50 Fun Long-Distance Relationship Activities For Couples To Stay Connected

Keeping the spark alive no matter the distance can be fun when you truly love someone.

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It is difficult to stay away from your loved ones, and the lack of proper communication may lead to misunderstandings. But worry not – as these fun-filled long-distance relationship activities can bring the spark back into your relationship. In this digital era, nothing is impossible, and with the right amount of creativity and little effort, you can surprise your partner. Remember the quote: “Absence is to love as wind is to fire: it extinguishes the little flame, it fans the big.” – Umberto Eco. These famous words hold deep meaning in the case of long-distance relationships. Now, scroll down to find the 50 best ways to spice your long-distance relationship. Read on!

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Apps like Facetime and Zoom come in handy in a long distance relationship. However, don’t just stop there – as there are many other creative and romantic ways to stay in touch with your bae and share memories.

50 Creative Long-Distance Relationship Activities For Couples

1. Become Netflix Official

Watch movies or web series on Netflix together
Image: Shutterstock

You can Netflix and chill together even when distance separates you. Watch the same movies or web series together. If you stay in different time zones, do not give away spoilers. Movie and TV show watching is an excellent way to bond, especially if you both belong to the same fandoms!

You can pause a frame and guess what happens next or discuss the episodes and bond over fanfics, memes, and spoof videos. The possibilities are endless, with many great shows available on streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Sharing subscriptions and passwords is now a relationship milestone. So, set up your long-distance movie night and make your relationship #netflixofficial!

2. Make Remix Reels Or Tik Tok Collabs

Hop on to the remix reel and Tik Tok bandwagon and collab with your partner for fun videos. Social media challenges or trends are a fun way to stay connected and bring out the lighter side of the relationship. There are so many challenges that keep trending on these online platforms that you will never run out of ideas to interact with your special someone.

Who knows, your videos may go viral overnight and become #relationshipgoals. Check out some of the most trending couple challenges like couples Q&A challenge, the ’I Hate All Men But When He Loves Me’ trend, and ’relationship check’ posts! You will also discover new things about your partner during these fun challenges.

3. Play Games Online

From the highly addictive PUBG to the classic Mario kart – there is no shortage of online games to play together with your partner. These games bring out the competitive spirit and help you bond. You can explore genres like action, adventure, role-playing, simulation, sports, strategy, and puzzles. You can also try mobile games and relive your childhood memories by playing UNO, Scrabble, Ludo King, or Candy Crush Saga.

4. Personality Tests

Another fun way to learn new things about your partner is to take online personality tests, couple quizzes, and compatibility tests together. Go over the answers to find out how well you know each other or what are the things that surprised you. Discover each other’s love language and show your love in the best way possible.

All these can bring in an opportunity to discuss things more casually without disagreements. For instance, if your partner’s love language is words of appreciation, you can shower them with meaningful texts. However, keep in mind that these tools should only be used as guidelines to add value to your relationships.

5. Send Care Packages

Send care packages for your long-distance partner
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Surprise them by ordering something they had on their wishlist for ages! Pamper each other through gift exchanges that include handwritten notes or gifts of personal value. It is the thought you put into the gift that touches the heart of the person.

You can also include their favorite toy from childhood (that has a sentimental value), comfort food (grandma’s cookies), tidbits like socks, matching pillowcases, customized coffee mugs, hand-knitted blankets in that care package. Avoid packing perishable items.

6. Go On A Video Date

If you have not done this already, you are missing out on an amazing experience! Dress up for a date, order or cook a meal (preferably something you both like), get some wine, and set up a video date with each other. You can FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, or use any of the available video chatting services. Plan your video chat activities and Talk to each other like you are on a date! You can even recreate your first date with each other and bask in the nostalgia.

7. Create An Email Time Capsule

Write scheduled emails to each other. These may include simple notes reminding them how much you love them or miss them and how much you long for them. This is particularly helpful in keeping the communication channels open and constant. For example, if you are the kind of person who has trouble remembering birthdays or anniversaries, use this email capsule as a failsafe reminder.

8. Send Your Scent

Many people associate certain scents with certain people. Some even use a particular perfume as their signature scent. Nothing is reminiscent of a person more than the scent as it triggers associated memories. Send your partner your favorite perfume or cologne to remind them of you. Both of you can spritz some on your pillow before sleeping.

9. Read A Book Together

Read a book together even in long-distance
Image: Shutterstock

If both of you love reading, you can start reading the same book. Take turns reading aloud on the phone or video call. Make sure you pick a book from a familiar genre you both like. You can join virtual book clubs, listen to audiobooks together or read a chapter and discuss it later. Dedicate a specific time every day to read to each other. It is a great way to connect.

