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If there is one thing the women in India want to know, it is Malaika Arora’s beauty secrets. After all, who hasn’t drooled over those absolutely gorgeous looks and that perfect hourglass figure? Whether you are a girl or a boy, at some point, you must have marveled at how the gorgeous Malaika Arora has maintained her figure and her looks. Whether it is her well-toned figure, flawless skin, gorgeous hair, or perfect makeup, this diva surely knows how to always carry herself in style.

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Malaika Arora got her name from the Swahili word “malaika”, which means “angel”.

As much as you admire her looks, have you ever wondered how Malaika Arora Khan manages to look so glamorous all the time? We are sure you wish to know at least some, if not all, her beauty secrets, so here we share with you some of those beauty tips and secrets that help her maintain those looks and that figure. Read on!

Malaika Arora Khan’s Beauty Secrets

Malaika Arora Khan’s Beauty Secrets:
A cup of green tea
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1. Even before having her first cup of tea or coffee in the day, Malaika Arora Khan starts her day by having a glass of warm water mixed with honey and lime. Once she has had the warm mix, she has a breakfast that includes porridge, upma, poha or idli. The actress believes that eating everything in moderation is good for the health.

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2. Malaika makes sure that any fried food she eats at home is fried extra virgin olive oil. She also regularly practices yoga and completely avoids junk food.

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3. She uses La Mer Moisturizing Cream to keep her skin well moisturised and hydrated. Malaika absolutely hates using makeup on an everyday basis and prefers a clean skin as much as possible. Her favorite brands are MAC and Bobbi Brown.

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4. The gorgeous lady has a naturally beautiful and flawless skin texture. One of the features of her face that she loves the most is her cheekbones and she makes sure she always highlights them in the right manner.

5. Malaika prefers going to the gym at least 3 times a week.

6. She vouches by the Diorshow Mascara that is her staple.

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Diorshow mascara is considered a revolutionary mascara as it enabled everyone to get the runway-worthy big, dramatic, non-flaky false lashes. It was released in 2002 and was completely sold out before returning in 2004 on the market. It is now the 3rd best selling mascara in the world.

7. Malaika Arora Khan always uses an oil free moisturizer to suit her oily skin.

8. She also makes sure to wash her face with a Margo soap bar each night before going to bed.

Malaika Arora does not drink alcohol
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9. The actress does not smoke or drink and this is one of the main reasons that immensely helps her achieve that naturally glowing skin.

10. She also advices people to live a stress free life. One of her favourite saying, that she actually believes in herself too, is, ‘your inner state reflects on your face’. She believes in leading a stress-free and balanced life.

11. Honey Lust, Pink Venus, Amber Lights and Goldmine from M.A.C’s are her favorites when it comes to colours. Also, for beauty products, she mostly uses M.A.C Bronze on her eyes to show off those beautiful features.

While Malaika Arora Khan makes sure to follow a healthy lifestyle and takes proper care of her skin, hair and body as a whole, the two main beauty mantras she strictly believes in are to keep makeup to a minimal and to use a good moisturizer on a regular basis.

Infographic: Malaika Arora’s Top 7 Beauty Secrets

Are you looking for some beauty inspiration? Well, what better way than learning from the expert herself! Take inspiration from Bollywood star Malaika Arora’s secret beauty tricks to revolutionize your skin care game. Discover a wealth of advice and embrace a radiant, age-defying allure by delving into her timeless skin care and makeup practices. Check out the infographic below to learn more.

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Malaika Arora is an ageless beauty with a perfect hourglass body who has kept the beauty standards high. She has been an active beauty influencer and has shared her skincare and beauty routine with us many times through her social media accounts. This Bollywood star always inspires us with her fitness and fashion sense. She always manages to look glamorous and carry herself in style. Try her beauty secrets if you want to get that flawless, naturally glowing, and edgy look.

Frequently Asked Questions

What tips and advice does Malaika Arora have for people wanting to lose weight?

The star religiously follows intermittent fasting and avoids starving by having frequent small meals. Malaika Aroa also suggests opting for a customized diet for every individual, as a few diet plans may work wonders for some but not others.

What are some of the health and wellness tips that Malaika Arora follows?

Top health tips that Malaika Arora always follows are drinking tepid water with honey and lime first thing in the morning, performing yoga practices like Surya Namaskar or mixing up the workout routine with a pilates session, and not consuming anything post 7 pm.

What skincare tips and beauty hacks does Malaika Arora use to maintain her glowing complexion?

A few common tips that the star swears by to maintain her natural glow are always keeping her skin moisturized and hydrated, experimenting with DIY face masks made of natural ingredients like honey and cinnamon powder, and refraining from smoking or drinking alcohol that may cause dryness.

Key Takeaways

  • Malaika Arora starts her day with a glass of warm lime and honey water and follows it with breakfast.
  • She uses extra virgin olive oil to fry her food.
  • She visits the gym at least three times a week and regularly practices yoga.
  • Due to having oily skin, she uses oil-free moisturizer.
Malaika arora beauty secrets

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Malaika Arora reveals her beauty secret in this exclusive video. Get ready to learn the secret to her glowing skin and much more. Hit play!
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