Lip Make up

Why Do You Need A Lip Brush?

You will want to grab hold of a lip brush for the all amazing advantages it offers.

Reviewed by Ada Hsieh, Makeup Artist
5 Simple Tips And Exercises To Get The Perfect Pouty Lips

Because that one perfect pout is enough to make you selfie-ready and grab the attention

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How To Stop Lip Bleeding | Causes & DIY Methods

Clinical treatments like fillers and laser therapy may be the solution for your bleeding lips.

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How To Make Your Lipstick Last Longer – Procedure To Follow

Make your lips ready to pout all day and learn how to apply lip color that lasts longer.

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How To Prevent Lipstick From Smudging

Practice and perfect the simple and effortless art of long-lasting and smudge-free lips.

Reviewed by Jocelyn Ly, Licensed Cosmetologist
8 Types Of Lip Makeup Products

Balms, liners, glosses - each of them make your lips desirable in their own unique ways.

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How To Make Natural Lip Stains – 2 Popular DIY Methods

Add stunning hues to your lips without worrying about chemical-laden commercial products.

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How To Apply Lip Gloss Perfectly – Step By Step Tutorial With Pictures

Take cues from our list to learn how to give your lips that flawless and intense finish.

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Care For Your Lips

Give that much-deserved attention to your lips and follow these tips to make them look supple.

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Reema Das Mallik, MD, PGDCC