24 Beautiful And Touching Poems For People In Long-Distance Relationships

Express your heart's desire and convey the depth of your feelings with these verses.

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Distance only gives us a reason to love harder. Living separately from the person you love is torture. Sending your partner long-distance relationship poems could give them a glimpse into how much you miss them. It’s a great way to express the misery and longing you feel without them near you. And it’s a wonderful way to let them know that no matter the distance, nothing can separate them from your love.

Penning down a love poem for your lover can be an exciting and charming way of expressing your inner thoughts and feelings. If you can’t find the words on your own, here are 25 long-distance love poems that perfectly convey how much you miss your partner, the happiness you feel when you think of how in love you both are, and the ecstasy you experience when you think of the day you reunite in person. Continue reading.

24 Poems For Long-Distance Relationships

1. Steadfast

Steadfast by Amy Finley

The miles are long and far and wide,
But my love for you will never subside.

My heart will continue strong and true,
Steadfast in my love for you.

You never need to fret or fear;
My only love is for you, my dear.

It hurts to be so far from you,
But a love like ours will make it through.

Keep holding on a little longer;
Our love will keep on growing stronger.

– Amy Finley

2. True Love Brings Always Brings Us Back

Does absence truly make the heart grow fonder?
I believe that it does because
Each time we must go our separate ways,
Our hearts reach out to each other
And grasp more firmly than ever.
The things that divide us at these times only
Serve to pull us back together and make our love stronger.
They make us more determined than ever
To live every moment we can together,
Truly and madly in love.

– Kelly Roper

3. Don’t Be Gone Too Long

I never thought I would feel such pain
I need you here, to see you again
I never thought I would miss your touch
I realized I need it so much
I never thought I would feel so lost
And need your love at any cost
I never thought I would wake up alone
I need you back, don’t be gone too long
Come Back Soon!

– Anonymous

4. Until I Arrive

Whenever you feel
Lost in time,
Place your hand
Over your heart,
Imagine it is mine,
And with every beat
I hope you feel
More alive.

Just think of me
Until I arrive.

– S. Marie

5. Beneath The Perfect Sky

I look up at the stars
And think of you tonight;
Wishing I could see their light
Reflected in your eyes.
How I long to touch you,
Hold your body close to mine,
As we share our love together
Beneath the perfect sky.

– John Mark Green & Christy Ann Martine

4000 Miles by Lang Leav

6. 4000 Miles

The lines stitched into highways;
The never-ending seams,
On roads that are less travelled,
Dividing you and me.

I wish I could unravel,
The fabric in-between,
And tear away the distance,
To bring you close to me.

– Lang Leav

7. Distance

My soul is split in two,
And drowned in the ocean that separates us.
It is the waves of sadness that push me under,
Crushing me with despair.
Trying to stay afloat,
Gasping for air.

Until I see the light,
The shining light of you.
To give me hope and strength,
To save me,
To pull me through.

– Anonymous

8. It’s Not Fair

It’s not fair.
It’s not fair how
You’re over there,
And I’m over here.

It’s not fair
That I don’t know how
Your breathe tastes or
How your hand feels.

It’s not fair
That we’re light
Years apart, yet we’re
Under the same moon.

It’s not fair
That our eyes can’t
Meet, and our feet
Can’t touch.

– (J.M)

9. Blanket

I wrap myself in blanket,
And pretend that it’s your arms,
Because maybe if you were here,
Things wouldn’t be so hard.

I rest my head on my pillow,
And I pretend that it’s your chest,
Because maybe if you were here,
My heart would ache less.

I close my eyes and sigh,
And pretend these miles don’t exist,
Because they overwhelm me completely,
All I want is to feel your kiss.

– Anonymous

10. Every Evening

Every Evening by KH

You don’t know how it is
When you cry yourself to sleep
Because you miss someone so much,
That your heart is breaking

You’ve never met
You’ve never hugged
But you want it more than anything
He means everything to you
But you can’t be together now
And that is what kills you
Every evening.

– K. H

11. Years From Now

Years from now, our past will be a story –
A story of long days and lonely nights,
Hard work and lack of sleep.

We’ll live each day having intimately known
The pain of being apart,
We’ll appreciate and embrace our time together,
Knowing how lucky we are
To have made it through,
And we’ll find solace in
The promise of a future together.

– Anonymous

12. Stars

So I might
Count every star
To where you are.

And write you
Metaphors in millions
With all the skies.

But really,
You just need to know;
I miss you.

I’ve still never seen stars
Like the ones in your eyes.

– Niocra Kladsflem

13. A Time For Us

Just like the sun goes down at night
Just like the moon and stars come out
To light up the sky
Just like every spring has gloomy days
Full of thunderous rain
Before new flowers bloom
Just like the river travels long rough
Miles through cities and towns just to
Flow into the sea for eternity
There will be a time for us

– Anonymous

14. Nothing Without You

Nothing Without You by Anonymous

I don’t know how you’re coping up
With being hundreds of miles away
But I feel like a star in the sky
Fading away, day after day
It’s been too long since
The last time we were together
Without you, life means nothing to me
It feels like everything is over
I miss you

– Anonymous

15. I Anticipate

I anticipate the day that
We will finally be together.
Every day waking up to you,
Laughing at stupid movies every night.
Each day will be the new
Best day of my life.
My dear,
I can hardly wait.

– S. L

16. Absence

Last night I heard you sigh in your sleep
And the sound of your breath was akin
To a melody even
The masters could not have composed.