10. Send “Open When” Letters

There is a romantic charm to handwritten letters! Try writing simple encouraging notes. You can label them like “read this when sad,” “read this when happy,” or “read this when lonely.” They are instant stress busters that lift the mood of your loved one and especially useful when you are far apart.

11. Send Them Flowers

Flowers can cheer you up and brighten the spaces around you. Moreover, they also have associated meanings. For instance, chrysanthemum stands for loyalty and love, orchids denote admiration, and peony symbolizes romance. You can even pick their favorite or customize a bouquet through an online flower delivery service to spruce up their day.

12. Share A Journal

There is nothing more intimate than journaling your thoughts. You can try sharing a journal (blogging works too!). Add entries about your day, your thoughts, ideas, and share them with your partner. Read each other’s entries and respond to them. You can use different writing prompts if you run out of ideas. This is also an amazing ice breaker if you had a tiff and don’t know how to start a conversation. Use this as a scrapbook of your memories.

13. Pamper Each Other With Virtual Hugs And Kisses

Various websites help you send virtual hugs to people across the globe. This might sound creepy or corny to some, but they can help cheer you up on a bad day. Some devices can emulate the experience of a virtual hug by using pillows. Hugging reduces stress and makes the person feel secure. Similarly, you can use a kiss phone to kiss your significant other across the distance or send an e-kiss.

14. Share Your Spotify Or Apple Playlists

Sharing playlists is a personal experience, especially when you have memories and meanings attached to particular songs. So, go ahead and share your Spotify or Apple Music playlists with your partner. You can dedicate songs that remind you of them or important dates or milestones in your life.

15. Workout Together

Workout together with your long-distance partner
Image: Shutterstock

Why not work on your health goals together? Use different apps to keep track of your daily step count or calories burned. You can work out with each other through video calls, follow online workout routines and programs, or join live classes together and participate in competitive fitness challenges. This not only helps you stay in shape but also encourages your partner.

16. Plan On Pinterest

Another great activity for people in long-distance relationships is to create inspiration boards on Pinterest. This helps in learning more about each other’s choices, mutual interests, and goals. Put up boards to gather ideas about planning future visits or trips, future dream homes, décor, wedding themes, and organizational inspos.

17. Do Skin Care Together

Dedicate time for your skin care routine, ideally before you sleep. You can CTM together over FaceTime or check up on each other. This makes you accountable to each other, and it is great for your skin. A little mask time together as you listen to your favorite song is a great way to unwind after a hectic schedule.

18. Have Fun With Karaoke

Bring out your fun side by joining each other in virtual karaoke rooms or bars. Sing with and for each other. Let go of your inhibitions and enjoy the music. You can also remix reels over Instagram as you sing duets together.

19. Get Crafty

Get your hands dirty, try a few DIY projects. You can mail them to each other or swap them when you meet in person. From handmade cards, woodwork, knitted sweaters, and crochet dolls to upscaling the home decor and embroidered handkerchiefs – the list is endless. Get creative and customize them to your partner’s liking or include something meaningful and significant to you both as a couple.

20. Binge Watch YouTube

Binge-watch YouTube
Image: Shutterstock

How about syncing videos to binge on YouTube? Create private rooms for each other where you can watch documentaries, conspiracy theories, or the latest gossip about your favorite celebrity. From mukbang, ASMR videos, and travelogues to animal rescue videos and the latest movie trailers – YouTube is a treasure trove of entertainment, and you will never get bored of it.

21. Send Personalized Messages And Doodles

Apart from sending handwritten letters and notes, use different apps to send personalized messages and doodles to your partner. It’s fun to complete a doodle together or add in little details with inside jokes and secrets. You can use your imagination and get a little naughty.

22. Stargaze Together

You can stargaze and look up different constellations. Take a screenshot of the sky on the night you met or any important date in your relationship. Another fun activity is to make up names for stars in your favorite constellation.

23. Go On A Virtual Vacation Together

Sounds crazy? Several pages on social networking sites like Facebook take you on virtual museum or art gallery tours or tours of different cities and countries. All you need to do is register for the event and be online on the given date and time.

You can also use Google Earth to check out your favorite tourist destinations and explore the areas. You can revisit the places you visited together on your first date, anniversary, or birthday. Reliving memories together can keep you connected even when you are far away from each other.

24. Write A Song Or Poem

If you are musically inclined, you can write a song for your partner, record it, and send them. To amp up the romance, call them and sing over the phone. Similarly, you can pen your thoughts into a poem for your loved one.

25. Take A Free Class Together

From art and language classes to programming and coding, do free online courses together. This is the best way to learn something together, build skills, develop expertise, and spend time. The options are unlimited as most reputed universities and platforms like Coursera and Udemy offer online certifications. For free language classes, you can check Duolingo.

