a great way for couples to connect, and now you can do it online! Certain airlines and virtual travel platforms have curated immersive virtual reality experiences that are helping couples take virtual trips together. The best part is that if your budget is low, you can explore many gorgeous places together from the comfort of your homes.

4. Host A Virtual Quiz Night

If you and your partner are fans of trivia and love to compete, a virtual quiz night makes for an awesome addition to your list of long-distance Skype date ideas. You can add fun elements like a prize for the winner (here’s where you can get a bit naughty!) and also add a drinking challenge to spice things up.

5. Take A Relationship Quiz Together

The Internet is filled with quizzes that help couples get to know each other better. Plan a night where you take some relationship quizzes together. They can be as diverse as “How well do you know your partner?” to “Will your partner make a good travel buddy?” Keep the vibe light and fun.

6. Make Art Together

If you love being creative, you and your partner can make some art. You can do a painting on a canvas or do online doodles and craft projects. You can either create offline or use online applications that allow artists to co-create and collaborate in real-time.

7. Jam And Make Music Together

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If both of you have a musical streak, you can bring out your instruments and jam together. There are specialized applications that also make it a more professional experience. Music can help you unwind and build some beautiful moments together.

8. Work Together

Not all dates need to be date nights. Intimacy also comes from sharing everyday experiences. For example, you could spend a day working together for a few hours, especially if you do not have any meetings planned.

9. Share A Working Lunch

Sharing lunch during a workday every once in a while is a great idea as it mixes things up and helps you unwind while working. Make sure you do not schedule any meetings at that time and have a lighter day when you plan a working lunch. Keep your meal ready beforehand so that you don’t waste time cooking when you should be spending time with your partner.

10. Cook Together

While mealtimes can be lonely when you are away from your partner, you can also feel lonely while cooking. Planning cooking dates together helps motivate you to eat healthily, get creative in the kitchen, and also learn more about each other.

11. Visit A Virtual Haunted House

This one is a date night-favorite that is fast becoming a popular long-distance relationship date night idea. It brings a lot of laughter and excitement and lightens up the mood when you explore the haunted house together.

12. Host A Bucket-List Night

Making plans together can be exciting for couples. You can dedicate a night to making your bucket lists for the future and, in the process, also get to know each other better.

13. Virtual Psychic Reading

Another fun experience is to visit a virtual psychic together. You can also go individually and discuss the results later. The important thing, though, is to not take it too seriously and just enjoy the whole experience together.

14. Play 20 Questions

Traditional party games like 20 Questions are a great way to keep the magic alive for those in long-distance relationships. It helps you stay connected with your partner’s interests and get to know them better in a fun way. Adding a drinking challenge will add another layer of fun.

15. Truth Or Dare Night

Another traditional game that works well virtually is Truth or Dare. It helps you get to know your partner better while adding a fun challenge to the whole experience. Be candid and a good sport to make this date night fun.

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16. Learn A New Skill Together

If you both have similar passions or goals, you can enroll in a class where you can learn a skill together. Alternatively, you can learn the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) way, just the two of you. For example, you can watch sign language videos together on YouTube and then practice the signs with each other.

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You can also learn a new language together. Choose one randomly, one that you’ve always wished to learn but never got around to learning, or the native tongue of the country you both want to visit someday.

17. Enjoy Some Intimate Time Together

Video calling or video chat activities are also nudging couples to spice things up even when they are apart. Just make sure you have a secure connection and are comfortable with your partner as you have some fun time together.

18. Dance Together

If you both love dancing, you can host an impromptu dance date where you simply let your hair down. Dance increases the endorphin levelsi  XBrain chemicals that in healthy levels help boost the mood, regulate pain, stress and depression, and in low levels cause sleep issues and addiction. in your body, which elevates the mood and boosts good mental health (1).

19. Get Fit Together

If you both love fitness and work out every day, then planning a workout date can be a very stimulating experience. This activity will motivate both of you to stay focused on your fitness goals. It helps you connect on an emotional and physical level and stay excited about your fitness journey together.