Tonight, the absence of your skin
Against mine in the tranquil
Shadowy silence
Keeps my mind racing and
Sleep implausible.

I couldn’t have imagined
The span between us
Could feel so cruel.

– Anonymous

17. Feeling Of Distance

But distance may also
Mean nothing
To a pair of lover’s
Hearts, who may be far apart
But choose the part
That may split in two
But despite the divide
Will still meet together
And intertwine
And thus erase any feeling of distance.

– Anonymous

18. One Day – Some Day

One day,
I’ll wake up at three in the morning.
I won’t be alone,
I won’t text you or call you
I won’t miss you
Or want to cry.

Because some day,
When I wake up ay three in the morning,
You will be laying right next to me
And not miles apart.

– (A. 02)

19. A Long Distance Love!

Enough to satisfy my craving heart’s plea,
Tomorrow will be the day I love you more,
Than today or yesterday or ever before,

Words and phrases will never do,
What my heart feels so deeply for you,
Deeper and deeper my feelings go,

My head is spinning to and fro,
I want you here, forever and more,
For our hearts to join and together explore,

Our hearts beat and beat as one,
Feel what I’m feeling, it’s only begun,
Yet, slowly my desire turns to rage,

My heart feels as though it’s within a cage,
You are so close yet so far,
At times like this I wish upon a star,

I wish you were here and not over there,
Yet life is hard as well as unfair,
All I can do is wish and wait,

Until we meet again as that is our fate,
I love you more than my words can say,
And forever my love will grow each passing day,

Until the day I gently hold your face,
Kiss your lips within a candle lit place,
Hold you close and feel you near,

Kiss your cheek and whisper among your ear,
Feel your soft skin beneath my hand,
Feel your energy inside expand,

I’ll wish for that moment as I always do,
And I’ve wished upon a star, so my wish will come true.

– Jessica Andress

Ache of longing

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20. Ache Of Longing

Ache Of Longing by John Mark Green

These times apart
Do not weaken our love.
The ache of longing
Makes each joyful reunion
A fresh revelation of passion.
We fall into each other’s arms,
And I fall for you all over again.

– John Mark Green

21. Forever Stay With Me

Don’t let the miles between us
Keep our love apart.
Just listen close and you will hear
The beating of my heart.
No distance will ever keep
My heart from loving you
There are no more tears for it to weep
For a love that runs so true,
I’ll be there with you one day soon
To love you every day
And then my heart will sing a tune
And you will hear it say
I’ve finally found my one true love
As true as one can be
And now you are all I’m thinking of
Forever stay with me

– Anonymous

22. Fire Of Our Love

The connection between us
Is perfectly forged
And is so strong
I feel it always
No matter how far apart we are.
The deep spark of our love
Is brighter than ever
And every thought I have about you
Seems to make the distance
Appear smaller
And smaller.
Until –
One day soon
That distance will disappear
And we’ll be free to let our love’s bright spark
Burn into a wildfire.

– Anonymous

23. A Part Of You

There is a part of me
That lives in a part of you
So we are never apart.

– Timothy Joshua

24. Memories In My Mind

Though miles come between us
And distance keeps us apart
Nothing can ever change
The love inside my heart.

I may not be there with you
Every minute of the day
But you’re always here with me
In at least a thousand ways.

Whether it be a thought
Or a moment that we’ve shared
It only takes a second
To get from here to there.

Though I cannot really feel
You here at my side
It’s always nice to know
I’ve got these memories in my mind.

– Anonymous

Infographic: 3 Beautiful Poems Every Long-Distance Relationship Couple Will Relate To

There are so many poems written and read through the ages that revolve around the theme of love and longing, some more eloquent than others. What sets many of these poems apart is how briefly yet poignantly they have expressed the emotions that arise from being apart from one’s lover.

Here is an infographic with 3 of such wonderfully expressed poems that are short yet powerful enough to elicit deep feelings in readers.

3 beautiful poems every long-distance relationship couple will relate to (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Save the high-quality PDF version on your device now.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

You want to make your lover feel special despite the miles between you in the long-distance relationship and let them know how much you want to be next to them. However, you struggle to find the right words, and nothing seems to do justice to your feelings. Fret not; these poems from some well-known writers and anonymous contributors can be the answer to all your worries! All you got to do is choose the one that you feel describes your emotions most closely and send it to your partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a man fall in love long-distance?

Yes. There is a chance for a man to fall in love long-distance. If he cares for you, wants the absolute best of you, and makes you his priority, you can consider he is in love with you.

What does a man want in a long-distance relationship?

A man wants proper communication, availability, assurance, and loyalty in a long-distance relationship.

Is cheating more common in long-distance relationships?

No. Cheating does not occur in most cases, but it depends on the quality of the relationship. A person who has unfulfilled needs tends to cheat on the partner in a long-distance relationship.

How do you know if your long-distance boyfriend is losing interest?

Your long-distance boyfriend may possibly be losing interest if you feel something is lacking or off in your relationship, or he partner doesn’t communicate with you properly, or he does not want to talk too long.

How do I know if my long-distance relationship is loyal?

If your partner makes time for you, respects your decisions, takes good care, makes an effort to visit you, and never makes any excuses, you can consider your long-distance relationship to be loyal.

Should you text every day in a long-distance relationship?

You can text your loved one every day in a long-distance relationship. However, don’t spend more time on texting as it may turn your relationship unhealthy. It is important to give each other some space as well.

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