26. Find Out What The Stars Have To Say About Your Relationship.

Check out the zodiac compatibility of your relationship
Image: Shutterstock

You may or may not believe in astrology, tarot cards, and numerology, but they make for a fun conversation. Look up your zodiac compatibility or match your natal chartsi  XA horoscope or star chart used to predict one’s character, fate, or future events based on the date, time, and location of their birth. . Discuss what predictions or character traits describe your personality and whether you agree or disagree with it. You can also go for online free tarot readings.

27. Color Together

If you thought coloring is for kindergarten kids, you are mistaken. Coloring books for adults have become extremely popular as they help reduce stress and anxiety and boost creativity. You can also download coloring apps and use them together.

28. Check How Your Babies Might Look

When you are in a serious relationship, there might be fun conversations around your future kids. Some websites morph the images of the parents to generate an image of how their baby might look. Similarly, you have websites that generate unique names for your future kids by mixing up the parent’s names. These are fun activities to share a laugh over.

29. Cook The Same Meal

Look up recipe websites, online cooking or baking videos, and YouTube tutorials, pick a recipe you both want to try, buy the groceries, and cook it at a scheduled time. You can send pictures or FaceTime as you cook. Just browsing through the beautiful videos is a fun activity. You can pretend to be food critics or food bloggers and rate the food you prepared.

30. Do A Cleaning Spree Together

Do a cleaning spree together
Image: Shutterstock

If you need an extra push to clean your room or apartment, plan it together. Block a weekend and deep clean your respective spaces. You can use Marie Kondo’s method for decluttering and organizing the space around your home. The extra motivation from your partner can help you get rid of those items you have been hoarding for ages.

31. Create A Shared Digital Photo Album

Treasure all your memories in digital spaces, such as Canva, MyAlbum, Photobooks, and Flippingbooks. You can make photo albums, montages, and cute rewind or flashback videos to remind each other of the good times.

32. Write Your Love Story

Another great way to memorialize your love is to write your story together. You can write a book where you are the main characters. From first impressions and anniversaries to dates gone wrong and first fights – you can spin a wonderful story with all the memories you created. This will give you a chance for introspection and leave behind a memoir for your kids and grandchildren.

33. Take An Online Quiz

Try out different fun online quizzes or trivia games like discovering love languages, Enneagrami  XA personality test that describes the human psyche based on nine pre-defined personality types. , personality tests, aptitude tests, compatibility tests, or grammar quizzes. They are fun and educational. Keep tabs on your scores, and the winner gets a treat or a gift.

34. Create A Bucket List Together

Create a bucket list together
Image: Shutterstock

Create a bucket list of places you want to visit and things you want to do. Whether you came across a travel video on Instagram or a detailed tour guide to your favorite destination on Facebook, save them and share them with your partner. You may also include things like cuisines you want to try or rooftop cafes you long to visit- the options are endless.

35. Make Your Own Memes

Hop on to meme generator or online meme makers and create your own memes. Inside jokes, nicknames, or even popular memes are a few things you can try. If you have short videos and photos of your partner on your phone, use photo editors to add motion to them and make memes. This fun activity is sure to have you in peals of laughter.

36. Wear Couple Tees

Wear couple tees
Image: Shutterstock

Twinning or wearing matching outfits is a popular way to show that you are in a relationship. Cute graphic tees with cute pairs representing your relationship are fun.

You can try graphics like salt and pepper, fries and ketchup, and coffee and cream. These are easily available online, and some even give you options for customization. Send it to your partner and set up a video call wearing the tees. You can also color coordinate clothes on certain days of the week. Snap a picture, post, and tag each other on social media for loads of hearts and likes!

37. Watch Sunrise Or Sunset Together

Watch sunrise or sunset together
Image: Shutterstock

Sharing a moment in time and space is priceless. Schedule your time to catch the sun set or rise. This golden hour is amazing for that perfect selfie. Share the serene experience despite being miles apart.

38. Keep The Snapchat Streak Going

Start a Snapstreak and continue it until you meet again. Keep posting pictures of your day or anything that caught your eye, like the succulents on your work desk or the cute golden retriever you met on the way to the grocery store. This gives a peek into each other’s lives, making it an interesting conversation starter. No more lagging pauses on the phone!

39. Go For A Walk Together

Go for a walk together
Image: Shutterstock

You can plan to go for a walk at a scheduled time and live stream yourself. Take a stroll through the neighborhood or a brisk walk in the park. Make sure you turn your GPS on if you are trailing through new places. Explore new places in your city together. Take turns to show off your city’s best attractions or your favorite spots.

40. Get Intimate

The internet offers you an option to get naughty, especially if you stay miles apart. You can make things spicy by trying role-playing games through webcam chats, provided you take all the necessary steps to safeguard your privacy.

