Maid Of Honor Speech: How To Write, Tips, And Examples

Move the guests to tears with stories of the special bond you share with the bride.

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Let us admit it, girls, at some point in our lives, each of us secretly nurtured the dream of becoming the maid of honor at our BFF’s wedding, and some of us have already prepared the maid of honor speech in advance. So, when the date is finalized and your bestie taps you to be their maid of honor, happiness knows no bounds. You have waited for this day for so long, and now, you are brimming with excitement.

As the maid of honor, one needs to plan the bridal shower and bachelorette party. You also have to guide the bride through endless trial sessions, go for wedding shopping, and most importantly, deliver a knockout wedding speech that will honor your friendship and celebrate your friend’s new journey. Lillian, a blogger, described her experience giving a Maid-of-honor speech. She admits to having started the plan for the speech two weeks in advance. She wrote, “For one thing, I’m the writer of the family, so I felt like I had a reputation to uphold. I also feel very nervous about public speaking, so I figured being well-prepared would calm my nerves (i).” Similarly, for those who have a perpetual fear of public speaking, this may turn out to be a nerve-wracking moment. If you don’t know how to begin preparing for the speech, fret not, for we are here to make the process easier for you. Keep scrolling!

How To Write A Maid Of Honor Speech

Write a perfect maid of honor speech
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The internet is flooded with scores of maid of honor speech examples and a checklist of instructions. But why should you be confined by a list of dos and don’ts while pouring your heart out? While too many rules spoil the charm that comes with delivering a poignant speech, a few pointers won’t do much harm. To ace this all-important speech at the wedding reception, one can easily follow the 3S rule (short, sweet, and sensitive).

Ask yourself the below-mentioned questions to have distinct and clear elements in your speech:

  • What stories to share and what to omit?

As someone who has been a part of countless memories in the bride’s life, you must have plenty of stories to share. But sharing some private anecdotes is a strict no-no. Since those tit-bits would give a glimpse into the life of your bestie, you wouldn’t want to mess it up with an insensitive and thoughtless speech.

protip_icon Quick Tip

Leave out any stories that may make the bride appear in a negative light. Not everyone knows them the way you do. So, avoid those episodes to avoid awkward moments.

  • What makes them special?

List down some of their positive qualities. We hardly pay attention to the goodness of our loved ones unless driven by circumstances. But, this is the time to reflect. So, pause and ask: how do they brighten up the lives of those around them? What does their presence mean to you?

  • What type of wedding is it?

Do some research on the wedding itself and take interest in the wedding planning: what kind of wedding it is, who the wedding party members are, what types of wedding traditions will be observed, etc. This will help you set the overall tone of your speech.

  • Why do you believe they are made for each other?

Talk about the newlyweds and their loving relationship briefly. Mention why you think they complement each other perfectly. What are the qualities that they imbibe from each other? If there has been a visible shift in your friend’s thought process and perspectives, highlight it in one or two lines.

Once these questions are sorted out, take a closer look at what goes when. The best maid of honor speech is not only about what you say but how you say it. So, organize your speech to include parts like an opening, a toast, good wishes, and such.

Parts Of Maid Of Honor Speech

Prepare a good opening for your maid of honor speech
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  • The Opening

Introduce yourself and mention how you know the bride. Chances are, not many people are familiar with you. Thus, a crisp and concise introduction creates a sense of connection that helps your words resonate with the crowd. Although a popular notion is to start with a fun ice-breaker, the trick doesn’t always work. So, it is better to be true to yourself instead of falling for such gimmicks.

  • Focus On The Bride

It is their day, and they ought to be the center of attention. Write your speech so that the focus is on the bride’s life and their journey, and you act as a medium to convey everything good and positive about them. Refrain from making any additional reference to yourself. Bring their character to life with details that only you know.

  • Anecdotes All The Way

Share some fun, interesting yet pleasant anecdotes with the crowd. Rack your brain to come up with beautiful stories that illustrate how wonderful your friend is and how life is sweeter and more meaningful in their company.