20. Online Scavenger Hunt

Virtual scavenger hunts have become popular these days, especially as a long-distance first date. It keeps the mood light. You both can solve riddles and look for the listed things without the pressure of small talk.

21. Go On A Museum Date

You can plan a romantic activity, such as visiting a virtual reality art museum. The best part is that you can visit them in any part of the world together, from the comfort of your homes.

22. Admire Art Together

Do you both have a passion for visiting art galleries? Several art galleries have launched virtual tours that you can explore with your SO. You can discuss your favorite works and artists and connect over your shared love of art.

23. Open Gifts Together

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This is a great activity where you can share the experience of opening gifts for special occasions together, like birthdays, anniversaries, and baby showers. You can send each other gifts on these days and open them together on a video call. It also creates intimacy by showing how well you both know each other.

24. Have A Dinner Date

This is one of the most traditional stay-at-home date ideas, but you can make it special by having a dress code, mood lighting, and the same meal, so it feels almost like you are physically together.

25. Plan A Movie Night

Cinema buffs can plan a movie night together with the help of apps like Netflix Party. These apps allow you to watch a movie together while live chatting with each other. You can also throw in some popcorn, beers, and other snacks to simulate the experience of an offline movie night.

26. Binge-Watch Your Favorite TV Show

Spend a weekend binge-watching your favorite TV shows together. Make sure you take breaks to eat, drink, and discuss the storylines. Some sexting in-between can also spice things up!

27. A Book Club For Two

In the age of technology, you can choose between physical, audio, and e-book based on your preferences. This is a great video-chat activity that pushes you to open up your minds together and provides you with fodder for discussions.

28. Virtual Breakfast Date

A power-packed breakfast date after your morning workout is a great way to catch up when you are both feeling fresh and ready to take on the day. This is a great motivator when you and your partner both start the day together.

29. Attend A Masterclass Together

There are tons of masterclasses being hosted around the world. You can attend a masterclass revolving around a common interest and become learning buddies. You can also discuss what you learned on an online date.

30. Have A Game Night With Friends

A big part of being a couple is growing together and cultivating your common networks. A game night with friends is a great way to bond together as a couple and get to know each other’s friends. You can use gaming apps or just have your friends come over to your house while you have a video call set up with your partner.

31. A Fun Cocktail Night

Sometimes fun long-distance date ideas work better with alcohol. A night of drinking games like “Never Have I Ever” can be a great stress-buster and a way to unwind with your beloved. Be ready for some fun confessions over these games.

32. Practice Yoga Together

This is another great couples activity as you can work on your yoga poses together and make fitness a part of your daily routine. You can also learn new postures and breathing techniques and be accountability buddies for each other.

33. Watch A Concert Together

Every couple has their favorite musicians, many of whom live-stream concerts or have recorded concerts available on YouTube. Attending a virtual concert with your partner can be an intimate, uplifting experience.

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34. Tend Your Gardens Together

This is another fun experience that can help nurture your connection over an activity that you both love. You can exchange nuggets of gardening wisdom and get down and dirty while you tend to your gardens. 35. Curate A Digital Photo Album Together

This is a great collaborative activity that is perfect for a virtual date as you can both use digital photo editing apps to get the work done. You can make an album that captures your love, or it can be a gift for friends and family.

36. Meditate Together

Sometimes, it is not only the conversations that connect you but also the silences. Meditation is a great activity that brings people together while they reflect and grow their mindfulness. There are several meditation videos that you can tune into together before bedtime or in the morning.

37. Attend A Virtual Cooking Class

If you share a passion for cooking and love to experiment with cuisines, attending a virtual cooking class with a personal chef is a great long-distance virtual date idea.

38. Have Fun With Horoscopes

Zodiac compatibility has fascinated couples since time immemorial. Online dates are a great occasion to do this activity. You now take a zodiac compatibility test or read your romantic horoscope for the week to see what’s in store for you.

39. Exchange Care Packages

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It is a great idea to break the monotony by sending a tailor-made care package to your partner. It could be a mix of their favorite things or an item that has been on their wishlist for some time. The excitement lies in them opening the package in front of you while you are on a Skype video call. This is also a great pandemic date idea to express care and affection for each other.

