Must-read “Love Of My Life” Quotes: For Those You Want In Your Life Forever!

Written by Sushmita Barman

When Whitney Houston sings her masterpiece, “I Will Always Love You,” the touching verses bring tears to the people who haven’t yet found their love. Now think about those love-stricken folks. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this beautiful Houston number tops their list of love songs in their gadgets. That powerful is the whole idea of love is. It can take you to an ethereal world if embraced right. But it can also wreck you when not given the value it deserves. And if you are someone who’s bitten badly by the love bug and striving hard to pen down your feelings in gold, you’ll definitely be needing some “love of my life” quotes, won’t you? Hence, with an intent to guide you towards expressing your feelings, be it happy or sad, we have prepared a list of these heartfelt quotes for you, which you shall find below, reading on. So go ahead, make them know how special they are to you.

35 Amazing “You Are The Love Of My Life” Quotes

Below is the categorized list of quotes for your beloved. So let’s take this ride and use’em however they suit ya the best. Cool?

Love Of My Life Quotes For Her

  • When I look at you, I see the world, and it makes my heart content. I couldn’t have asked for more!
  • Darling love, words ain’t enough to express my deep feelings for you. But if I have to gather words and say it, I would say, you mean the world to me.
  • You paint my grey sky blue and make me the happiest. Need I ask for more?
  • It is true when people say we are all tied down to our soulmates right from heaven. We only need to find them. In this life, I found mine in you. What else should I even want now?
  • I could go all cliche and say that you’re the Monica to my Chandler. But you and I yet make a unique couple and labeling us would be futile. Together we have transcended the material world and achieved platonic love! Now that’s something massive. No?
  • Being engaged to the love of my life has made me feel like I have taken a rebirth. I know we are together in this for life now, and this knowledge fills my heart with immense contentment.
  • I was no less than a lost soul before I finally found the love of my life. Today, I am back to life, and I wouldn’t wanna change one bit of it.
  • Growing up, I would chant to myself Prince Hamlet’s famous phrase, “To Be Or Not To Be,” while thinking about diving into a romantic relationship. I have always been scared of even falling in love. But then you happened and became the sole love of my life. And this is all I want forever now.

Love Of My Life Quotes For Him

Love Of My Life Quotes For Him


  • Calling you the best part of my life would be an understatement. You are my world, my everything, my heaven.
  • I wouldn’t wanna change a thing about you even if I bagged a chance to. Your smile, those deep eyes, and most importantly, that lovely heart….. Yes, I would want them always and forever, JUST THE SAME!
  • You made me forget all the pain I endured in my past. You’re not merely my man but a guiding angel who offered me a positive direction to my life altogether.
  • You’re the only human who successfully convinced me to dive into the sea of love. Now I am drowning in your life, and I don’t need saving.
  • I have the truest embodiment of love, care, and affection right with me for the rest of my life. I bet I am the luckiest human of all.
  • In a world full of thorns, you emerged as that most-desired red rose filled my life with the soothing fragrance of love. This is all I ever wanted.
  • I was that gloomy flower that always failed to see the light of the day. But the love of my life came along, and I blossomed! No matter what now, I shall love you till the end of my life.

Good Morning Quotes To The Love Of My Life

Wanna start your day off with some lovely quotes for the love of your life? Well, you have it. Read ahead:

  • Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you first thing in the morning. It sets my day right instantly, no matter what challenging obstacles are scheduled for me to traverse through. Good morning, my morning light!
  • Waking up to your “good morning” message every day makes my day, for it’s your love that brightens my morning! Have a great day, my sunshine!
  • I know every morning is a good morning for me because I have someone in my life who makes me the most joyful being!
  • My life didn’t really have a meaning until I stumbled upon you. Today, I have a goal, an aim to make our togetherness the best. And that gives me a concrete direction in life. Rise and shine, sweet bun!
  • Finding you was like finding the missing piece of my puzzle. Now that I have you, I am complete. Wake up, babe!

Good Night Quotes To The Love Of My Life

With you, my life is as beautiful and calm as the night sky. Have a beautiful night’s sleep, my girl!

  • The stars in the night sky twinkle like those dazzling eyes of yours. I like to look at them thinking of you and have a peaceful sleep every night. Sleep well, beautiful!
  • Imagining the most beautiful future I am going to have with you makes me smile throughout the night. Can’t wait no more. Good night, love!
  • As the sun bids goodbye for the day and the moon takes on the stage and says “Hello”, I long for you more and more! Have a good night, honey!
  • Knowing that I can wake up again thinking about you the next day gives me a peaceful night’s sleep.
  • I get to sleep thinking about you every night. Could I be any more content? Good night, my sweetest heart!

Missing The Love Of My Life Quotes

Uh oh! Missing that special one terribly? We know this feeling can make us all drown in that pit of monotony. But if you wish to express how sad you are through words, and heal, then your wish is our command. We present to you a collection of quotes that you can unquestionably relate too. Maybe you can use them and make them see your pain too? Okay, let’s read them then!

  • You can stay away from me all you want, but I still want you to know that darling, you will always be the love of my life!
  • Living even a day without you scares me terribly. I am missing you so! Come back soon, babe!
  • My life can never be whole without you in it. I wish I could have you back right now, for I can’t go on without you, my love!
  • I knew we were both capable of this long-distance relationship. But now that we are in it, I fail to go about my daily life without missing you at all. Come back soon!
  • Now that we are living apart, my life has lost all its colors. It screams and searches for happiness every day. But how can it have it back when the source has left?
  • I know I was wrong, and I owe you the biggest apology in the world. But all I want to say is that I never imagined my life without you, and now I miss you bad. Please come back to me.
  • I cannot stop missing you. No, it ain’t intended to sound cheesy though it does. I really do miss you. I miss going out with you, and I miss your smile; I even miss annoying you till your face turns red in anger. I miss every bit about you.
  • Until now, I never acknowledged those little things about you. Your rosy lips that always whisper sweet nothings in my ears, the frowning face you show when I don’t take a good picture of yours, those super instantly lit eyes when I hit you up with a sudden outing plan. Yes, now I miss them all.
  • Being someone who was scared to live one day apart from you, it has become almost next to impossible for me to breathe without tears in my eyes. I hate this feeling of missing you. Please, I need you back!
  • I cannot imagine my life without you, and I know that you can’t too. Why don’t you please come back?

So, folks, you can take inspo from these amazing quotes we have listed above and make the love of your life read your hearts’ truest intent better. Remember, it is always words like these that carry the power of bringing to life your wishes that are resting deep inside your heart. Say it all out loud and let them know how much you love them! C’mon!

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