  • Here Comes The Bride And Groom
Bride and groom smiling at each other before the maid of honor's speech
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Now, it is time to turn the spotlight on the newlyweds. As a close friend, you have the best insight into how this wonderful relationship has transformed your bestie and helped them become the best version of themselves. Maybe your friend has begun exploring new hobbies, or maybe their perception of life has changed slightly.

  • Congratulate The Couple

Talk about how wonderful it is to see them exchange vows of everlasting love and how honored you feel to be able to share this amazing journey with your friend. It is all about being authentic, so don’t shy away from expressing your feelings. Remember, if it is genuine, it can’t be cringe-worthy.

  • Thank You And Good Wishes

Before concluding your speech, don’t forget to thank the gracious couple for making you an integral part of their celebrations and giving you memories to cherish for a lifetime. Pour out your love and blessings and congratulate them as they set foot in the world of marital bliss.

  • Time To Raise A Toast

It is the perfect time to say cheers and raise a toast to the beautiful journey that the newlywed couple is all set to embark upon.

Although nothing is engraved in stone, one must avoid a few common mistakes that can spell doom for an otherwise perfectly-written speech. The next section points out some ways in which you can make your speech shine out. Read on.

Best Tips For Writing Maid Of Honor Speech

Tips for writing maid of honor speech
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  • Keep It Short And Sweet

You certainly don’t want your long, overflowing speech to drag down the attention level of every guest in the room. Try to keep the speech anywhere between two to five minutes so that it is easier for you to memorize and the crowd doesn’t have to struggle to listen without getting bored and distracted.

  • No Exes Please

Of course, you would not want to put your friend in an embarrassing situation by mentioning past relationships in front of their family, friends, and life partner. Be wise and abstain from saying anything that comes remotely close to comparing their partner with former boyfriends. It is not the time to play dirty tricks or roast your friend over exes.

  • Spread Love And Positivity

Keep the tone light, fun, and positive. Remember, the crowd consists of people of all age groups. Therefore, it is your responsibility to uphold the dignity of the event and steer clear of adult jokes and dark humor, which might offend some of the guests or make them feel uncomfortable. Your words should reflect only love and happiness and all things positive, that is all.

  • No Inside Jokes

The inside jokes are meant for you and your friend. Others may not understand the context, so avoid using them. Don’t get too excited and say things that are better left unsaid.

  • Practice Is Key

The most potent way of overcoming fear is through practice. The trick is to recite your speech out loud so that you will exude confidence in no time. Practice for an hour daily, in front of a mirror. Simultaneously, record the speech, note down lines that sound out of place, and edit accordingly. Repeat the process and rehearse whole-heartedly to feel a gradual change in your attitude and demeanor.

  • It Is Ok To Be Emotional

The overall tone generally depends on your equation with the bride, but the golden rule is to lead with your heart and let your words come across as natural and not rehearsed. Smiles and tears both are welcome. A guarded tone may sound fine, but it won’t reflect the wide range of emotions that every bride and their bestie feels at the crucial juncture.

protip_icon Quick Tip

It would be more interactive if you make eye contact with a few guests while giving your speech. However, if you have public-speaking jitters, look in the distance behind the last row of guests, and you’ll fall into the rhythm.

While you formulate your maid of honor speech, glance through some sample speeches to get into the groove.

Maid Of Honor Speech Examples

A good example for maid of honor speech
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Here is a sample maid of honor speech by the bride’s best friend:

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I am Jane, the maid of honor and the bride’s childhood friend. We have been friends since our kindergarten days, long before we could make sense of what friendship really means. I consider myself lucky to have met such a gentle, kind, and lovely human being early on in my life. She is my favorite human, and it is a wish come true for me to be chosen as her maid of honor.

We have grown up together and seen each other evolve over the years. I have always been in awe of the way Elisa handles life’s crests and troughs with dignity and grace. It is hard to come across someone who cares as much as she does, and I am so glad to see her embark upon this new journey with someone equally kind and compassionate. Their bond is pure and eternal and makes one believe in the concept of soulmates.

