31 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas For Long-Distance Relationships

Written by Harini Natarajan

It can get painfully lonely for those couples who are forced to spend Valentine’s Day away from each other. It gets more distressing when you see all the couples around you planning their big celebrations and being vocal about it. All the retail stores with their special discounts and restaurants displaying their romantic dinner offers can be a cruel reminder that your loved one is away from you. To make it easy for people in long-distance relationships, here is a list of 31 Long-Distance Relationship date ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Ideas For Anyone In A Long-Distance Relationship 

1. Make A Scrap Book Or A Framed Picture Of Their Messages


Go through your chat history and look for all the occasions when your partner said something that lifted your spirits or made you feel special. Make a small book or a simple poster of those messages. Better still, you can get a local artist to write their messages in beautiful calligraphy on a poster and get it framed.

2. Mail A Handwritten Note

We know you have a lot of things to say to your long-distance partner, and there are plenty of ways to do it. But, nothing comes close to the old-world charm of a handwritten note. Why? Because you can’t take out an envelope containing an email and hold it with love.

3. Go Where You First Met

If one of you is in the city where you first met, go there and call your partner from there. In fact, make it a video call. No matter where you go, that place – whether it’s a school, college, cafe, or restaurant – will always hold a special place in your relationship.

4. Take Them Around The Neighborhood

If they haven’t been to your new place or city, get them on video chat and take them around your neighborhood. Introduce them to your local park, your nearest cafe, your favorite restaurant, the security guard you run into daily, etc. They will get a real feel of a day in your life, and when they eventually visit you, it will be special.

5. Get The Same Dish Delivered

Figure out a restaurant near them and get some food delivered to them. Now, make sure that you get the same dish delivered to your place as well. That will make your lunch or dinner extra special. You will be able to compare the cooking styles in both the cities as well.

6. Start A Garden

A cool idea would be to start something new together. A garden is on top of that list. Start with a couple of plants or maybe a simple herb garden in your kitchen. Starting something together will give you both a sense of ownership. You can compare how both your gardens are coming along and bond over it.

7. Turn Them Into A Cartoon

Take a couple of their photographs and turn them into a cute little cartoon figure. There are plenty of ways you can do it online. You can also visit a local artist to get it done if you want to spend a little bit more money. Get it framed and make sure to send it well in advance so it reaches them by Valentine’s Day.

8. Introduce Them To Your Friends

Maybe you have made new friends in your new city. This would be a good time to introduce your partner to your new gang, either in the office or at the gym. This is to let them know who you hang out with regularly and whom to get in touch with in case of an emergency.

9. Tour Their City

Why just stop at exploring your neighborhood when you can take your love all over your new city? Put them on video call and take them around to the most famous landmarks, streets, markets, or restaurants in your city. Be their tour guide from far away.

10. Build A Website For The Two Of You

No, it isn’t as complicated as you think. But if you feel you can’t do it yourself, there are a million developers out there who will do it for you. Make this website a beautiful biography of your love.

11. Discover A Charity Together

It’s one of those acts that will not just add some goodness to the world, but also bring the two of you together at a deeper level. Find a cause that you both support and search for an organization that you both trust. You can easily do that online. Then, do your bit. Every small bit counts.

12. Get Your Photograph Painted

Filters can wait. Let’s get it done the natural way. Pick out your favorite photograph of the two of you and get a local artist to turn it into a painting. This is the kind of gift that gets everyone talking and something that your partner will cherish forever.

13. Sign Each Other Up To Learn Something New

It could be dance, cooking, a new language. Both of you learning something new together could be a beautiful way to strengthen your relationship. Any of these skills will not only make you more well-rounded individuals but also add another glorious chapter to your togetherness even when you are apart.

14. Watch A Sporting Event Together

If you both love a particular sport, it would be a beautiful idea to watch it at the same time as your partner. There are several apps available online that let people in different locations watch matches together.This sweet Valentine’s Day idea can make it feel like you both are in the same room.

15. Get A Temporary Tattoo

Alright, the operational word here is ‘temporary.’ Get one with a crafty message a day before Valentine’s Day and surprise your partner. This will up the ante in gifting, and you can certainly expect something bigger and better next time.

16. Work Out Together

Just because it’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean that you take a break from working out. Pick a workout on YouTube, get your partner on video call, and do the workout together. This will make it really easy when it’s time for chocolates and dinner. It’s like having all the fun without the guilt!

