MamaEarth Babycare Products Review: Why It Is A Safe Bet For Mothers

MamaEarth Babycare Products Review: Why It Is A Safe Bet For Mothers Hyderabd040-395603080 June 17, 2019

For the longest time, most mothers in India used baby products that they weren’t sure were safe. The fact that there were toxins, and maybe even carcinogens in the baby products, makes new mothers scared. So when my darling little son was born, I made sure I was ready with the right products to keep his skin healthy and hygienic.

I bought the MamaEarth Baby Care Essentials Combo. And yes, I spent days researching about it before I bought. And now, I am happy to say that I was right in choosing this brand. So here is my review on MamaEarth Babycare Products.

My baby’s health is important to me.

When I read that MamaEarth was the only baby product brand in India to be certified by MadeSafe, an organization that supports toxin-free products, I knew that I found the product I was looking for. After reading about the products and the many reviews that other moms posted online, I ordered the MamaEarth baby care combo that came in an attractive bag. While the company says you can use these products from day 1, I didn’t.

I’m a little skeptical about everything when it comes to my baby, so I started using them only after my boy turned one month old.

Quality Products

When it comes to baby products, you cannot compromise on the quality. MamaEarth products are not just good but are also of great quality.

Natural cleanser body wash: I started with the body cleanser because that seemed like the safest thing to start with. First things first – I just loved the smell. What’s better is that my son didn’t cry when I gave him a bath!


Baby lotion with natural nourishment: Being a skeptic that I am, I did a patch test for the moisturizer. Three hours after I applied it, my baby’s skin was just fine, and looked healthy too. So the next day after giving him a bath with the body wash, I applied the moisturizer which was quickly absorbed, leaving the delicate skin soft and smelling fresh and nice! It is best to apply the moisturizer immediately after bath, while the skin is still a little damp. That way, the moisture lasts longer than just a few hours.


Natural baby massage oil: I also tested this before using it for real. Since massages are important to tone the baby’s body, I make it a point to massage the baby with MamaEarth’s massage oil before bath. The aroma of the oils is relaxing for the baby and also makes the skin supple.

Massage-Oil Pinit

Diaper rash cream with natural nourishment: The diaper rash cream has worked wonderfully too, considering that son’s skin is free of rashes. I change the diapers at least six times in a day and each time I use a wet wipe to clean the area. That can leave the skin dry and chaffed, but not when I apply the diaper rash cream which contains almond and olive oils.


MamaEarth offers protection in the outdoors too!

Baby sunscreen lotion with mineral protection: Sunscreen is not something I use every day. But I did try MamaEarth’s sunscreen a couple of times, when I had to take my boy to the doctor’s. It was not as sticky as the ones I have tried for myself, and it doesn’t irritate the skin either (I wish there were a similar sunscreen for adults too).

Suncreen Pinit

Mosquito repellent natural spray: Keeping the bugs away from my baby can be quite a hassle. But thanks to this DEET-FREE insect repellent, mosquitoes don’t dare to come close to the child. MamaEarth’s mosquito repellent spray has eucalyptus oil and lemon extracts, but no harmful chemicals. The spray was super-useful during winters when there are way too many mosquitoes, everywhere!

Insect-Repellent Pinit

MamaEarth’s prices seem reasonable, and they offer free shipping too. And, they give a really good, colorful bag to carry all these bottles around when you are traveling.

All in all, I am proud to have made the right choice and will gladly recommend the MamaEarth baby care products to my friends and family. The good part is that these products come in small, easy-to-carry bag. They are spill-proof, which makes it even better to carry while traveling.

You can order the product here, and get a discount.