You know love is real when you complete each other’s sentences. I vividly remember one such incident. Liam (groom), Elisa, and I were at a coffee shop, and she was scrolling through her phone. Suddenly, she turned to Liam and said, “You know what, I think I should,” and before she could utter another word, he said in a matter-of-fact way: “I think you should get a new haircut.” Elisa burst out laughing because that was what she wanted to say. It is surreal to see such a unique level of understanding between two people.

Clichéd as it may sound, they are truly meant for each other. There is a blush of happiness on her face whenever she is with Liam. It is hard to come across love this pure and selfless, and I am so happy to have witnessed it. Now, without any further ado, let us raise a glass to the most adorable couple! May love continue to be your guiding light, not just for today and tomorrow but forever.”

Here is a sample maid of honor speech by the bride’s sister:

“Hi, my name is Kate, and as you may know, I am the bride’s younger sister and maid of honor. Today is her big day, and there is so much to say, but where do I even begin? I have always looked up to Liza for the honesty and conviction with which she has lived her life. While growing up, she used to be super protective about me. She often took the blame for my mistakes to shield me from mom’s and dad’s scolding. But, that’s just the way she is — the girl with the kindest heart and the warmest smile!

Today, as my dearest sister exchanged those sacred vows with the love of her life, there was a moment when I thought to myself: ‘After all, fairytales do exist.’ Isn’t it a blessing to be loved just the way you are, with all your vices and virtues? I admire the way Dave calms her nerves and assures her by saying, “I am here,” before they commence on their next adventure, be it bungee-jumping or scuba diving.

There is so much to learn from them when it comes to matters of the heart. Their unwavering support and commitment towards the relationship inspire people who feel disillusioned about marriage and love.

Thank you so much for making me believe in the magic of love. May you always love and cherish each other. Let us raise our glasses to the amazing couple!”

With a little preparation and practice, you can easily nail the maid of honor speech. However, try not to let fear overpower you to an extent where you stop enjoying other aspects of the wedding ceremony. Remember, no one is going to judge you for innocuous mistakes. What is important is to live the moment and soak in the experience, for it will never happen again. As long as your heart is in the right place, a little fumble here and there doesn’t matter.

A maid of honor speech is a wonderful opportunity to address your friend’s new life adventure and celebrate your friendship. Preparing ahead of time and structuring your speech into distinct pieces is important to reduce last-minute stress and anxiety, so take inspiration from the ideas shared in this post to chalk up a draft. You can list your most precious memories and note down which ones you feel comfortable sharing in public for this knock speech. In addition, you can list your friend’s positive qualities and share what makes them unique. Last but not least, do not forget to discuss the couple and share how well they complement each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the maid of honor get the bride a gift?

Yes. The maid of honor also gets a gift for a bride to express her best wishes on her big day as per wedding etiquette. However, if the couples specifically express that they do not expect gifts, it can be overlooked.

Is 6 minutes too long for a maid of honor speech?

The idea of the maid of honor’s speech is that it expresses the good and nice things about the bride, or the couple from the maid of honor’s perspective. It shouldn’t get tediously long and unrelatable. As long as the speech can capture the guests’ attention for its entire length, 6 minutes is fine.

Is the maid of honor supposed to pay for the bachelorette party?

Ideally, for a bachelorette party, the expenses of the party are split between the attendants of the party unless the bride wishes to pay it all. The bridesmaids usually split the expenses of the bridal shower and throw a party for the bride.

Key Takeaways

  • A maid of honor speech is a great way to celebrate your friendship and honor the new life journey of your friend.
  • For this knock speech, list out your most memorable moments and jot down those you are comfortable speaking publically.
  • Note some positive attributes of your friend and what makes them so special. Also, talk about the newlyweds and how they are made for each other.
  • Practice beforehand and organize your speech into clear parts to avoid the last-minute hassle and nervousness.
  • Humor is a great way to keep your audience engaged and can help to lighten any potential stress during your speech.
  • Avoid using outdated language or clichés that may seem silly or forced in this day and age.

Witness an unforgettable moment as a sister delivers an emotional speech as the maid of honor. Watch this video and experience the power of love and connection!

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