Eye Make up

Simple Gold Eye Makeup Tutorial

Become the talk of the town with just the right amount of golden bling on your eyes.

Reviewed by Marin McCarthy, Professional Makeup Artist
Emo Makeup Tutorial And Tips

These simple makeup tips will help bring out the creative and inner punk rock diva in you.

Reviewed by R.Guy, Makeup Artist
3 Makeup Tips For Big Eyes

Simple and effective tips to help you transform your eyes and make them look brighter and bigger

Reviewed by Christina Flach, Hair & Makeup Artist
Tips To Get Bleached Eyebrows For A Perfectly Balanced Look

Let your inner Kendall Jenner come back to life and get ready to flaunt some washed-out brows.

Eyebrows For Square Face Shape

Now determine the right eyebrow shape and style that can enhance your square face.

Reviewed by Marin McCarthy, Professional Makeup Artist
How To Get Perfect Arched Eyebrows?

Getting those perfectly-shaped arches has never been easier than with these easy hacks.

Gothic Eye Makeup Tutorial – With Detailed Steps And Pictures

Give your eyes that dramatic vibe and see what things you need to achieve it.

5 Ways To Curl Your Eyelashes When They Are Straight

Achieve that flawless lash curl with a little guidance, some tips, and lots of practice.

Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial: A Step-By-Step Guide With Pictures

All you need is a little practice to master the art of perfecting this timeless look.