6 Amazing Makeup Tips When You’re Wearing A Blue Dress

Learn what colors and products work best when wearing a gorgeous blue dress.

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If you are planning to look like a true blue princess at your prom or a wedding, you must be googling how to rock the perfect makeup with a blue dress right now.

Visualize yourself in a blue dress with flawless makeup. Consider yourself ready for makeup the moment you start matching colors and envisioning how your eye shadow or lipstick will look. You’ll need tips on when to keep your makeup discreet and when to keep it bold, bearing in mind your complexion, the color of your eyes, and the occasion. You can use a variety of makeup techniques to make your blue outfit stand out from the crowd. Keep reading to learn more about them!

protip_icon Keep In Mind
  • Minimal Makeup: Minimal Makeup To nail a minimalist makeup look, opt for a pale blue eyeshadow and pair it with nude lips.
  • Balance Out: Minimal Makeup With an electric blue liner on the upper lids, use a dark blue or black eyeliner on the lower lash line to balance the look.
  • Soft-ombre Effect: Minimal Makeup Apply black eyeliner on the upper lash line and slightly smudge it with a blue eyeshadow to create a subtle ombre effect.

Makeup Ideas For Blue Dress

Go ahead and create your personalized makeup for blue dress based on these ideas!

1. Play With Colors

First thing you need to know while trying new makeup is the color chart and color coordination. Complementary colors help in bringing each other out. So, when you wear blue, you can wear its counterpart in the color wheel. The reds and oranges in the color wheel are complementary to blues. So you can pair colors of this range like coral, orange, peach, brown with blues. This is where you can play with colors and look for colors that look best on your face and your complexion. Another trick is to bring one color in focus in various elements of your dress. For example, if your dress is not entirely blue, but has blue elements interspersed throughout, you can introduce blue in your makeup as well. The presence of other colors makes your look trendy even while you play up the blue theme.

2. Base

Blend concealer with fingertips under eyes for a smooth base
Image: Shutterstock

The base, or the makeup on your bare face, depends on the type of look you are going for. Start with a good scrub and moisturizer to maintain a fresh, dewy look throughout the day. With cooler shades of blue, you can pair up warm colors like deep red or orange, and thereby create a warm look. Cool shades of blue have more green in them while warm shades of blue lean more towards purple. For a warm look, start with a standard concealer stick and cover all your blemishes, zits, and dark circles. Now pick a foundation one shade darker than your original shade. This gives your skin a healthy warm glow and does not wash out in photographs. If you are naturally tanned, you can skip the foundation and try on a tinted body butter or moisturizer. Seal the base with a mineral powder.

3. Cheek

Apply pink blush powder to cheeks for a flushed look
Image: Shutterstock

Your cheeks should not be the focus of your look, but they are just as important. You can color co-ordinate cheeks and lip color to take the color play to another level. Blue is generally a cool color. So, for a blue dress, a warm blush would work well as it prevents washing out and an unhealthy pallor. Pink toned blush would make your cheeks look rosy like that of a baby. If you desire a warmer look, try a plum colored blush. To work with the blush, apply three tiny dots of the powder blush in the middle of the apple of your cheeks. Using a large, round brush, blend it with the skin in a circular motion. You can also try bronzer with a blue dress. Draw two tiny streaks under your cheekbones with the bronzing powder. Using the brush, blend it with straight strokes upward and towards the ear. It adds a pearly glow while highlighting your facial structure and gives a look of sophistication.

protip_icon Quick Tip
You can use shades like light pink, coral, wine, or peach-colored blush to give your cheeks a natural and rosy color.

4. Eye

Metallic smokey eye makeup looks good with blue dress
Image: Shutterstock

Your eyes should speak volumes with any alluring blue dress from your wardrobe. You must remember that feminine eyes work really well with a powerful and gender-neutral color like blue. Metallic, smokey eyes with wing tips or cat eyes are some examples of classic eye makeup for blue dress that works up a magic. If you are already wearing a hard blue like navy, the metallic component in your eyes could be gold or champagne. However, if you are going to make your eye a focal point, try to play down your cheeks and base to avoid the costume look. If you are wearing cool blue, try to add green or blue in your eyes for a chic glamor look. Similarly, warm blue dress calls for purple or teal. Although of the same family, the colors shouldn’t be exactly the same shade.