41. Deepen Your Relationship

Get to know each other by or playing a couple of games like Gottman Card Decks. This app has questions that you may ask your partner. It also has suggestions regarding how to improve your relationship. Such games are great ways to learn new things about each other. You can have heart-to-heart conversations to build up intimacy and develop emotional connections with each other.

42. Plan Your Next Visit

Plan your next visit
Image: Shutterstock

Nothing excites you more than seeing your loved one in person after a long separation. Plan your visits, discuss what you want to do and places you want to visit, and start saving up for the upcoming trip. The anticipation builds up the excitement and keeps you going on days you miss them too much.

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You can also download a countdown app that will constantly remind you of the date you’ll be back together. There’s nothing sweeter than anticipating the arrival of someone you love.

43. Fall Asleep Together

Sleep streaming is gaining popularity these days. It is no longer limited to influencers or video bloggers. The sound of listening to your partner while they sleep is comforting and makes for an intimate experience. This is particularly useful when a partner is anxious or lonely.

44. Check In On Your Goals Together

The secret to long-lasting relationships is to have goals that both partners can work towards without any clashes. From choosing your universities to places you want to settle or the lifestyle you aspire to. Having compatible goals is important and needs to be discussed in detail during a relationship – especially if you are serious about each other.

45. Order Each Other Takeout Or Delivery

Surprise your partner with their favorite order! Some days, they may be too busy working or feel lazy to cook. Watching their faces light up as they dig into the food they have been craving is precious. Such happy surprises and gestures help strengthen the bond and bring you closer. It shows how much you care for them even when they are miles away.

46. Play Charades

Playing charades is a fun way to keep yourself entertained. The theme can be to guess the names of the movies, songs, or people you know by miming. You can even play truth or dare and go wild with your imagination.

47. Invest In A Future Together

If you are serious about each other, it is time to invest together. Open a joint account for activities or goals you want to do as a couple. Start saving for that world trip or dream home early. Financial discipline can help you in the long run. It also enables you to understand the spending habits and ideas of financial security.

48. Share Your Spiritual Goals Together

Share your spiritual goals together
Image: Shutterstock

Meditation, prayers, and reading spiritual texts at ascribed times together can result in spiritual growth. Sending good vibes to people around the globe by praying for them is a good idea. There are wellness apps that can help you through guided meditations.

49. Dance For Each Other

Learn a dance form and perform for each other. If it seems too ambitious, try picking up few hook steps from popular dance numbers and do it in sync with each other. You can do this during a video call or share videos. Apart from being a great way to burn some calories, you will also feel the rush of endorphins!

50. Ditch Texting, Embrace Voice Memos

Why rely on texts when you can simply send a voice message? It does not take more than a minute. Say sweet nothings or simply send an “I love you” or “I miss you” voice message. Hearing each other’s voices in the middle of a busy day or the first thing after waking up will immediately pep up your mood.

Infographic: 8 Long-Distance Activities For Couples To Stay Connected

You might have heard people say that long-distance relationships are difficult to maintain. While that is true, giving a little more time and putting in the extra effort can make a difference. Also, it’s hard to stay apart from each other when you miss your partner. So, check out the infographic below to learn about the fun activities you can do to make your long-distance relationship work.

8 longdistance activities for couples to stay connected (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Save the high-quality PDF version on your device now.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

Long-distance relationships can be challenging, but they can develop and grow like wildfires and reach true depths of connection between partners with a little extra effort. And that is where these fun long-distance relationship activities and virtual date ideas come in! Playing, reading, and language learning together, writing letters or emails, and sending care packages and ’open when’ letters are some of the wonderful ways to share great times and remind each other of how dearly they are loved and valued. Even though you cannot physically be together as much as you want, don’t let the distance rob you of wonderful moments of emotional intimacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is important in a long-distance relationship?

Trust and honest communication are important for a long-distance relationship to work.

What is the hardest part of a long-distance relationship?

A long-distance relationship may be challenging due to a lack of physical intimacy, difficulty in bonding or sharing experiences, miscommunication, or difficulty in setting aside time for catching up.

Should long-distance couples talk everyday?

Not necessarily. Communicate with your partner as you would if they were nearby. Create clear boundaries or times for both of you so that you can catch up.

Key Takeaways

  • Effective and constant communication is crucial for long-distance relationships to stay afloat.
  • Getting engrossed in certain fun-filled activities can help the couple stay connected and strengthen the bond.
  • Activities like going on a video date, working out together, sharing a journal can be super fun and engaging. Select the right ones that excite your partner.

Long-distance relationships can be tough but there are ways to keep the spark alive. Check out this video to explore various cute ideas to maintain excitement in the relationship!

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