40. Enjoy A Sunrise Or Sunset Together

Time zones can be a real downer in a long-distance relationship. But, you and your partner can enjoy a sunset or sunrise together. One of you can video call the other from the balcony or a spot somewhere in the neighborhood with a stunning view at sunrise or sunset. Adding a glass of champagne and some background music while looking at the sunset can be a fun date idea.

41. Watch Funny Videos

Despite the physical separation, modern technology can bridge the gap and bring a sense of togetherness. And so, one of the most fantastic long-distance date ideas for couples is to share a dose of laughter by watching funny videos together. You can choose amusing videos, such as stand-up comedy shows, humorous sketches, or funny animal clips, and synchronize their viewing via video call. You can even take it a step further by rating the videos or sharing your favorite punchlines from these videos. This activity is a light-hearted way to maintain a connection and infuse joy into your long-distance relationship.

Besides these fun dates, you can also make use of some game apps to spice up your long-distance relationship. Check some of them out below.

Game Apps For Long-Distance Relationships

There is a wide range of apps that are specially designed to raise the intimacy and connection quotient between people in long-distance relationships. The apps have unique features that help you keep track of important relationship anniversaries, do countdowns till you meet next, watch movies together, and take relationship quizzes. The apps let you customize your pages and store images, audio, video, and other media to help you two stay connected. Some of the most popular apps for long-distance relationships include:

  • Gyft
  • MyLove
  • iPassion
  • Rave
  • Happy Couple
  • Between
  • Nujj

Technology has made it much easier to maintain romance in long-distance relationships. You can connect in real-time and be involved in the life of your partner. Try out some of the long-distance date ideas listed above to light up the spark in your relationship.

It is well-known that long-distance relationships require fantasy and creativity to help them stay alive and robust. Obviously, it is essential to have the will to do such activities very often and show your partner you really love doing everything with him/her, and distances are mostly in the “head”, not in the heart.

Infographic: Virtual Travel Ideas For Couples In Long-Distance Relationships

A long-distance relationship does not mean you can’t travel the world with your partner. Thanks to the numerous online virtual tours, no destination is outside your reach now. Check out the infographic below for some exciting virtual travel ideas you can plan and execute with your partner.

virtual travel ideas for couples in long distance relationships (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

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It is a well-known fact that relationships are not easy to maintain but going the extra mile to make your partner happy and keep the bond strong is something all of us can do. You can add a hint of fun fashion and excitement to your video calls on platforms like Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime. For instance, you can organize a virtual holiday or a quiz night to make your conversations more interesting. Making art, watching a movie, or even working together can give you a sense of intimacy and companionship.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should you date long-distance before meeting?

It is important to meet your partner in person as soon as possible. You get to really know a person when you meet them face-to-face. Nowadays, it is easy to lie or fake a profile online. If you cannot meet your partner physically, make sure you at least video call them. Texting, emailing, and calling your partner can be fun, but you miss out on the spark of really being with them.

Does long distance count as dating?

Yes, seeing someone long-distance can count as dating, provided you and your partner have defined the status of your relationship. Failing to do so may make your long-distance partner think that it is not a committed relationship.

How long can you date long distance?

You can date long-distance for as long as it is comfortable and convenient for you and your partner. If one or both of you are tired of dating long-distance, you need to decide if one of you should move and which one it should be, or if you want to go your own separate ways.

How long should you date before becoming an official long-distance couple?

It entirely depends on you and your partner. You can make the relationship official by telling family and friends whenever you both deem fit. It is generally when you both feel comfortable with each other and can’t imagine a future without each other.

Key Takeaways

  • It is important to come up with creative date ideas to maintain the charm of a long-distance relationship.
  • You can set up an online game night or write snail mail to each other to create those special moments of love.
  • Learning a new skill together and exchanging care packages are some more cute ways to stay connected with your long-distance bae.

Keep the romance alive with these 7 virtual date night ideas for long-distance relationships. Check out this video to know more!

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  1. Dance releases endorphins
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