14 Cute Long Sweaters To Wear With Leggings

Ideas to style one of the oldest yet most adorable outfit combinations for chilly weather

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By Pratima Ati

Sweater weather has to be one of our favorite seasons. If you want to wear trendy long sweaters with leggings, you have come to the right place for styling tips.

Staying warm is as important as staying fashionable. We get your concerns about sweaters, which have a bad reputation for being ugly. But we think that is an unfair assumption! Sweaters have an incredible amount of versatility and are one of those wardrobe staples that are always going to be in style. You can wear them with other fashion trends that have come and gone, and they are also comfortable, which is always a bonus. Wearing your sweater with a pair of leggings is one such fashionable yet comfortable combination for chilly winters. They look effortlessly good. And, we can help you get there!

Scroll down to take a look at some of our cute sweater with leggings ideas to flaunt this winter. Swipe up!

1. Black Sweaters On Leggings


Black on black is classic. You can flaunt this dark outfit, night or day. It exudes drama, charisma, and a whole lot of comfort.

A cute black sweater paired with black leggings, black shades, and a black sling bag is perfect. Nina’s knee-length boots complete her outfit, making it a complete ‘black on black’ outfit of the day.

2. Oversized Sweaters On Leggings


Larger than life sweaters are to die for. From plush pullovers to furry cardigans and heavy cable knits, oversized sweaters are the ultimate go-to for comfort, style, and warmth on a cold day.

You can style them with a casual pair of sneakers or even ankle boots. Go big with your oversized sweaters or go home, honey!

3. Long Sweaters On Leggings And Boots


If your aim is to look smart, confident, and everything that screams power, what better way to do that than sport this outfit? This outfit idea is funky and super creative. Pairing the long sweater with boots is a total 10/10!

4. Long White Sweaters On Leggings


How can we not adore white? It is simply heavenly and very elegant. Long white sweaters are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. They look amazing on leggings and embody comfort and a chic sense of style. You can pair them with ballerinas or even boots.

5. Oversized Sweater On Short Tights


This outfit is a combination of charm and playfulness. The oversized sweater in this pretty shade of pink has our heart. Pairing it with short black tights makes the outfit look sporty. This idea is definitely cute!

6. Red Sweaters On Leggings


Coffee and errands kinda day? Put on your red sweater, pair it with black leggings, and run along! Pairing it with a cool pair of shades and sturdy black Vans gives more power to your outfit.

7. Long Pullover Sweaters On Leggings


If you want to look on point, but not try too hard at the same time, long pullover sweaters are the way to go.

You could wear one on a cloudy day and pair it with ankle-length boots. This outfit is sophisticated and extremely feminine. This would be a classic way to portray your sense of style.

8. Tunic Sweaters With Leggings


Tunic sweaters are a lazy way of dressing up, but their loose fit makes them stylish and appealing. To make them look neater and defined, pair them with a nice belt at the waist.

9. Sweater Dresses On Leggings


Dresses might not be your best option on a cold day, but if you are a sucker for them, watch out for sweater dresses. They look absolutely stunning and keep you warm and comfortable. You could style this outfit by wearing it with leggings and boots.

10. Hoodie With Leggings


This outfit is nothing but goals! Gigi Hadid does it just right. Color coordinating your hoodie with your leggings to create a funky two-piece outfit is a brilliant idea.

A pair of sturdy running shoes and statement shades add a little drama and glam to your outfit. You’re ready to seize the day. It could be to run errands, grab a coffee, or even hang out with your friends – this outfit works for plenty of occasions.

11. Crop Top Sweaters On Leggings


Crop tops never go out of trend, and crop top sweaters are even more trendy. They are playful, form-fitted, warm, and comfortable. You could pair them with cute platform sneakers or knee-length boots.

12. High Collared Sweaters On High Waist Leggings


High collars never fail to make a statement. Pairing this cute sweater top with high waisted leggings makes it all the more stylish and comfy. You could wear shoes or heeled boots to finish off the look, depending on your preference.

13. Sweaters On Leather Leggings


This is a pretty bold move – because not everyone can pull off leather leggings with confidence. If you think you’ve got it in you, put on a baggy sweater to go with your leathered leggings, along with pointed-toe boots. You could also wear platform shoes instead of the boots. And you’re good to go!

14. Hoodie And A Jacket Over Leggings – A Layered Outfit


Layering is always fun and creative. However, it is often easy to mess up and look suffocated. This outfit will help you look different and give you more character.

When choosing long sweaters to wear with leggings, go for sweaters that are not too thick or heavy. It is best to opt for neutral colors such as blacks, grays, or nude tones. Pieces of denim or long trench coats work well for outerwear so that if the weather warms up later in the day, you may remove your jacket and wear your sweater and leggings instead. Closed-toe shoes like boots are the perfect choice for this outfit. Stay warm and stylish this winter, but most importantly, keep an eye out for more entertaining ways to glam up your wardrobe and look your best!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a sweater be with leggings?

A sweater that you want to pair with leggings should ideally be long enough to reach mid-thigh. However, depending on the quality and material of your leggings and your overall outfit idea, you may wear a shorter or longer sweater.

Can you wear sweaters with yoga pants?

As yoga pants are quite similar to leggings, you may turn them into outfits by pairing them with sweaters of your choice.

Key Takeaways

  • Pairing sweaters with leggings is a classic fashion statement that transcends time.
  • You can pair oversized sweaters with different leg-length leggings or a pair of fabulous shoes.
  • Crop top sweaters can be paired with high-waisted leggings.
  • You can try layering your outfit by adding a hoodie, jacket, boots, or scarf.
  • Plain color pairings work well. For example, you can try a black-on-black outfit, a colored sweater with black leggings, or a plain colored sweater with bright leggings.

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