Apply light colored eye paint over your entire eyelid. Now take a shade darker shadow and with an angled, stiff brush, apply it on the outer edge of the eye in a V-shape to start off the cat eye shape. Blend the shadow towards the crease and also apply on the inner corners. The middle should be of the lightest shade. To jazz up your look, apply warm golden glitter (if you’re using a pink or brown shadow) or silver glitter (if using blue shadow) on the center of the eyelids. Coat the water lines of both the upper and lower lids with kohl. With colored or black eyeliner, trace a line over your upper eyelid, finishing in a wingtip. Give your eyelashes two coats of mascara.

If you intend to play up your lip and make that your focal point, avoid dramatic eye makeup. Use a light brown or peach colored eyeshadow over your eyes and finish by tight lining your lashes with kohl.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Experiment with metallic colors like shimmery gold to complement your blue dress and bring out the beauty of your eyes.

5. Lips

Nude lip gloss pairs perfectly with blue dress
Image: Shutterstock

If you have created a dramatic eye look, a nude lip color is perfect to maintain elegance. After you have scrubbed your lip, apply lip balm and line with a nude lip liner. Cover your lips with a peach, pink or any other nude shaded lipstick. If you intend to make your lips the focal point of your look, go for a red lip color. After lining your lip, fill your lip with the liner that gives the lipstick more staying power. Now cover your lip with a striking red lipstick to make a bold fashion statement. Warm pink or coral is also good for pairing with blue.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Pair your blue dress with lipstick shades like fuchsia, hot pink, or ruby to create a glamorous look.

6. Finishing Up

Set your makeup with spraying mist
Image: IStock

To complete your look, apply a spritz of makeup sealer. This will keep your look fresh for long. If you have a mineral powder sealer, you can apply that on your face to get a shimmery effect. Complete the look with the right shade of nail polish and hair styling accessories.

Infographic: Makeup Tips To Complement A Blue Dress

Color plays an important role in holding your look together and even subtle changes in shade can transform the overall vibe you are going for. Dresses in blue can make for an elegant or cheerful look. That is why your makeup needs to be in sync to complete the look for you. We have summarized all our tips in the infographic below!

makeup tips to complete a blue dress (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Cool and calm, the color blue for your outfit can never go wrong. But you must know how to add some magic to your face that goes perfectly with the blue dress. Since this has been taken care of by our article on makeup with a blue dress, you can get started to look fabulous in your ensemble. So, without further delay, try out the fashion tips we have mentioned and steal some show. It is time for you to flaunt that sassy you and stand out in the crowd!

Frequently Asked Questions

What eyeshadow goes with light blue?

Shades of pink, sky blue, lilac, white, and silver can go well with a light blue dress.

What color lipstick goes with navy blue?

Dark shades of brown, red, and pink go well with navy blue.

What shoes do I wear with a navy blue bridesmaid dress?

Silver colored,black, shimmery navy blue, or nude heels will look best with a navy blue bridesmaid dress as they give you a more graceful look.

Can you wear navy blue shoes with a light blue dress?

Yes, you can wear navy blue shoes with a light blue dress as this combo looks chic and classy.

What jewelry goes with navy blue dress?

Since blue is a cool-toned color, silver jewelry might better suit it. If your dress is extravagant, opt for simple yet stylish light jewelry. Beaded jewelry and wooden necklaces with hoops or long earrings also go well with a navy blue dress.

How can you make your eyes pop when wearing a blue dress?

Add hues of golden shimmer with bold eyeshadow and eyeliner to make your eyes pop when wearing a blue dress.

Key Takeaways

  • You can pair blue with reds, oranges, coral, peaches, and browns to create a harmonious look. The idea is to focus on one color for different elements of your dress and makeup.
  • Moisturizing and using concealer, foundation, or tinted body butter helps create a healthy glow.
  • A pink or plum blush gives your cheeks a rosy look. You can add a bit of bronzer to get that pearly glow and highlight your facial features.
  • Classic eye makeups, such as metallic smokey eyes with wing tips or cat eyes help accentuate a blue dress.
  • For a lip focus, the eye makeup has to be light with a nude or red lip color.
makeup with blue dress_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

Learn how to choose the perfect eye shadow and lipstick to match your royal blue dress! Check this video for tips and tricks to make your look stand out!

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