17. Send A ‘Thank You’ Note

Instead of merely gifting something, add a ‘thank you’ note to it. For all the times they have stood by you, listened to you, supported you, waited for your call, checked up on you, and the many things that the love of your life has done for you – it’s time to thank them.

18. Make A Music Video

Alright, this takes some effort, but the reward is worth it. Compile all your photographs, both the romantic and goofy ones, and make a video. It’s fairly easy to do it online. You can add some graphics and put your favorite track. Voila! There you have our own special video.

19. Stream A Concert Together

We are sure you guys have a favorite band and will certainly watch them live one day. Meanwhile, see if any of your favorite musicians have a concert they are streaming online on Valentine’s Day. It is an awesome idea to experience a concert together without getting up from your couch.

20. Send A Gift Basket Of Special Things On Valentine’s Day


Yes, gifting is especially tricky when the recipient is far away, but there are some time-tested ways to do it right. Go through their correspondence and see if there is something in particular they have been mentioning for a while. Is there anything that they miss about their native place? If so, that should be on top of the list of things to send them on Valentine’s Day. A smart way is to not get one big thing, but a bunch of smaller things.

21. Involve Their Friends, Coworkers, Or Neighbors

This requires some planning. Get in touch with their friends, coworkers, or neighbors and plan something in advance. If you have made a gift basket, it would be wonderful to have it gifted by their friends on the morning of Valentine’s Day. Or a coworker could play that special song that describes you guys in their office. It may be embarrassing, but certainly in a good way.

22. Have Breakfast Together

Of course, dinners are romantic, but why wait till the end of the day to share a meal? Kick-off your Valentine’s Day celebrations by having breakfast together. Make their favorite meal, ideally something simple, and enjoy a lazy breakfast while on video chat. Have it in bed or in your PJs – just don’t make it formal.

23. Stream A Movie Together

This goes without saying. You should both make a list of movies that you have missed out on recently and have a long-distance movie date. Pick one that’s a feel-good comedy that you can both laugh out loud at, and pause whenever you want to talk about it.

24. Make A Schedule Of Things To Do Together

Why stop at a movie when you can schedule a list of things that the two of you can do together while being hundreds of miles apart. Whether it’s breakfast, opening each other’s gifts, working out, or getting ready for dinner, plan it so that you are both doing it at the same time.

25. Make Your Own Rom-Com

This will get you all mushy. Compile all your videos, photos, and message and to create a short film of your love life so far. Don’t limit it to yourself. Ask their friends and coworkers to chip in with their anecdotes too. The idea is to make something that is fun and lively.

26. Plan A Holiday Together

For all the holidays that you have missed out on, why not plan one together? On Valentine’s Day, share a list of places that you both would like to visit and finalize your itinerary. This is not only an exciting thing to do, but it also gives you something to look forward to.

27. Visit A Museum Together

Just because you are in different cities does not mean you can’t take in the culture together. Plan individual visits to local museums and share everything that you learn with each other. You will learn something new, and it will be a story worth retelling at parties.

28. Wear Matching Clothes

No, it’s only ridiculous if you do it any other day. Get matching clothes or, if possible, get them designed according to your tastes and wear them on Valentine’s Day. Trust us, the photographs will look cute later.

29. Celebrate All The Holidays Together

Once you get a taste of what it feels to celebrate an entire day together, you will realize how little effort it actually takes. So on the other holidays when you can’t be together, make it a point to spend at least some time together. Who makes Labor Day weekend plans on Valentines’ Day? You two love birds!

30. Land Up There


It would be so cool if you convincedyour person of all your video chatting and synchronized shopping plans, then landing up at their place! If it is possible, just pack your bags and surprise them in person. There is a real risk that they may also be planning to surprise you in person, so make sure that you know of their entire day’s schedule well in advance.

31. Send A Post-Valentine’s Day Gift

Unfortunately, like a sugar rush, that intense romantic high can come crashing down the next day. Plan and send a post-Valentine’s Day gift to be delivered precisely on February 15th or the next weekend to let your partner that you are thinking of them all the time.

With the pressures of studies and work, it is not possible for couples to be together on Valentine’s Day all the time. But with the help of this list, we hope you have oodles of fun and don’t lonely on Valentine’s Day. Just because the love of your life is not there with you does not mean that the day can’t be filled with love.

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