Losing Friends Quotes: Because You Need Some When You Lose Your Pals

Written by Sushmita Barman

Friendship is the magical bond that adds meaning to our lives. In our lifetime, we lose friends, which is considered common. Although this can be challenging and painful, it enhances your growth at times. Our minds get captivated by anxiety fuelled questions like: why did I lose someone, where did we go wrong, or can I do something to fix it. While growing up, you could, however, apprehend that losing friends at times can prove beneficial as you get to learn about yourself more. Let’s try to understand, with the help of these losing friends quotes, how losing friends can impact our lives. When you are caught up in the middle of the process of losing someone, you usually end up having a clouded conscience. However, it happens gradually that your mind wakes up to embracing the act of letting go of several lopsided friendships.

Best Losing Friends Quotes

By now, we must have learned that losing friends is something everyone in this world goes through. We are presenting before you some relatable quotes about losing good friends, losing best friends quotes, losing touch with friends quotes, losing bad friends quotes, and more.

  • “Losing a best friend gets worse when they do not care about your existence anymore.”

People tend to lose friendships that are almost the same as their ages. If a person loses his best friend, a void is created. Besides, when he learns that he has no significance in their lives, it feels terrible.

  • “Losing your best friend hurts more than a breakup.”

Losing a best friend feels like the ship of life has sunk. Being valued by someone who no longer values you does not help you in functioning better.

Quotes About Losing Friends To Death

Coping up with the fact of losing a friend to death is like losing a family member. You must have seen them struggle and grow into a wonderful person. Losing a dear friend to death suddenly can be overwhelming. It takes a long time to process the feelings attached to the death of a close friend. The grief you experience is heart-rendering. Here are some dedicated quotes to mourn the demise of your dearest friends.

  • “Fate dictates that dearest friends must part sooner.”

The force hits you when you realize that someone you see every day will never be seen again. Learning to accept fate takes time when it comes to losing a dearest friend.

  • “The comfort of having a friend in your life might become history, yet the memories will always be close to your heart.”

Even after the departure of a friend from this world, you can always relish the memories together for a lifetime.

  • “Let the mourning of a friend turn into reminiscing all the good memories you both had created together.”

Whenever you are mourning a friend, it is better to remember the times you have spent together. This will help you not to lose your mind.

  • “When a friend leaves, it is your responsibility to carry forth your friend’s legacy.”

It is in your hands to maintain and protect his legacy after he is gone. If you happen to live up to the words and lessons that he had offered during his existence, you are honoring him in a way. And that is how a real friend is supposed to be.

Sad Quotes About Losing Friends

Isn’t it depressing enough to lose worthy and genuine friends? If you have been going through a phase grieving their absence in your life, here are some quotes that would invariably relate to your state of mind.

  • “Losing a friend equals losing your sanity.”

Friends keep us sane, even during our worst times, and when you lose such friends, it wrecks your life.

  • “Sometimes life gets harder to bear when you don’t have a friend by your side.”

You need a friend to support you when life throws challenges at you.

  • “Losing your best friend is the worst feeling ever.”

I must say that this is one of the saddest things.

  • “Friendship is just like a glass. When it breaks, it does not get fixed.”

It shatters, and even if you get back, it’s never the same.

  • “Betrayal by a friend is crushing and traumatic.”

Sometimes the one whom you trust the most ends up breaking your trust.

  • “For all the love and support I gave, all I ever received was a betrayal.”

Not everybody will treat you right. Some people will find every opportunity to wrong you, take advantage of your kindness, and alienate you eventually. Beware!

  • “We don’t make friends to lose them. But they tend to leave us sometimes.”

Of course, when we befriend someone, we don’t think of losing touch with them. But circumstances compel us to distance ourselves from them.

Afraid Of Losing Friends Quotes

Here, we have mentioned a few interesting losing friends quotes that implicate how hard it is to let go of your friends.

  • “I can’t imagine a life that could be lived without you.”

When you are attached to a friend, you can never bear even the thought of losing them.

  • “The eyes will speak if they are afraid to lose you.”

If a person is afraid to lose you, their eyes will convey that emotion.

  • “A person afraid of losing you will value you every single day.”

Those who are afraid to lose their loved ones will make them feel worthy of affection and support.

  • “Fighting to keep a friend or a lover is more precious than anything else.”

People trying to fix a bond are venerated in this world.

  • “I don’t want my nightmares of losing you to come true.”

The person undergoing this phase needs to be reassured that they are loved.

  • “I know we will always be friends. But my fear of losing is real.”

Sometimes, even though we know that our friends will always be by our side, we cannot get rid of the fear of losing them someday.

Quotes About Losing And Gaining Friends

Losing and gaining people is part of life. In this world, when you lose a friend, you don’t lose the chance of making connections with someone new. But, no one is replaceable.

  • “Losing friends is easier than gaining friends.”

You can lose a friend forever merely over a heated argument.

  • “I hate losing people, especially friends. Even if we ain’t that close, I will never want to lose you.”

A person who has an aversion to losing people, even those with whom they connect slightly, means that they value every other person.

  • “You can always win friends by doing favors.”

People will come to you when you appreciate them besides granting them favors. Still and all, don’t turn into a people-pleaser.

  • “If you wear a facade of falsity, you will lose your friends faster than you gain them.”

Trying to conceal your ideal personality just to gain friends will not help you to keep them forever.

Losing Friends Over Money Quotes

Lending money to friends or family is good only if you are certain that they will return your money within the stipulated time. Otherwise, it will lead to disruptive relationships, and you might even end up losing friends. Here are a few relatable quotes you can check:

  • “Sometimes, lending money to a friend leads you to lose both money as well as the friend.”

Lending money to friends at times when they are in need is a favor. However, learn to recognize the ones who will respect you by returning it.

  • “Boasting and talking about money the whole time will make you lose friends.”

As we grow up, if you talk about money exclusively in front of your friends, they will lose respect for you and leave you.

  • “If you want to lose a friend, you can start by lending them money.”

You can lose a friend easily if you lend them too much money and they won’t be able to pay you back.

  • “Having money won’t make you any richer than having true friends.”

Some people go astray, turning into materialistic beings while forgetting their friends and well-wishers. Later in life, they end up regretting as they never valued those close friends which they had earlier in life.

Although it might be a good lesson or a thing of lamentation, while considering the presence of those friends in your life, you must learn to embrace and value the good memories together. With a few friendships, you can devote your time and effort to augmenting your bond with them. Above all, be grateful to each of them and be aware that losing friends never makes you a bad friend. So, take some inspo from the aforementioned losing close friends quotes and use them in a way that fits your purpose!

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