Top 10 Loreal Hair Serums

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Hair serum is a form of liquid that is mainly used by those with frizzy and curly hair. Hair serum transforms dull hair to shiny and smooth. It also makes the hair manageable. Hair serum contains essential oils which help in transforming your hair from dull to gorgeous. Just apply five to six drops of hair serum on semi-wet or dry hair. This will surely give your hair a glossy sheen and will control the frizz at the same time. There are many hair serums available in the market and today, I am going to present the top10 hair serums from L’Oreal.

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Best Loreal Hair Serums In The Market

1. L’Oreal Smooth Intense Serum:

This hair serum from L’Oreal is made from Argan oil and silk proteins which deeply nourish the hair. It makes the hair smooth and manageable for the next 48 hours after application which is really good. It also protects your hair from the effect of humidity and keeps your hair shiny. The texture is non-sticky and you would need only a small amount which means that it will last for long.

2. L’Oreal Serie Expert Absolut Repair Cellular Unifibrine Hair Serum:

This hair serum is made from Unifibrine which is a smoothening agent. It turns your hair to silky smooth after application. If you’re suffering from split ends then this hair serum will reduce their appearance and also repair them to a great extent. It adds sheen to the hair and makes it manageable by controlling frizz.

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3. L’Oreal Professionnel Shine Perfecting Serum Liss Ultime:

This lightweight Loreal Professional hair serum is enriched with reflexium which controls unruly hair and endows it with flexibility, smoothness and shine. It has a non-sticky texture and thus, spreads easily on the hair without making it greasy. You would need just 1-2 pumps each time; apply it on towel-dried hair for best results. It will control frizz, add shine and will keep your hair smooth for long hours.

4. L’Oreal X-Tenso Care Intense Nutrive Shine Serum:

This hair serum is for those who regularly straighten their hair. It keeps your straight hair intact for a long time. You just need to apply a small amount of this onto wet hair and then style it as usual. It will hold the straightness for a longer time. It also controls frizz and make the hair manageable. It has a non-greasy texture, so you can apply it without worrying about oily hair. The quantity is less when compared to the price but one bottle will last for long as a little goes a long way.

5. L’Oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Instant Smoothing and Nourishing Oil Serum:

This hair serum from L’Oreal Paris claims to protect your hair from daily damage and when used regularly, it will make your hair strong, smooth, shiny, and detangled with protected tips. When you apply this, it gets attached to the damaged parts of the hair and starts repairing them. It deeply nourishes your hair and keeps them hydrated without weighing them down. The price is reasonable and one bottle will last for two months which is commendable.

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6.  L’Oreal Professional TEC Liss Control Hair Serum:

If you have extremely frizzy hair and are looking for a solution, try this hair serum from the L’Oreal Professional range. It controls frizz for up to 24 hours and make your hair manageable. The texture is non-sticky and light, so it spreads easily. It makes the hair shiny and smooth without making it greasy.

7. L’Oreal Paris Vive Pro Glossy Style Smooth Gloss Serum:

This hair serum is made from jojoba seed oil and glycerin which transforms dull hair to smooth hair. It also conditions the hair and adds a glossy sheen to it. Apply it on wet or dry hair, and style as usual; it will hold your style for long. It tames frizz, detangles your hair and makes it manageable. It has a nice scent which lingers for quite some time. The texture is lightweight and it doesn’t weigh down your hair.

8. L’Oreal New Smooth Intense Frizz Taming Serum:

This hair serum polishes your hair surface and renders shine to it. It also smoothes frizz to a great extent and will give you manageable hair for the next 72 hours. This hair serum is perfect for summers as it is an anti-humid serum. It makes your hair tangle-free, frizz-free and silky smooth. The effects last for 2-3 days which is huge.

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9. L’Oreal Professional Liss Ultime Heat Protectant:

This heat protectant from L’Oreal acts as a hair serum too. It makes your hair silky smooth to touch and detangles it as well. If you regularly use heating tools, this hair serum is for you. This protects your hair from the heat really well. Use it before styling your hair and it will make your hair smooth and tangle-free. This means you can style your hair easily. This hair serum is made from thermo soothing oil which protects your hair from heat-induced damage.

10. L’Oreal Professionnel Liss Control Plus Tecni Art Serum:

If you have curly hair or thick, frizzy hair then this Professionnel Liss Control Plus Tecni Art hair serum from L’Oreal is for you. It is specially made for curly and thick hair. It controls frizz and also manages your curls to a great extent, giving you manageable hair. This hair serum has a 24 hour anti-humidity protection which means that it is ideal for summers. You can use it before blow drying or before using any heating tool as it also acts as a heat protectant.

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